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Dec 05 2014 12:00pm
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CJB: Awesome Argoth

Titania was the Maro-Sorcerer for the forest of Argoth, which was plundered for supplies near the end of the Brothers' War by both the Mishra and Urza camps. Some thought Titania to be a goddess. She was weakened due to the wanton destruction of the forests by the brother's armies. She tried to negotiate with both Mishra and Urza, but they wouldn't leave Argoth alone. Titania personally led the offensive that had mounted against both armies-- a massive battle which lead to the extinction of the most of the lifeforms in Argoth. She eventually perished, like so many others, after Urza activated the Golgothian Sylex during his final battle with Mishra.

She is also a Johnny's dream. She returns a land from the graveyard, which at worst, might get you a second usage out of a Petrified Field or Strip Mine, and, at best, can be combo'ed with Conjurer's Closet to recur numerous lands. She also has that great second ability which immediately made lands like Wintermoon Mesa and Scorched Ruins and Crystal Vein that much cooler.

Also, she looks like the closest Magic: the Gathering is gonna get to having a Poison Ivy. I'm talking the modern comic book version or the Bruce Timm/DCAU version who got Harley Quinn's pants off-- not the Uma Thurman version from that gawd-awful Clooney Bat-Nipples movie.

Seriously though, her ability really made me pop in a lot more obscure lands than I ever thought I'd play with. It was a Johnny's dream come true. Popping out Llanowar Elves tokens and whatnot from Freyalise who helms the deck from which Titania hails is all well and good, but Titania has the combo potential for a Commander game that a Johnny like me longs for.


Titania, Protector of Argoth

1 Duplicant
1 Elvish Archdruid
1 Elvish Mystic
1 Gilt-Leaf Archdruid
1 Joraga Treespeaker
1 Llanowar Elves
1 Oracle of Mul Daya
1 Priest of Titania
1 Fyndhorn Elves
1 Realm Seekers
1 Wirewood Channeler
1 Woodfall Primus
1 Dryad Arbor
1 Harvest Wurm
1 Squirrel Wrangler
1 Spitting Spider
1 Sylvan Safekeeper
1 Acidic Slime
1 Groundskeeper
1 Seton, Krosan Protector
1 Karametra's Acolyte
1 Copper-Leaf Angel
1 Argothian Wurm
1 Cartographer
1 Terravore
1 Garruk's Packleader
1 Azusa, Lost but Seeking
1 Terastodon
1 Rampaging Baloths
1 Eternal Witness

Other Spells
1 Beast Within
1 Brittle Effigy
1 Spine of Ish Sah
1 Karn Liberated
1 Desert Twister
1 Sol Ring
1 Lignify
1 Coercive Portal
1 Staff of Nin
1 Sylvan Library
1 Harmonize
1 Soul's Majesty
1 Nissa, Worldwaker
1 Green Sun's Zenith
1 Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury
1 Song of the Dryads
1 Rites of Flourishing
1 Crucible of Worlds
1 Life from the Loam
1 Lodestone Bauble
1 Zuran Orb
1 Harrow
1 Crop Rotation
1 Constant Mists
1 Restore
1 Mox Diamond
1 Lightning Greaves
1 Unstable Obelisk
1 Praetor's Counsel
1 Natural Balance
1 Arcane Spyglass
1 Exploration
1 Conjurer's Closet

1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
1 Gaea's Cradle
1 Dust Bowl
1 Encroaching Wastes
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Strip Mine
1 Vesuva
1 Thespian's Stage
1 Haunted Fengraf
16 Forest
1 Evolving Wilds
1 Crystal Vein
1 Terramorphic Expanse
1 Scorched Ruins
1 Wintermoon Mesa
1 Wooded Foothills
1 Windswept Heath
1 Petrified Field
1 Buried Ruin
1 Lotus Vale
1 Tectonic Edge
1 Myriad Landscape

Let me explain the various themes in this deck, and then I'll break down the various card choices.

Firstly, this deck is all about the Commander, Titania. I wanted to be able to use her first ability and reclaim a lost land whenever she enters, and I wanted to really exploit the elemental creation that triggers when a land is sacrificed.

Step 1: Sacrifice lands and recur lands.

Self-sacrificing Lands:

Evolving Wilds, Dust Bowl, Encroaching Wastes, Ghost Quarter, Haunted Fengraf, Strip Mine, Crystal Vein, Terramorphic Expanse, Scorched Ruins, Wintermoon Mesa, Wooded Foothills, Windswept Heath, Lotus Vale, Tectonic Edge, Petrified Field, Myriad Landscape, Buried Ruin.

Dryad Arbor counts because it can block and send itself to the graveyard. Wintermoon Mesa literally reached through the internet amid a flurry of Jeff Bridges' Tron-pixels to personally thank me for using it in a deck. It has so much virtual dust it could barely speak but in tongues and to curse Rishadan Port like Bella Lugosi cursing out Boris Karloff or Salieri smack-talking Mozart.

