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By: Cweaver, Christopher S. Weaver
Feb 10 2014 12:00pm
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I'm not a good control player. I tend to play control decks as if they were tempo decks, which is really a problem when you cannot reasonably kill opponents before Turn 10. A friend of mine is an excellent control player though. Shaffawaffa5 has piloted a deck he calls "AzoriusKitty" since well before the Temporal Fissure bannings to a great amount of success.

The name "AzoriusKitty" is based on a deck formerly dubbed "BorosKitty" based on BorosKitty's creator: turbokitty3000. AzoriusKitty took some of BorosKitty's designs and moved them into the guild of justice, thus the deck was redubbed AzoriusKitty by Shaffawaffa5. 

AzoriusKitty is a midrange-control board control deck that attacks on an entirely different axis than most control decks. Sure it draws a ton of cards, but it can also defend its creatures amazingly well and attack opposing manabases. This comes in very handy in Pauper where almost all manabases are extremely greedy. Here's the list I'll be running today:



I talk about the deck a little more in detail here:

The tweaks I made to the maindeck and sideboard were both good and bad - you'll see when we start the matches.

I first encounter one of the main reasons to play the deck: it beats Mono Black Control fairly regularly. Shaffawaffa5 says it's one of his best matchups.

However, every deck has it's weakness, and one of AzoriusKitty's weaknesses is Hexproof.

Short of Celestial Flares in the sideboard, hexproof is a darn near unwinnable matchup. You have to rely on their deck beating itself, as what happened in game 2 happened.

Finally, we encounter a fan playing Mono Blue Control. MUC has a ton of hard counterspells and beefy creatures. Luckily, I've made the deck very good against Delver and by association fairly resilient to MUC as well.

Some cards didn't pull their weight, others definitely did.


Curse of the Bloody Tome actually did nothing. I keep forgetting that every time I try it out in some random deck sideboard, Curse just never does anything. Remove it. Play Suntail Hawks or Black Cat in the board. They're probably more useful.

This is a fairly cheap deck to build on MTGO, short of Serrated Arrows and Hydroblasts the deck should be under 10 tickets. This deck has game against most of the field, Delver included. It might not quite be a top contender in the metagame, but it is definitely not to be underestimated. Hope you enjoyed this closer look at some of the gameplay. Until next week, this is Chris. Enjoy resetting Serrated Arrows!