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By: RCueva, Rene Cueva
Jan 31 2011 9:03am
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  So it sure has been a while since my last article due to just not having enough time to just sit down and write. But just because I do not have time to write does not mean I was not playing some magic. Admittedly I am not able to spend as much time as I did in the past, I still manage to play when ever the opportunity presents itself. Now that we got that out of the way lets dive into the meat of the article.

 So after an extended break from Pauper I decided to get back into the middle of things. I started looking at the previous winning deck list and came across this one:



 This Ponza style deck struck me as wonderfully evil and fun deck to play. I get to blow up your lands while I build my mana up in the processes is certainly evil. Then after I do that I get to bash my opponent with one of those huge beat sticks. After looking at the other decklist I decided to sleeve this one up because of the rogue factor it still there. Let me explain the cards in this deck.

Aurochs Herd  Aurochs Herd is a 4/4 trampling Aurochs that replaces himself with himself. This guy is really important because once you start laying down the fatties you want to kill your opponent as fast as you can so you avoid giving your opponent the opportunity of a comeback.

Krosan Tusker  Krosan Tusker is card advantage and mana fixing in your early turns. Later on he just hurts your opponent.

Overgrown Battlement Tinder Wall Wall of Roots  These guys are all here to get your fatties online as quick as possible. The also defend you pretty well against the weenie rush.

Wirewood Guardian  Wirewood Guardian acts a lot like the Tusker but does it for one mana less, doesn't draw the extra card, but has one more point of toughness which does matter sometimes.

Ulamog's Crusher  Ulamog's Crusher is your biggest and most threatening creature on the list. Heck he might be the most threatening creature in all of Pauper. I've personally have had him come out on turn four a couple of times. If your opponent can not find an answer to him quickly they might as well pack up their things and offer the good game hand shake because "The Crusher" is good at taking care of businesses.

Crop Rotation  Crop Rotation allows you to find your big mana lands and help filters through your library to help get through the inevitable mana clumps that the beloved mtgo shuffler loves to give us.

Mwonvuli Acid-Moss Reap and Sow  Mwonvuli Acid-Moss & Reap and Sow allow for some huge card advantage. Using either one of these not only puts your opponent behind one land drop it in actuality puts them back two lands which can be back breaking. While Mwonvuli Acid-Moss only can get you a forest, Reap and Sow can get you any land you might need. For instance you want just want to advance your mana you can search for a Cloudpost. Sometimes games just come down to who hits there Cloudpost first. Now lets say you want to advance your mana but you are on the low end of your life. What do you do? Well before Scars of Mirrodin we didn't have much options, but now we can find ourselves some life saving Glimmerpost.

Sandstorm  Sandstorm is a sort of metagame call to decks like goblins or storm decks that try to kill you with a hundred goblins. I never even knew this card existed until I saw it on this decklist. It is nice to see green has some sort of removal available to it.

Thermokarst  Thermokarst is your basic three mana land destruction spell that in times gains you a life.

Uproot  Uproot is only a one of here because at times it can be underwhelming but putting a cloudpost or a bounce land on top of your opponents library really does halter them at times. Especially when you know they are going to need to find a certain card next turn and you simple do not allow that by forcing them to draw a land is nice.

Glimmerpost Cloudpost  This deck runs a low amount of land but with all the mana acceleration you can get away with this. Also when you have lands that can tap for four mana who needs 26 lands?

  I have to admit this before I start telling you about the sideboard. Sideboarding is by far the weakest part of my game.... After letting you in on that lets take a look at the cards:

Hidden Spider  Hidden Spider is there because as you play the deck or simple just look at the list it is apparent that this decks "Achilles Heel" is creatures with flying. One game this pesky enchantment kept my opponent from playing any flying creatures the whole game.

Mold Shambler  Mold Shambler at worst is a 3/3 body, but at best he can kill any pesky enchantment, artifact, or help hinder your opponents lands.

Nature's Claim Relic Crush  Nature's Claim and Relic Crush are pretty self explanatory I think.

Sandstorm Crop Rotation  Sandstorm and Crop Rotation are here to up the count on a need to basis.

  Now lets take the list for a spin shall we?

*All games were played in tournament practice room*


Match 1

Game one I play against a BUG Infect deck and get beat down by a 1/1 flyer in short order.