Once I get the other two forest fetch lands from Zendikar, they are going in to this deck. Buried Ruin is in here because you have a lot of fun artifacts in this deck and some may be crucial to your game, like Crucible of Worlds, or Zuran Orb or some-such.

Land Sacrifice Outlets:

Squirrel Wrangler: Yay Squirrels!
Spitting Spider: This can come in very handy as it allows you to sacrifice as many lands as you need en-mass.
Sylvan Safekeeper: Someone targets Titania? Sacrifice your land, score your elemental token, and give her Shroud in fast-effect.
Copper-Leaf Angel: Waiting years and years to actually be useful, Copper-Leaf Angel, tough still kinda expensive, CMC-wise, has now finally won me one game of Magic.
Zuran Orb: Tired and True.
Harrow: Increase your Manabase and Elemental tokens in one fine spell.
Crop Rotation: How beautiful. Rotate your Forest for a Lotus Vale, and net yourself three 5/3s in one turn.
Constant Mists: This card is just gorgeous in this deck. Keep your opponents at bay while helping to build your Elemental army.
Natural Balance: You should just click on this link and drink in the card, when coupled with Titania. Go ahead. I'll wait.
Terastodon: Gigantums McElephant can hose some pesky stuffs, but it can also target your lands, slap out some elephant tokens and also cause some elementals to appear.
Arcane Spyglass: Much like Wintermoon Mesa, Arcane Spyglass at first thought I was joking when I asked it to get into the virtual deckbox. "It's happening! It's finally happening!" I could hear it squeal.

Land Graveyard Recursion:

Groundskeeper, Harvest Wurm, Cartographer, Life from the Loam, Lodestone Bauble, Crucible of Worlds, Restore, Praetor's Counsel, Eternal Witness, Petrified Field.

But what if I can't recur enough lands? What if someone Wraths or casts Terminus or something and all my vaunted 5/3 elementals are lost in the wind with my Commander? What If I am using my various spells and creatures to recur my lands and they are removed from me via horrible blue or black card-exiling?

Step 2: Creatures and Artifacts that Tap for Mana.

Elvish Archdruid, Elvish Mystic, Wirewood Channeler, Joraga Treespeaker, Llanowar Elves, Priest of Titania, Fyndhorn Elves, Seton, Krosan Protector, Karametra's Acolyte, Sol Ring, Nissa, Worldwaker, Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, Mox Diamond.

Gotta have contingencies. Wait, look at that list again. Notice anything?

Step 3: Sub-theme: Druid Tribal

gilt-leaf archdruid

Gilt-Leaf Archdruid fits in so perfectly in this deck. It. Is. HEINOUS. Stealing lands is something I'd normally find abhorrent, but the repressed Spike loves the idea that I might sacrifice all of my lands to my Johnny lusts and then steal my opponent's lands as well to satisfy 'dem Johnny lusts tho,' again.

Oracle of Mul Daya, which I'll talk about in a min, and Realm Seekers, which can grow huge and tutors for any kind of land, not just basics, are both druids and fit in here. Remember half the previous list are druids too.

Also, Seton is in here, for things like the Oracle or the Realm Seekers or Squirrel Wrangler so they can also tap for a Green.

Seton, Krosan Protector

While playing, I realized I needed a way to drop lands during my turn at a rate of more-than-once.

Step 4: Multiple Land Drops Per Turn


Exploration, Oracle of Mul Daya, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Rites of Flourishing: The Rites double as a Howling Mine and the Oracle pairs nicely with Lodestone Bauble!


Step 5:


(For those of you who don't know, the Batman's Utility Belt section refers to cards you are more-or-less bound to include in your decks in order to have answers to common threats, à la the great Dark Knight detective himself)


Duplicant, Woodfall Primus, Beast Within, Brittle Effigy, Spine of Ish Sah, Karn Liberated, Desert Twister, Acidic Slime, Lignify, Song of the Dryads, Unstable Obelisk. Freyalise also takes out pesky enchantments and artifacts. Karn, whilst expensive, is still one of the best investments I've made. It's hard to rock removal in Green, and this deck is combo-dependent, so I did the best with the space I had. If this deck didn't focus on suicide-bombing your own lands, and had a bit more reliable manabase going on, I'd want to include Predator, Flagship which I feel is underrated, and has appeared in my heavy-mana green decks since the vaunted days of Nemesis-yore.

Card Draw/Creature Tutor/Shroud:

Coercive Portal, Staff of Nin, Sylvan Library, Harmonize, Soul's Majesty, Green Sun's Zenith, Lightning Greaves.

