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Apr 02 2013 8:10am
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The Classic Quarter League is back on!  The league is a yearlong player-run event with qualifying tournaments leading up to an invitational.  Season three is moving along and I’ll be filing tournament reports of my rounds as I try to get into the invitational.  

In round 1 I faced a deck that was not competitive, so it was a pretty easy win.  In round 2 I was against a junk deck with a lot of disruption and removal that stopped me cold.  Here in round 3 my opponent is running a combo deck and I think the games will be a race to see who can get their deck to accomplish its goal the fastest.

Deck Tech: 

Decklists in the Classic League are public to keep players honest (and because MTGO has no system to save deck for player-run events).  That means we can check out our opponent ahead of time. 

I am playing an Affinity list.  This deck wants to puke out its entire hand and attack as fast as possible.  The Genesis Chambers add tons of 1/1s, which can be turned into extra cards thanks to Skullclamp.  Arcbound Ravager’s ability to add counters and then move them around when it dies is extremely powerful and often ends the game. 


My opponent’s deck is a combo deck.  If he activates Helm of Obedience with Rest in Peace on the board, he’ll exile my entire library and I’ll lose on me next draw step.  Half of his deck is dedicated to drawing those two cards, and his removal package is fairly minimal, except for Energy Field, which stops my entire plan of action.  Also the Energy Fluxes in the sideboard are made to hose my artifact deck. 


 The Match:


Game 1 he tried to sit behind his Energy Field, but I was able to destroy it with Spine of Ish Sah.  Luckily my misplay of destroying the Energy Field itself instead of a different card didn’t come back to bite me. 

Game 2 those mulligans were rough.  Maybe I should have kept the three Memnites.  I would have gotten some damage in at the beginning of the game.  But it’s rare that you want to keep a no-land hand.  Of course I had no way of knowing that he would have a slow start, so I stand behind my mulligan decision.  And once that Energy Flux hit, if I hadn’t drawn land, it would be over just like it ended up being in the actual game. 

Game 3 unfortunately cuts off on the recording (and MTGO didn’t save my replay), but I pulled it out thanks to managing my mana with Tolarian Academy.  This is what I’ve meant the couple times I’ve said that Energy Flux is beatable.  It’s very difficult to have the right amount of mana each turn and make the right decisions to keep the right artifacts on the table, but it can be done.  I think after the video cut off, he played an Energy Field to which stopped my attacks, but I later drew a Strip Mine and destroyed it and a land.  After that Triskelion quickly won it for me, since it was able to attack and ping him with its counters for additional damage.

Game 3 will be a feature match on Yawgmoth’s Soap Opera soon, so check out their recording to see the end of it.      

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