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By: thewoof2, Christopher Gallon
Feb 06 2014 1:00pm
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Fresh off of missing 3-1 in my last DE I doubled up my efforts to place in this week's DE. Let's look at the deck which remains unchanged from last week:


Key Commentary:

MATCH #2 vs BDWilson

Key Commentary:

  • A mirror match here and having both a Mother of Runes and a Sky Hussar in game 1 along with him getting no mana meant an easy win.
  • Game 2 was the same as game 1 where he had no land and I had Sky Hussar powering me to the win.

MATCH #3 vs FishyFellow

Key Commentary:

  • Another mirror match, argh!  Game 1 me having the fast Sky Hussar really gave me a fast advantage again.  Great draws versus fellow white trash decks!
  • Game 2 I again had Sky Hussar and he had mana issues leading to another win.

MATCH #4 vs Mars

Key Commentary:

  • I am still not sure what Mars was playing or how I got matched up with him in round 4 but it didn't  seem like a tourney deck.  After stopping him at 3 mana he died quickly.
  • Game 2 he gave up pretty quickly giving me the win.

So I placed this DE with White Trash!  Peacekeeper was not critical but my topdeck skills were, happy to see this deck perform well!

Bonus Matches

Here is the match that decided the winner of this DE:



Your game 3 against Oath, I by GainsBanding at Thu, 02/06/2014 - 21:27
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Your game 3 against Oath, I don't think it's fair to yourself to say you chose wrong about playing Wasteland vs Thalia. This is a Marshall Sutcliffe thing - he's always saying it's about analyzing your decision at the time, not looking at the results. So let's see:

Opponent has Underground Sea and Chrome Mox. You have Cavern on Human and a True Believer. The only things you can play from your hand are Wasteland or Thalia.
You know he's on Oath and you've seen Jace in a past game. Oath doesn't matter for him since you have True Believer in play. Tinker, Jace, and Pyroclasm (the only removal you've seen at this point) are what you want to keep him off. I'm going to ignore Brainstorms and other card draw stuff he could have because that doesn't affect the board right away.

If you play Wasteland:
- He goes down to just a Chrome Mox.
- If he doesn't play a land next turn, he's stuck at just that Chrome Mox. I think this is unlikely - he's got 5 cards in hand and that would mean he kept a 1-land hand. Not impossible for Oath, but still risky. Pretty much everything in his deck is uncastable except another Chrome Mox, Lotus Petal, Sol Ring, or Mana Crypt. But neither of these lead to Tinker, Pyroclasm, or Jace on the next turn.
- If he plays a land next turn he's on 2 mana - blue and x. Tinker and Pyroclasm are both possible if he also has any artifact mana. He has a lot fewer red sources in his deck and I think Pyroclasm is not the right play for him here anyway. Jace is possible if he has Mana Crypt.

If you play Thalia:
- He stays at Chrome Mox and Underground Sea
- If he doesn't play a land next turn (again, I think unlikely), Chrome Mox or Lotus Petal cost one leaving him at 2 total mana. Sol Ring costs 2 so that doesn't help him at all. Mana Crypt costs 1 also, and then he's at 3 mana. Even with artifact mana, he still can't cast Tinker, Pyroclasm, or Jace.
- If he does play a land next turn, he's on U, U/B, x for mana. Tinker is possible only off Mana Crypt. Pyroclasm is totally playable, but again probably wrong. Jace is uncastable even with artifact mana.
- Also with Thalia, if he does land a Jace in a future turn, you've got another creature to hit it with. You're also speeding up the clock to your opponent by 2 points of damage.

So if we say he's most likely going to play a land next turn, then Thalia is the right play because it leaves fewer big things castable for him. Really the only thing that was going to give him a killer next turn was Mana Crypt and he had it.

So OK, Wasteland was wrong, but from what you said in the video I think you were just looking at the results of him having Mana Crypt and Jace, not at the decision at the time. Unless you shortcutted all that in your head without talking it out on the video. Classic is complex and I'm sure there's something here I missed. I surely don't analyze every possibility in my games.

Good points GainsBanding, and by thewoof2 at Fri, 02/07/2014 - 08:44
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Good points GainsBanding, and my comment in that video was kind of tongue in cheek in that I didn't think it was really a major mistake from the limited information I had or one that in a timed game I should beat myself up on. I do remember "hoping" with that wasteland play that he had a risky hand with only 1 land. It is fun at times to analyze plays and since classic is so complex "think" about outcome changes, which I tend to do as entertainment more than anything. I am also taking a big leap in thinking that if I played Thalia I win...

Thalia is like auto-concede by GainsBanding at Fri, 02/07/2014 - 23:42
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Thalia is like auto-concede there I think. :)