Game two I ramp while delaying his mana and have an easy road to victory on the back of my Aurochs Herd and "The Crusher".

Game three I lose to the flyer and a pre combat Vines of Vastwood while holding 2 Sandstorms. 


Match 2

Game one against a Jund deck. I do not see what my opponent is really playing since I keep him off his mana and get "The Crusher" to mop him up.

Game two was a lot more interesting. He apparently cut his black mana and opted for a RG LD deck. He kept me off mana for some time but was really unable to seal the deal before I eventually started to land fatties.


Match 3

Game one against Izzet Post deck went pretty well. The only hiccup is when I tried a second turn Mwonvuli Acid-Moss which got mana leaked. From then on I destroyed lands and took names with again the one and only "The Crusher".

Game two was a little different as my opponent sided in his Stone Rains and started to rain on my parade as he took two of my cloudpost. I on the other hand made one mistake where I had my opponent tapped out and opted not to play my Aurochs Herd and instead wait for next turn to play "The Crusher". You see I waited because I had to sacrifice my Tinder Wall to play the herd that turn then I would not be able to play Ulamog's Crusher next turn. I was getting greedy! I should have laid down the threat in the form of Aurochs Herd and just drawn into Ulamog's Crusher. Needless to say the following turn when I attempted to play Ulamog's Crusher it was meant by a darn Mana Leak. After that my opponent was tapping out just about every turn and I was able to mess with his mana and beat him down. Uproot did play a nice role in this match up I would have to say.


  All in all the deck is a ton of fun to play and in my opinion is viable against a lot of the tier one decks out there. I was really impressed with Uproot as a fate sealer but I don't think I would up the count. One seems to be the magic number. Other cards that I have been considering to try out are the following:

Blastoderm  Titanic Bulvox  Penumbra Spider

Wall of Tanglecord  sejiri steppe


  Let me know what you guys think about the deck in general, perhaps upgrade cards, or just whatever is on your mine. Either leave me a comment here or find me on MTGO as RCueva. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next time.


Lame Article by under_the_hammer at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 09:30
under_the_hammer's picture

Sorry but this is lame. NetDeck a pauper deck, play three uninteresting matchups in the tournament practice room and write an article. I can only assume you were in desperate need of credits and thought this was the laziest and quickest way to get them. Terrible you should be ashamed of this!

I disagree Under the Hammer. by blau at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 10:16
blau's picture

I disagree Under the Hammer. This is no more shameless or credit-seeking than any other article posted here. I think today's front page is evidence of that. Three articles giving reviews for a set that isn't even on MTGO yet, and some of them are even stretching it into multiple articles! This article is far more informative than Fill-in-the-blank's card reviews or of people explaining what they drafted. (P.S. I don't need to be told Mirran Cursader is good, I read the card) This article offers what many articles will not, and that is a meta-analysis (even though it is not that deep) of a tournament format. Just because Rene had the balls to say, "hey I netdecked this," that makes him a bad guy? If you're a tournament player, you probably have read winning decklists and maybe even, god forbid, copied one!!!! Oh my! I've seen plenty of articles written by people here that have been just an analysis of netdecks. The fact of the matter is, if Rene was a casual player, then yes, netdecking is not the way to go, but if he is preparing for a tournament, then this is the BEST strategy. Build a few winning decks, play them, see if you like them. If you're going to lecture people on articles that are lazy and point out the obvious, there were three other articles you could have posted on. Your response was a "shameless" attack on Rene and you should be embarrassed that you bothered to take the time to write it. If you didn't like it, you could have chosen to say nothing. There are plenty of "bad" articles on PureMTGO for which no one post a response to, which I always view as a sign of bad writing.

I would have loved at little bit more of a review at the end of this article. I think this looks like a good deck for pauper tournament. Personally, I have been wanting to get back into tournament pauper, but all the decks I've built in the past have usually met with resounding failure. Your first match-up presented at fairly large flaw in the deck. Granted, I know online time is limited, but it would have been nice to see you address the issue with a deck change and then test it again. Fliers seem to be the problem, cards like Gloomwidow's Feast or Plummet might be good in the sideboard, or maybe even mainboard since the deck has such a problem with them. Hidden Spider is good, but only if you get it out quickly. I also like Slingbow Trap, but that is only good against black poison fliers. Just some suggestions. it would have been nice to see what your solution to that was. I don't like Wall of Tangleroot here because, while it blocks nicely, that's all it does and it requires open mana to activate. Penumbra Spider is nice too, but it just provides a stall against fliers. You need an answer.

