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By: thewoof2, Christopher Gallon
Apr 10 2014 12:00pm
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The 4/5 Daily Event

There has been a two week hiatus in the classic daily event firing, but the 4/5 event fired so I am back with coverage.  The past two weeks came close to firing but fell short, last week by 1 person.  Hopefully next week the Saturday event at 9:30 EDT fires and we do not have another gap because much fun is had at these events!  I thought a lot about what to bring to the 4/5 event but ended up bringing the try and trusted Affinity deck.  I find the deck so fun to pilot and since the restrictions I still see very little mass artifact kill used in decks.

Here is the deck I used:

MATCH #1 vs LordSapphire

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 he got a turn 2 Tinker into Blightsteel Colossus, way to start the event.  Luckily Tangle Wire landed and I was able to tap it down just long enough to pull out the victory.
  • Game 2 was another nail biter as he lands a turn 1 Oath of Druids.  In the end, I had one Memnite left to finish the game thanks to the super secret tech Karakas.

Notes:  In game 2 near the end I used my Strip Mine too quickly @ time 22:20.  I should have known he needed 2 green sources most likely to kill my 2 Grafdigger's Cages.  If I had waited for him to sac the Misty Rainforest at end of turn to Abrupt Decay one cage, then I could have killed his Tropical Island instead.  Also I jumped the gun on using Karakas, if he had a Show and Tell in hand I would have lost because I used it on his main step instead of declare attackers.

MATCH #2 vs Montolio

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 Memory Jar saved the day, I had to mulligan and had a slow start without it!  Note I forgot to "eat" my Frogmite even though I said it, didn't matter but worth noting.
  • Game 2 I had to mulligan again to start.  Luckily though I felt I topdecked many needed answers and was able to pull it out.

MATCH #3 vs Naoto

Key Commentary:

MATCH #4 vs Enderfall

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 started out well but I ended up getting mana flooded, I really needed some draw or a bigger creature to help push me over the top.  This is an example where not having 4x Lodestone Golem hurts with its 5/3 frame.
  • Game 2 I got a great hand and quickly outraced him.
  • Game 3 is how you want the final game to be for an event champion.  It came down to 1 life and had a lot of back and forth's.  While I am not beating myself up to badly, but I could have won this game by naming Qasali Pridemage with one of my Phyrexian Revokers.  This issue is I had not seen him play one Qasali Pridemage all match and didn't think enough to name it out of the blue. 

So Affinity pulled out a 3-1 placing in this DE and as I mention in my deck selection above, I saw no mass artifact kill. 

Classic League Top 8 versus xkorpio

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I had troubles decided how to play versus burn, normally I just use Ancient Tomb and play Mana Crypt with little thought on the life lose, but versus burn I was very cognizant of life and it really slowed me down.  In the end, Price of Progress ended it for me.
  • Game 2 both Pulverize and Smash to Smithereens got me in trouble.  As I mention I still had a chance to win if I played differently, I needed to decide to tap Ancient Tomb going to 1 life and use Skullclamp to draw which would have given me a Strip Mine to kill his Mountain and then giving me a chance to win with Mana Crypt or hoping he had no other lands to cast a burn spell.  I can't say my play was a mistake per se, it is more looking at if I had a chance to win.

So I wasn't able to make it past round 1 of the top 8 but at least I have now qualified for the invitational.

Event Ethics

In this past event on 4/5 in round 3 everyone was waiting for the match between Roon and Godemodemagic to end.  In the main chat we saw Godemodemagic lose connection and rejoin 3 times.  I decided to replay the final game to see the match, what I found as an answer was disappointing, this wasn't a game so close it needed all the time it was Dredge versus Affinity.  Check out the game:

The quote used in game was " 11:27 AM godmodemagic:  gg ur gonna havta wait the ten sucka" meaning Roon would have to wait the entire 10 minutes left on Godmode's clock to deal the final death blow.

So the question is, does the end justify the means, is wasting time, disconnecting and connecting all to try and make your opponent time out an acceptable means to win?  I have my thoughts as I mention but what are yours?


I agree Naoto it was by thewoof2 at Sat, 04/12/2014 - 10:38
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I agree Naoto it was annoying... I suppose though the question next is it annoying but fair as a strategy or annoying and not an acceptable strategy. I fall to the later personally.