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By: thewoof2, Christopher Gallon
May 01 2014 11:00am
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The 4/26 Daily Event

After a one week hiatus, the 4/26 DE fired on time.  I am still convinced that many people are conflicted on how to handle Affinity in this post restriction format.  I think this means many people pack less mass artifact hate as they feel they will not face Affinity as often.  This DE ended up being the same, I was the only one packing true Affinity, and I only think 2 other people had artifact based decks. One was GodeModeMagic with his Black/Blue artifacts and the other was James_Hetfield on a modified STAX deck.  From my recollection there were 2-3 Dredge decks and a lot of Oath of Druids and fish decks.

So I brought my latest version of Affinity:

MATCH #1 vs kuroyukihime

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I have to assume he had no way to deal with recurring Wastelands and my army after his Gush so he conceded.
  • Game 2 he made an interesting call naming Arcbound Ravager with his Pithing Needle.  That let me draw with Skullclamp and the card advantage put me over the top.

MATCH #2 vs Montolio

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I thought my Crucible of Worlds lock would stop him but he had enough basic lands.  I got my Strip Mine one turn too late to stop the Trygon Predator from dropping.  I also got very unlucky when I used my Memory Jar and didn't pull a land or get any real benefit from it.
  • Game 2 he had all the answers, mass artifact kill to slow me with Kataki, War's Wage, counters to hold me at bay and then Energy Flux dropped.  Monty had my number on these games for sure!

MATCH #3 vs James_Hetfield

Key Commentary:

 MATCH #4 vs EpsilonMinus

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I got a great hand, but after Epsilon was able to Swords to Plowshares my Lodestone Golem he stabilized and I got un-timely land draws.  His hand was even better and he took this game convincingly.
  • Game 2 I got another great hand and a nice Wasteland finished him off.
  • Game 3 He had mana troubles and was unable to flip his Delver of Secrets.  He must have been drawing creatures or lands but after a Memory Jar I had full control of the game.

I was able to pull out a 3-1 money again with the trusted Affinity build.

Classic League Week 2 & 3

I lost round 1 as previously reported with Big Blue, here is my deck as a refresher:

Week #2 vs TwoFlowers

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 I had to mulligan down to 5.  I still had a bad hand, but I was able to hold on.  I felt like I  was always behind the 8 ball due to the mulligans.
  • Game 2 I got a much better start and was able to pressure him and counter effectively to win.
  • Game 3 was very close but he had the Force of Will when he needed it to infect me.

Week #3 vs Cownose

Key Commentary:

  • Game 1 was a very close game, essentially at the very end he Demonic Tutored for Time Vault.  He could cast with a (Spell {ierce) as back-up to my Force of Will however I topdecked a Wasteland making him 1 mana short to activate Voltaic Key.
  • Game 2 was another crazy game, after his dropped Engineered Plague on wizard, my best chance to win was trying to slow him with counterspells and hope his Mana Crypt and Mana Vault damage would kill him.  It worked out as he killed himself without me doing any damage at all the game.

Bonus Match - Constructed Queue Game vs Bahra

No commentary needed but this is surely an interesting match!