Aw, that kinda stung a bit :) by Westane at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 10:21
Westane's picture

Aw, that kinda stung a bit :)

I feel bad implying that your by blau at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 11:50
blau's picture

I feel bad implying that your article was "bad," which I don't believe it to be. I just felt bad for Rene getting blasted when I felt he didn't overly deserve it. Anyone that can manage to take a photo of himself with a cat on his head is ok in my book. :-) That kitten is TOO CUTE!!! I just wish people were a little bit more discriminating. If you don't like what someone writes, don't read it!

I think that a set review is by Fragoel2 at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 16:17
Fragoel2's picture

I think that a set review is one of the few article that actually benefits from being repeated from different authors, as each author might analyze each card on a different point if view and have a different opinion on it, highlight different interactions, etc.

And of course, the review has to be made now, even if the set is not on MTGO yet. Paper magic is going to explore the format and thus identify which cards and strategies are worth playing before it gets online, and that's the point of the article, it's useless to have it when the set has already been around for a month.

As on the article itself, I would have liked it a lot more if the test matches were more in detail and were made in a real tournament. Despite it's name, people play whatever comes to their mind in the TP room and two out of three decks that you faced are not even real decks in the Pauper meta.

Under the hammer while I was by RCueva at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 10:44
RCueva's picture

Under the hammer while I was planning on addressing your comment blau pretty much took the words out of my mouth (perhaps better then how I would have said it). Sorry you didn't like the article but thanks for your comment.

Blau I complete understand and will take your critism and apply it to my next article. As far as you suggestions I did think about plummet but just forgot to mention it. The reason I like Penumbra Spider it can work double rolls. It stalls flyers and can be brought in for match ups with a lot of removal since it replaces itself. Also having something come down early enough to block that doesn't have 0 power helps a bit in weenie match ups. I considered wall of tanglecord since I could simply switch it out with another defender and would still add to my mana thanks to Overgrown Battlement.

Thanks to everyone for their comments.

@Blau and RCueva by under_the_hammer at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 11:00
under_the_hammer's picture

@Blau Just because there are other rubbish articles on the front page does not justify publishing this tosh!

@ this comment "This article offers what many articles will not, and that is a meta-analysis (even though it is not that deep) of a tournament format". There is no Meta-analysis in the article. Nothing about how this deck plays against goblins, familiar storm NOTHING of interest nothing of note!!

@ this comment "Just because Rene had the balls to say, "hey I netdecked this," that makes him a bad guy?" I did not say anything about him being a bad guy I just said the article was lame and lazy. If he netdecks entered a daily event and blogged about the event discussed relevant matchups (even if he lost) I would have prefered the article. This was like oh that deck looks good i will take it for a spin in the TP. Hmm well that was fun on to the next deck. Oh wait why dont I bang out some quick crappy article and get some credits so I can afford that familiar storm deck that is doing well in pauper at the moment.

@RCueva I know you defered to Blau's rebuttal but really I would love to hear your thoughts justification for this article. Why did you write it, what messages were you trying to convey, what did you expect the anticipated audience to like-dislike about the article?

Really articles like this are insult to the site and an insult to the hard work of decent writers. Just because other bad articles get published here that is no excuse. Sorry to single you out but the volume here has increased at the detriment of quality!

Rant Off -- Flame Me

As you read this page by Westane at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 12:05
Westane's picture

As you read this page checking back for comments on your comment, flames leap from the monitor! Roll a reflex check.