Step 6: The Johnny-Timmy-Vorthos Rest o' the Rest

Argothian Wurm:  A Vorthos' dream! The Protector of Argoth fighting alongside one the forest's wurms. Also, for giggles, if you have no other way of sacrificing a land to get an elemental, you can choose to sacrifice the land and put it on your library, to get the 5/3 token.
Terravore: Let's say you sac' all of your lands to Spitting Spider, now this bad sucka' becomes big in the process.
Conjurer's Closet: Behold the depths of my Johnny mind! Titania, Acidic Slime, Cartographer/Harvest Wurm, Terastodon, Woodfall Primus, Eternal Witness and Realm Seekers have EtB triggers this can Johnny Combo off of. You can flicker Dryad Arbor if you want to trigger Rampaging Baloths' trigger. You can flicker the dang Baloths themselves if you have out a Garruk's Packleader to draw a card.
Rampaging Baloths: A whole lotta lands flaying about in this deck, it triggers a lot of Landfall and makes Beast tokens which triggers the Packleader.
Gaea's Cradle: This card works really well with all your tokens.
Garruk's Packleader: ->

That's just three of the tokens you can make to make the Packleader useful-- not to mention the creatures in your deck that have a power above 3 as well.


Safe Haven can be fun in this deck.

It works like Conjurer's Closet, only not as powerful- owing to its vulnerability.

You can do its trick at the end of an opponent's turn, and then Sacrifice it during your upkeep, netting a 5/3 elemental and/or a flicker trick. Your call if you want to include it.

Here's some stuff that happened

In this screenshot, I have a few cards that didn't make the final cut of the deck. I used to own a Batterskull but had to sell it along with my fetch lands from Zendikar and my True-Name Nemesis in order to be able to afford some dental work. Don't cry for me (Argentina), I'll own another one soon. I also 86'ed the Cultivator from the final build, as it never really panned out. I tried to include threshold and delve in my original build, so Grizzly Fate tokens are on the field as well.

The main reason for this screenshot is to explain the epic combo I had every turn. In play I have out an Oracle of Mul Daya, a Rites of Flourishing and a Crucible of Worlds which gives me three land drops per turn, which can all be from my graveyard, Having out Titania, I can sac and play the Crystal Vein (shown in my Graveyard) three times, netting six colorless mana and three 5/3 Elementals each turn.

This screenshot also proves how powerful Gaea's Cradle can be in this deck. With all those tokens it's a powerhouse for mana.

Now check out this screenshot:

This screenshot shows what happens when your opponent forgets Spitting Spider doesn't target and thus one does not need flying creatures in play in order to sacrifice your entire pile of land to score Elemental tokens. As well, it proves Terravore's usefulness.

This deck can do a lot more, but it's very fun so why not pilot it, or your own version, and find out some of the awesome interactions for yourself.

This deck = super fun!

I don't normally get so jazzed over a monocolor deck but this commander made me rethink conventions about land, step outside the box and use weird wonky lands that I never thought I'd use. Seriously, not to beat a dead horse, but who knew I'd go running to the MTGOTraders bots for Wintermoon Mesa or Harvest Wurm or Terravore? I wouldn't have predicted that. The only other Commanders to make me really step outside the box like this were Zedruu, Varolz and (Sidisi, Blood Tyrant): The very last I am still working the kinks out of.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my Johnny take on a Titania deck, and go create one for yourself.


Very nice. Titania is the by Leviathan at Fri, 12/05/2014 - 13:37
Leviathan's picture

Very nice. Titania is the only one of the new Commanders that I've thought about building around, and you hit a lot of the stuff I considered but found other stuff that I didn't. Squirrel Wrangler is hilarious, I didn't even know that card existed. I like that you remembered Natural Balance, should be an auto-include I think. And props to you for running Copper-Leaf Angel, it's nice that there's actually a use for her. Lotus Cobra and other landfall things would be good as well. Burgeoning misses his friend, Exploration.

My biggest concerns when considering Titania were 1) How dependent the deck would be on her (ie., how screwed will you be when she gets tucked), and 2) How homogeneous Titania decks would be, since it's pretty obvious what you're supposed to do with her. You found a solution to 2) with the druid tribal sub theme which was unexpected, but 1) might still be an issue. Oh well, I guess you gotta take risks. I like what you've done with the deck for sure.

Your remark about Argothian by Kumagoro42 at Fri, 12/05/2014 - 19:22
Kumagoro42's picture

Your remark about Argothian Wurm in a Titania deck made me want to check how many Argothian cards one could fit in such a deck, but I was disappointed to find out that only 6 other cards with Argoth in their name exist (eh, the place not existing anymore and all). And boy, Argothian Swine is really hard to justify.

Still, I might want to try and build a Titania deck with an Argothian Enchantress sub-theme, just for kicks.