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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Jun 06 2019 12:00pm

Commander Horizons is what this set really should have been called as there are a massive number of playables for us commander/EDH folk. No matter if you want to play the SUPER GROSS Urza or the well balanced Force of Vigor, MH1 has something for EVERYONE!

For a long time, Wizards kept sighting that both Urza and Yawgmoth were far too powerful to be able to print a physical card for either of them. While Urza certainly isn't that powerful and broken in Modern, in Commander it's downright disgusting and foil copies will command a high premium. But how will Urza be broken? Once Urza hits play all of your crappy zero mana artifacts become Mox Sapphire, so your Cathar's Shield and Jeweled Amulet are Moxen, drop something like Helm of Awakening and all of your eggs like Pyrite Spellbomb become Moxen and wow... This is going to be a nasty combo deck with Urza as a hidden Commander! The second ability of a shuffle and play the top card for free (for five mana really) is... fine. I mean it's really just tacked on and it seems fine.

Protection from Humans just seems to be a flavor call, let's be honest. But the real hotdog at the ballgame is paying a life, sacrificing a creature and giving another creature -1-1. How is this broken? what slimy oily combo are we thinking about here? Undying creatures are BOSS. Sacrifice Butcher Ghoul and use the -1/-1 counter to cancel out the +1/+1 counter on the other undying creature, rinse repeat. Add any of the numerous black cards that gain life on creature death for an unlimited combo. Add in Liliana, Dreadhorde General and you can draw your entire deck. Oh, I guess he will be okay in Superfriends 

NEW CHARM! Okay sure, this one costs UUU but we can't have EVERYTHING, right? Counter a spell, make someone draw two cards or gain control of target nonland Sol Ring. Yeah, this is just a spell version of Treasure Nabber, right? I mean sure it's useful and it can draw cards, but I mean you don't need to steal that Mana Vault.

Okay so with Force of Will being about $100 in paper, running it back and doing a functional reprint (well, sort of) of a high priced and low printed amazing card will always get a thumbs up from me. But this ISN'T Force of Will. The Force side only works when it isn't your turn, but to be honest, that's not a terrible drawback on something we will likely play outside of our turn 95% of the time anyway.

For three mana, you get a flying man Human Wizards that draws two cards but discards three cards. This is going to help you sift through your deck, but is terrible when you're behind. But he is a Mage, so keep your eye on him!

This is a better copy of Astral Slide with the same cost, except you can actually CYCLE this card if you need to and still get the effect. I'm chucking this straight into my ZUR TOUR DE FRANCE deck. But I might need a few copies because this also goes in a Stax deck.

What's two mana, can net you something like Inkwell Leviathan on turn three and is totally not broken? Turn three Trash for Treasure after you find a way to dump a Blightsteel Colossus in the bin means you can start the killing spree real quick, You can pair it with things like Ichor Wellspring Scrap Trawler and other utility artifacts to net some awesome early advantage over your opponents and even start your combos super early and much more consistently.

I AM QUEEEEEEEEEN BEAR! Seriously though, Bearmander. She makes your bears angry, then makes them fight other creatures. Amazing! Sure Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma was okay as a commander, but it was weak. Ayula is a strong casual commander and I know many people whom are very happy.

Stepmother of Runes makes you take the good with the bad. She is no Mother of Runes as Mother targets ANY creature, where as stepmum targets ANOTHER creature but also can provide colourless protection. Just run both.

Oh boy, here we go again. *clears throat* Pay a red to place a planeswalker into play is actually a pretty astronomical issue. Sneak Attack for planeswalkers. Okay so hear me out, pay RRR put three planeswalkers into play, play Nicol Bolas, Dragon God as one, play The Elderspell killing the other two and win the game. Otherwise, Kaya, Ghost Assassin makes for a heck of a trick to avoid sacrificing those amazing almost free Planeswalkers.

Its about time we got a new lot of Slivers, though I wish they were in standard instead of a modern set. The First (Buffy joke!) is an amazing Sliver due to Cascade. From the looks, Slivers are going to return to Commander in a big bad way because it will be easier than ever to get your hands on a Sliver commander. Also, when you look at Slivers from Modern Horizons such as Cloudshredder Sliver, try telling me you don't want a Slivers deck.

What is this, some sort of Collected Company for spells? I'm not sure how good this will be as its a sorcery that only casts two other sorceries from the top of your deck. I have no idea how to abuse this. Anger of the Gods or Bonus Round seems okay, but basing a whole deck on this card seems too hard.

I like X cost spells because they can generally fill missing holes in your curve and get more powerful each turn. But at the end of the day, this is going to lead to some really interesting plays, like Fireball at the whole table seems like a pretty nasty idea. Maybe you just want to draw X cards and gain X life with Hydroid Krasis I mean there isn’t any other really super dooper gross thing to do with this, right? I mean it’s not like Unbound Flourishing enables something like Villainous Wealth. Want some fresh spice? War of the Spark gave us Finale of Promise Finale of Revelation Finale of Devastation Finale of Glory Finale of Eternity so yeah, a 5C tribal deck? Sounds fun!
Say goodbye to my EOT Whir of Invention for Aetherflux Reservoir shenanigans! Especially when it can be played off turn just for a single card and a life, I feel my surprise combo fun is coming to a rather abrupt end! Even paying retail for Force of Vigor is fairly costed to deal with TWO enchantments or artifacts.
Okay so here’s the thing, we don’t know how printed into oblivion this set will be. But one thing I can tell you is to get a set of lands for each of your decks, each of your colours at worst but definitely a full play set of the lands. I doubt we will see the same issue as the Zendikar lands, but be prepared as these lands should only go up in price as the months move on.

Finally, Ninja are back and I can't be happier. I have been lobbying for more Ninja for years and though I'm sure I had nothing to do with this decision, I'm so happy that we get to play with the most awesome mechanic ever created, Ninjitsu.

There we have it, those are my loose picks for this set so far. What are you looking at and what super gross combos are you planning on breaking out? -Chesh