Not trying to flame you. by blau at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 12:08
blau's picture

Not trying to flame you. Just pointing out there is a difference between criticism and attacking someone. If you read the bottom half of my comment, I pointed out that I didn't feel he went in-depth enough and offered my thoughts on the article in a meaningful fashion. I like that you ask what his reasoning was for the article and wish you had done that the first time rather than attacking Rene. I will agree with you that there does seem to be a trend of uninformative articles being published, however, to single out just this one doesn't make much sense. PureMTGO is an open author site. The old joke of, what's great about it? Anyone can post an article. What's bad about it? ANYONE can post an article. I would also say that the level of quality here is no different than any other Magic related website. If you think the articles are "bad" here, check out StarCityGames where every author basically just copy and paste whatever the monday author writes. And they ONLY cover netdecks. I guess my main point is, and this goes for EVEYONE, if you don't like an article you just read, leave criticism that is useful and not attacks.

Before anyone posts it, yes I am aware of the irony of ME talking about other writers as being lazy.

I think your reaction is over by Paul Leicht at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 17:52
Paul Leicht's picture

I think your reaction is over the top. Whatever the worth of the article, Rene has been a consistent contributor and has worked hard to improve his English and style here. You are taking way too hard a line on this. My suggestion is step back, take a breath and relax.

@Blau - I know it, was just by Westane at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 12:03
Westane's picture

@Blau - I know it, was just givin' you a hard time :p

In regards to "Don't like it don't read it", well, I don't much care for pauper so I ddin't necessarily get much out of this article, so really I'm indifferent. If I did have one thing to say, though, it would be that I'd have liked to see your match recaps be expanded exponentially. Regardless of the format I love reading up on matches, and that would have helped me appreciate the article more.

I like reading articles from by gimlicolby at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 17:31
gimlicolby's picture

I like reading articles from many different people. I find it funny that 3 set reviews got published on the same day. I would of preferred being on a different day. It's funny too cause Starcity has like a ton of set reviews today also. Just calm down and enjoy....if you cant enjoy it...dont read it.

I gotta chime in here by grandpoobah at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 17:41
grandpoobah's picture

I play a lot of Pauper, and I find it rather aggravating to see people "publishing" articles about Pauper who clearly have little to no expertise on the format. I find it aggravating when janky decks get published on WotC's site, I find it aggravating when we get tepid, useless articels here, and I find it aggravating that for whatever reason the actual Pauper experts don't seem to write articles.

Anyway, ever since SoM hit, there have been a variety of "Post" decks. This article doesn't even explain what "Post" decks are, how they came to be, how they tend to play, nothing about how they fit in they meta, no comparison between the different Post decks, and no explanation of why the author chose mono green for this article--especially because the blue/red ones are the most common ones with the most success to date.

So I kinda have to agree with hammer, this "article" fails in just about every way it could. I guess I'll have to write Pauper articles myself if I want there to be any good ones.

All I know is that deck by TheRegularGangster at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 22:00
TheRegularGangster's picture

All I know is that deck desperately needs Moment's Peace as I have tested it for significantly more than three matches.

I'm upset, because I was by Kumagoro42 at Mon, 01/31/2011 - 23:50
Kumagoro42's picture

I'm upset, because I was excited to find a monogreen deck pushing me to play some Pauper again, and after reading all the comments, I don't even get if the deck is worth a try or not. :)

It's not very good by TheRegularGangster at Tue, 02/01/2011 - 10:39
TheRegularGangster's picture

That decklist really just isn't very good unfortunately. It's supposed to bash the Frantic Search deck and still loses to it far too consistently. Goblins and Affinity get a walk against a decklist that looks like that. Aurochs Heard? How about t3 enforcer & atog after t2 disciple & frog. No chance.

this place is slowly birthing by ShardFenix at Tue, 02/01/2011 - 00:22
ShardFenix's picture

this place is slowly birthing more trolls than 4chan

I will try the deck... i just by Bouncer at Tue, 02/01/2011 - 08:11
Bouncer's picture

I will try the deck... i just need to buy a few commons.

I wouldn't call this by CB4 at Fri, 02/04/2011 - 18:59
CB4's picture

I wouldn't call this beatdown. I would call it ramp. Anyhow, I think the list is poor. There are good lists on PDC forums under monogreen post. Tinderwall is worse than vine trellis. Crop rotation is nuts in every matchup and should be a four of. Fierce Empath is one of the cards that makes the deck work and should be in the list as at least a three of. Nineteen lands is low. Twenty is the minimum (I run 22). Jungle weaver is nice as a tutor target vs flyers with fierce empath. If you like the idea behind this deck and want to see more competitive lists, check the PDC thread.