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By: Cweaver, Christopher S. Weaver
Feb 03 2014 1:00pm
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I have to begin this article with an apology. I have been one of the most outspoken Pauper personalities on social media, and because of this my complaints about MTGO and Pauper have been at the forefront of how others perceive Pauper. I am by no means a celebrity, but I have fought(read: complained) long and hard enough about the state of Pauper that it's become a running joke and a sort of sickness with regards to the format as perceived by Wizards and other Magic personalities.

I'm sorry.

I should have realized long ago that Pauper is a casual format. I immersed myself in the format and it became my Magic identity. I occasionally drafted or delved minorly into other formats. More recently I've branched into Block Constructed and Standard, and I'm quickly learning that my exclusivity to Pauper has harmed my development as a player.

Furthermore, at some point Pauper stopped being fun and I became overly concerned with value and fair treatment of events. I have realized the error of my ways. Time to move on.

This week we have as requested a build focused on Zombies! Not quite what the request was, but I feel like Tribal all in Zombies isn't an effective strategy. I opted instead for a build of MBC focused on Ghoulraiser:


Interesting take on Mono Black Control. We look to abuse a little known Innistrad common: Ghoulraiser. I talk about the deck in depth here:

Now that we've figured it out and analyzed it a bit, time to get to the matches!

First up, I encounter a rogue strategy that has seen some recent success. A tribal Soldiers deck recently highlighted by PureMTGO, this deck features lots of Soldier synergies in a WW swarm strategy:

The Soldiers deck has more legs than I had initially thought. Maybe I'll have to take it for a spin some time.

Next up we have Tron. Tron was a deck designed for almost the specific purpose of beating Pauper midrange and control strategies by going way over the top. How did Tron fair against my durdly Ghoulraiser deck? Check it out for yourself.

I didn't do so hot there. That's clearly just a bad matchup, and you have those in Pauper unfortunately.

Next up I encounter a Mono Black Control list:

I don't like Corrupt in MBC lists. I understand it, but sometimes Corrupt gets stuck in your hand or just counterspelled when an instant speed anything or another creature would have won it for it. 


Ghoulraiser is a fun card to toy with, but it's fairly casual. The problem with Ghoulraiser lies in the fact that you have to take up 8 slots to make use of him in your deck. Those 8 slots can't then be dedicated to awesome utility spells like Unearth. You also have to run a greedy manabase to fit all the good cards into it without giving up too many percentage points vs. Delver. When the Ghoulraiser engine gets going though, it feels impossible to beat.

If I had to change it, I'd find room for another land or 2 and include some land destruction in the sideboard. 

Until next week, this is Chris. Enjoy recurring Gray Merchants from the grave!