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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Oct 03 2019 9:41pm


HEY DID YOU HEAR THAT BRAWL IS BACK? YOU REMEMBER BRAWL, RIGHT? Well, I hope you do because ALL of those Brawl commanders are pretty damn good outside of Brawl. That is, if they come to Magic Online.

Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale

First up we have the equipment based Mardu Knights commander, we don't really care much about her stats, we only care about what she can do. Equipping equipment FOR FREE to any of our knights just seems broken. Imagine being able to play and equip a Blackblade Reforged, Argentum Armor or Colossus Hammer for free before the attack step. We all know how good free mana is, and we all know how powerful equipment can be in the right deck, this seems like a slam dunk.

Did you buy into MTG2020? I sure hope so because COUGH Cavalier of Night Cavaliers were all knights.

Chulane, Teller of Tales

When Chulane was spoiled, I soiled myself. Not literally, no. But please realise this is a fart upgraded Coiling Oracle effect on a stick that happens to Boomerang your creatures. So you can replay them COUGH Man-o'-War COUGH for amazing ETB value and Aluren. But really, that's just the obvious, what we want to do is REALLY break him.

Okay so we want to make a bunch of tokens with Cryptolith Rite, make sure they all have haste with Concordant Crossroads and have Intruder Alarm out. Draw your entire deck, play all your lands as well, tell me you don't win if you're not interrupted. And really, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You have so many ways to play Chulane as either a combo deck or pure value engine that even the most casual players are fairly excited.

Alela, Artful Provocateur

My god, we did NOT need another reason for people to play gross Faerie decks, did we Wizards. You know we really didn't. But here we are. What does this deck do? It makes a BAZILLION 1/1 tokens, pumps them and not unlike the Fae in Hellboy 2, they eat EVERYTHING in their path. Worse still is the fact that she triggers off Enchantments and Artifacts in BLACK BLUE WHITE, really I'm done here.

You're looking at cards like Etchings of the Chosen to stop your opponents from boardwiping you, Bitterblossom to help generate the tokens in tandem with Alela, Anointed Procession to make additional copies of those tokens when the enter play and probably using Divine Visitation to instead churn out ALL the 4/4 Angels in existence.

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King 

Korvold feels like the weakest of all the new Brawl commander, we already have sacrifice outlets and commanders that do a better job. However, I feel that Korvold might be better suited to newer players just coming in to commander for the first time. I wish I had better things to say, but this seems like the more "balanced for standard" Brawl leader than the others. 



Grumgully, the Generous

Goblins are fairly well known in EDH as "the scourge deck" that you should be wary of. Grumgully screams "HOLD ME BEER" and boy howdy if it comes down, you best kill it with fire. We all know how Persist works by now with +1+1 counters, the effect negates the -1-1 and a loop can be made. What you're going to need to do is bake a delicious cake of Woodfall Primus, ice it with Altar of Dementia for infinite mill, Ashnod's Altar for infinite mana or Blasting Station for infinite damage. You choose, go nuts.

Thorbran, Thane of Red Fell

Did someone say BURN COMMANDER? Just me then huh. Look, I have wanted a new Dwarf commander for a while, this is NOT it. But, I can say that this might actually give Burn the reach it needs to actually work in the shell of a The Flame of Keld number three, if not in 4V, then definitely in 1v1. Don't argue, just let it happen. Burn has been the least used archetype in the history of EDH mainly because life totals are so big at 40, that you would have to deal 120 damage in total to kill the whole board. Sure one could argue that picking off the weak is where this archetype comes in, but now we have a legit way to somewhat close that gap. Burn on, red mages! Oh and as an FYI, stock up on Purphoros, God of the Forge for reasons.

Rankle, Master of Pranks

I get it, the prank was that Wizards made this legendary, right? Turn two is probably the earliest you can start playing pranks on people and using commander damage to your advantage. Not to mention when Rankle Prankskin deals combat damage to a player, choose a number. No, it has to be 1, 2 or 3. Force each player to discard, draw a card and lose a life or sacrifice a creature. This is a powerhouse for a suicide black deck, right? He provides so much flexibility, as long as he can make a meaningful connection with an opponent's face.


Gadwick, the Wizened 

Gadwick is our newest Wizard to join the fray and although he's pretty good, I'm not so sure he is mono Blue deck commander good. You see, he has to actually ENTER the battlefield for you to draw cards off him from casting, much worse than Hydroid Krasis is. Not to mention that if you're running mono U, you're likely not going to have the resources to waste spells just top tap nonland permanents down. 

Ayara, First of Locthwain 

Ayara is the best way to make use of all the .000001 TIX useless token making trash you have laying around such as Dreadhorde Invasion or maybe you just want to fill your graveyard with jank cheap casting cost creatures and then a timely Tombstone Stairwell. Ayara is for sure a good addition to the Aristocrats decks, but not much of anything as a commander. 

Questing Beast 

Wait, so the drawback in this card is WHAT exactly? Its pretty solid in the damage prevention area for combat damage and creatures you control, forcing opponents to potentially not even block your creatures for fear of just getting smashed, but its another when Beast also deals combat damage to a player and them eats a planeswalker they control. Did I mention that it can't be blocked by creatures of two or less power? Sure Beast isn't an auto in EVERY DECK OMG, but it sure is going to see a fair amount of play. 

Fabled Passage 

On the surface, Fabled Passage looks pretty bad for a rare land as early game, FP is basically Evolving Wilds. However, note that it UNTAPS that land if you have four or more lands on the battlefield. So effectively on turn four you can search for a basic land and crash it into play. Remembering that while this card was clearly made for standard play, I wish it was ANY land and not just a basic. 

Brazen Borrower 

Despite the heavily misleading name, BB is pretty solid bounce tacked on to a cheap flash creature and I'm 99% sure it has a place in commander. The fact that you can play her to bounce something as an instant, and then flash her in to your board so she is ready to attack is cool. Even beter if you decide to bounce her after she deals the damage so you can reuse her. 

Happily Ever After 

YAY! finally an alt wincon that seems cheap and awesome! I can see... What do you mean Approach of the Second Sun is better and easier to pull off? I don't care, I'm going to try this out at least once with Spellseeker into a tutor into this for sure! 


Yay. Another way to Clone Artifacts and Enchantments. Let me throw a party... 



A solid equipment for a deck that wants to just tap dudes and smash face every turn is viably can, Embercleave not only comes down when you attack, it auto-equips and makes the target dangerous. The fact that this can come down for as low as RR is really good while not been stupidly broken. 

The Circle of Loyalty 

White knight Artifact that makes knights makes more knights for w3 and is cheaper because knights and and and aaaaaand this is actually really good. Having a "Round Table" of a card for knights is just the best King Arthur themed deck ever, is it not? 

Acclaimed Contender 

Its unlikely that this knight will ever miss in a knight deck, there are so many targets now so this just seems like a cool knight to run. But it isn't a tutor by any means. the top five cards of a 99 card deck minus hand and draws and its not top tier, but its okay. 

Murderous Rider 

Who doesn't love murder, amirite? Rider is cool because we can find ways to reuse him over and over.  Shuffling is a great way to help find it again after it dies!

Well, that's it from me and there is a bunch of cards I didn't touch on because they don't excite me (sorry new Giants themed Wrath), but this week was PRERELEASE WEEK and I was excited to finally get my hands on some amazing cards!