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By: thewoof2, Christopher Gallon
Feb 27 2014 1:00pm
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Deck Selection for the 2/22 Daily Event

Last daily event I discussed why I picked Affinity, basically because I surmised that after the restrictions everyone would remove many of their mass artifact hate cards, which from the information we have turned out to be good call.  NCSU played Affinity and ended up going 4-0 and I went 3-1 with many of the top 8 decks without mass artifact hate cards.  So this daily event I had to make a call on what to bring, NCSU has been on a major win streak with Affinity and I was hearing people grumbling about Affinity.  Therefore I guessed people would bring back their artifact hate cards and more people would bring affinity to the DE.  Therefore, time to shelf Affinity and bring out White Weenie!

Key Thoughts:

  • Leaving in all my mass artifact hate for you affinity players!
  • Meddling Mage is mainly for stopping mass kill cards that people are now packing in the sideboard.


Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I played the unstoppable NCSU, my plan was working!  I got my early Kataki, War's Wage and he made a play mistake and that was that!  Even without the play mistake I feel I had the game well in hand.
  • Game 2 I got another fast Kataki, War's Wage followed up with a Wasteland won it quickly.  Fast 2-0 in match 1!

MATCH #2 vs xkorpio

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I really needed a Sky Hussar to draw but I stalled and he kept the pressure on hard.
  • Game 2 I got the Sky Hussar and it really made the difference.
  • Game 3 I got a bad hand coupled with no mana which was the end.

MATCH #3 vs Montolio

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I had no answer to True-Name which really was his only answer, without it I probably win but with it in play I need a Peacekeeper.
  • Game 2 Leonin Arbiter with LD basically shut out his mana and he conceded.
  • Game 3 was a long grind of a match and I almost blew it at the end.  But with Peacekeeper and Meddling Mage I was able to pull it out with 3 cards left in the library and 2 minutes left on the clock!

MATCH #4 vs CatWeasel

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I was set with True Believer unless Cat found mass kill.  I was not sure she had any pre-board.  After the concession I knew the answer. 
  • Game 2 I got hit with a Massacre which turned the game from my favor to hers.  From there Jace, the Mind Sculptor became the major issue.
  • Game 3 I had no Plains but then I realized Cat most likely was holding Massacre.  Without a Plains it couldn't be cast for free, especially after the play mistake to sac the Polluted delta without paying the Leonin Arbiter cost.

So I still saw some mass kill but was able to pull out a 3-1, I am really liking Meddling Mage in this deck!

DE Finals Bonus Coverage

Classic League Week 3 versus Steward

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I found no way to deal with Bazaar of Baghdad which without graveyard kill is sure death versus dredge.
  • Game 2 I made a game of it without graveyard hate by using Arcbound Ravager to stop the Bridge from Belows, but in the end I couldn't pull it out. 

So I lost week 3 of the Classic League, It's a good start still at 2-1.




You got lucky in that long by GainsBanding at Fri, 02/28/2014 - 02:08
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You got lucky in that long game against Monty! Probably could have just done an Alpha Strike for the win that one turn.

Indeed - clearly not by thewoof2 at Fri, 02/28/2014 - 22:12
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Indeed - clearly not attacking with all there was a big mistake. The time got me moving quickly and I was lucky the mistake didn't lose me that game!