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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Jan 14 2020 1:00pm

It's that time again where we run through some of the more interesting cards for the newest set about to drop. As we return to Theros we can see the set is based on good old enchantment fun and we can get excited for some of the busted combos we get and some of the way over powered cards, sadly though, I can't see that we really have any good choices for new commanders. Maybe that's just me, but let's dive in and see if that's the case. 


Heliod very well may get the boot in a few other formats such as Modern and Pioneer due to the massively overpowered combo with Walking Ballista where by you play Ballista with two counters, activate Heliod to give Ballista Lifelink and infinitely smash you opponent for one damage over and over. Welcome to Splinter Twin 2020, I hope you enjoy the ride. Don't let that stifle your creativity though as we have plenty of ways in other decks to tutor up this gross combo and even add a few other interactions in to ensure we can be as disgusting as possible. Let's say we run Helios in our Sisay, Weatherlight Captain deck from one of my previous articles HERE with a bunch of tutors such as Enlightened Tutor, Worldly Tutor, Demonic Tutor and Eladamri's Call just to name a few, so that we can fetch out Heliod, Sun Crowned and Spike Feeder for infinite life, add in an Epicure of Blood or Sanguine Bond to kill the entire table with just three cards.

We definitely needed another Stax commander, right? One that's locked to a single colour and is inferior to Brago, King Eternal. Okay we know that not ALL legendary creatures are made from commander and Thassa seems no exception to this. I can see her maybe included in the 99 for a few stax-centric decks or to get some extra ETB triggers, but I don't think she is good enough to be a commander.

Erebos, much like Thassa, just isn't good enough in the long run to be a mono colour commander. His first ability let's us pay two life to draw a card in our Aristocrats deck, but his second ability only hits a single creature, not really a powerhouse in commander as he just won't generate enough value on his own. I feel like this is another toned down card to ensure he would have some sort of place in standard, but he doesn't even look good enough to be played in a constructed standard deck when we have so many creatures that just do more than poor old Erebos.

Purphoros looks fairly interesting as he is more like a fixed version of Sneak Attack, a version that standard players are going to DREAD in the next few months. This version of Purphoros won't outshine daddy Purphoros, God of the Forge, but this isn't even for the same deck. This Purphoros will be all about big jank like Blightsteel Colossus coming down and killing someone or combining it with some sort of draw engine so you can drop Ilharg, the Raze-Boar and bounce anything you play with Purphoros back to your hand like with an Erratic Portal to ensure you can keep going every turn. I'm down for this deck, I think you might need to also run actual Sneak Attack as well just to make sure. Not really a huge draw back with a draw engine, dropping multiple creatures and killing the table.

Athreos is going to be played in The Witcher meme decks, because throw a coin to your witcher is EXACTLY what he does. That being said, if we run him with cards such as Strionic Resonator to put multiple coins out on our opponent's creatures and then pack a heap of board wipes such as Fumigate, Wrath of God and Planar Cleansing so we can wipe the board and get everyone's creatures back just for us. Or just be really boring and include Athreos in an TBD Kethis, the Hidden Hand deck to get extra triggers when you wipe the board.

DOGGOS! WHOSE A GOOD BOY? YOU ALL ARE YES YOU ARE! Kunoros is a 99 staple for locking out graveyard manipulation, putting the hurt on Zombie decks, Reanimator decks, storm, and flashback centric decks. Though I would likely never run these good doggos as a commander, I for sure would look at grabbing a heap of these in foil alt art if you can for sure. Not to mention Vigilance, lifelink and menace on a solid 3/3 for three is a massive flavor win due to the three heads.


Did someone say "I need more help protecting my enchantments from targeted removal"? I didn't think so, but here we are. Not only that, but she also gets power based on your devotion to blue, and that can be pretty freaming in a strict U enchantment deck with old mumma Thassa, God of the Sea at the helm allowing Callaphe to be potentially unblockable. Mix in some hexproof granting and indestructible lending enchantments and you have a legitimate threat on board that is almost unbeatable. Better yet, check out Destiny Spinner to ensure your opponents won't be countering almost anything you play ever.

WHO CALLED RENATA TO THIS HUNT, WAS IT YOU, JERRY?? Master Biomancer lovers rejoice, as you have yet another card you will have to try and shove in to your deck. Seeing this in decks helmed by Atraxa will give me anxiety, when she comes down you HAVE to kill her to ensure she doesn't get way out of hand.

Young Pyromancer has cemented itself as a great include in the 99 of spell loving commander decks along with Docent of PerfectionMurmuring Mystic and Talrand, Sky Summoner, but now Enchantress decks have their very own that spits out little 1/1 creatures if you attach an aura to a creature you control. But better still, when she enteres the battefield you get to top 7 for an Aura. Better yet, let's play Siona with Estrid, the Masked so that we can really push the 1/1 army! Better yet, why not also include Storm Herald for the late game to really raise an army of 1/1's to crush all of your opponents in their faceholes.

Okay so there  has been a LOT of talk about how broken the breach can be, and I'm here to tell you it's all true. All of it. Here's the scenario, I have Underworld Breach in play, I have Grinding Station and I have any zero cost artifact in my hand or graveyard that makes mana, let's say Lotus Petal. I tap station to mill myself for three sacrifice the petal for one mana, then replay the petal by removing the three cards from my graveyard and untapping the station. Add in your fave milling yourself wincon such as Laboratory Maniac and you win. Okay that's just if we want to lose friends, because this enchantment is closer to Yawgmoth's Will than anything we have seen in a very long time and I'm actually hyped to try it out. Especially in the flash back deck that was released last year.

Speaking of wincons for breach, oracle here is just straight up awesome. Not only for just getting access to x of the top cards to find a wincon, but she herself IS a wincon. In something like a Persistent Petitioners self mill deck I can see this being pretty amazing. Other interactions you might want to think about is Jace, Cunning Castaway and his ultimate, as the copy of Jace WILL retain the CMC on the copy.

Green doing what it does best but doing it way better than it was before is BREAKING MY BRAIN. I have been mathing and I hate mathing anything out. MATH IS FOR BLOCKERS and I don't BLOCK. Not counting the stupidity that is Grim Monolith infinite mana, we have Rite of Replication kicked to make a modifier of 6 ancients providing x3 EACH or 729 mana for normal lands, 2187 for Lotus Field and Gaea's Cradle that's....I.... NOPE! Brain broke. We didn't need this card. we didn't ask for this card and I have no idea what the design story behind this is but I'm extremely curious.

And last but not least, and speaking of totally busted card designs, meet every Lord Windgrace player's ultimate fantasy. Rarely will you ever play this as removal as it not only enables the player to grab every utility land they might need, it also means in a deck with a lot of cards that enable additional land plays such as Wayward Swordtooth allow really busted plays with Field of the Dead Actually, mix it in with Dryad of Ilysian Grove to make all your lands every type with a way to fetch out your Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle or Maze's End and gates seems REAL good and easy.

That's it from me today, don't forget to check out during the #sponsored Theros event this week for some draft, sealed and constructed shenanigans! This weekend sees the prereleases drop as well, so get to your local game store!