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May 20 2015 11:00am
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"That's no moon... wait, wait... I guess it kinda is."

So I'm going to explain myself a bit here. Like some of my other articles, I'll be showcasing all the cards I've chosen, then revealing the deck list. As the deck brainstorming progressed, the deck, to become viable, became a sort of five-color recursion theme, and what is the Star Wars franchise if not something that it ever regurgitating from its own ashes? Jar-Jar Binks was still a thing yet I can't wait hard enough to see the new film next year.

A lot of the cards in the deck symbolize what was being conveyed in the films. I haven't limited myself to only the original three with Hamill and such, but I do have a predilection for them over the, *sigh*, prequels, so they will be represented more here. I, OBVIOUSLY, could not fit everything about the franchise in this deck, so, dear readers, I'm sorry if I left out your favorite bit.

Sometimes, the cards thematically fit the story from Star Wars, as you'll see with Anakin Skywalker. Sometimes, the card art really screams I'm a Star Wars theme card!!!, and sometimes the Art and card work to represent a character, but the character in Magic lore chosen to represent the Star Wars character do not match up in ethos. 

In any event, Enjoy!


Also, a five-color commander that works well with the graveyard recursion strategy.

Qui-Gon Jinn Qui-Gon Jinn is Sarkhan Vol. Obviously a Master Jedi, he deserves Planeswalker status in the deck. The dragons ability of Sarkhan doesn't fit the SW theme, but it helps the recursion one. The stealing of creatures helps both, as it is decidedly Jedi to mind control something, and sac'ng a stolen creature to something like Ertai is awesome. Visually, they look pretty similar. Sarkhan_Vol.jpg Jhoira_of_the_Ghitu.jpg Padme Amidala is represented here by two cards. Masako represents her nutty appearance as Queen in ep. 1. Jhoira represents her more kickbutt self in ep. 2. The fact they are both toughness 2 or less indicates ep 3, because the SW universe can turn half-dead dark Jedi into cyborgs, but can't save a woman from childbirth. Masako the Humorless

Lim-Dûl the NecromancerVedalken Plotter

Count Dooku's mirror-visage in Magic is Lim-Dul, and Lim-Dul furthers our recursion goal. Vedalken Plotters couldn't be a better fit to represent the Trade Federation Separatists, shown here. They have a great EtB trigger which comes in handy a lot more than one might realize, and EtB trigger-creatures are great to sacrifice and recur.

myr battlesphere

Tons of robots beep-booping around in the series, but in particular, during the prequels.

Darth Sidious, after turning Anakin to the Dark Side (Praetor's Counsel), Reanimates Anakin into Darth Vader, a cyborg. Vader is all evil, and Force Chokes Stranglehold a lot of fools. Vader eventually does in the Emperor and bingo bango he's transcended into Karn Liberated

Venser, the Sojourner plays the role of Luke Skywalker.

Feldon of the Third Path is Uncle Owen, since he tinkers with Robots. Mother of Runes is Aunt BeruBut we all know what happened to them: Skeletonize.

Han Solo: While Chandler from Homelands looks like he's dressed as a dirtbaggier version of Han, he's not online and he sucks farts. Jace, the Living Guildpact looks sort of Harrisony, and Jace and Han have a similar attitude of not having any figs to give. Jace's ability to slap something in the graveyard while deck sifting helps the deck theme.

Princess Leia: Elspeth, Sun's Champion. Elspeth has Leia's hood from ep. 4 going on, plus rallies soldiers around her, as in, Rebel soldiers.


Obi-Wan: is represented by three cards. As a padawan, he is Youthful Scholar; as the Jedi Master seen in Episodes II and III, as well as both Clones Wars cartoons (2003 & 2008), he is Serene Master. As Old Ben, he is (Brrin, Master Wizard).

General Grievous: Phyrexian Plaguelord; Darth Maul: Avatar of Slaughter -- sadly, Johan isn't online.

It's uncanny..... Also Knights of Thorn suck too, so yeah: Avatar of Slaughter sums Maul up nicely.

Clone Legion and Phyrexian Processor sum up the storm trooper beginnings as explored in Episode two. Jango Fett is Fiendslayer Paladin, check out the Mandalorian Armor! Looks like he picked up a stray lightsaber too. We all know Boba, his son, grew up to be a Bounty Hunter.

Cabal Patriarch is Senator Palpatine, who turns into Darth Sidious -- Arcanis the Omnipotent. Arcanis even has arcane lightning bolts swinging about. Sidious meets his Utter End by Vader.

Teferi, Temporal Archmage is Mace Windu

Into the Maw of Hell is clearly the Sarlacc Pit.

C3-PO is represented by Brass Secretary, because I mean COME ON, how could you not see that? Solemn Simulacrum, though not as visually accurate as the Secretary is to 3PO, represents R2-D2, because both are just so gosh-darn useful.

Hazezon Tamar plops a whole lotta Tuskan Raiders onto the Battlefield.

Though not visually or creature typily a match, Scavenger Folk is representing Jawas.

For Lando, I'll go with Humble Defector, obviously going for the theme of Lando's character--not the appearance. He turned from the side of good to betray Han and help Vader, only to then defect from the Imperial camp and go back to helping the Rebel Alliance (and creepily wearing Han's clothes in Episode VI). Also, I'll love to just let City of Traitors handle the whole Cloud City kerfuffle, but the card kinda sucks in Commander, so I'll just mention my wishes and move along..

Karplusan Yeti is Chewbacca. The Yeti can come in and hose something. If it is also hosed, we can recur it for more fun-on-the-bun.

Jar-Jar Binks will not be represented in this build. Either I try to find a visual representation of him, which so far all I could find is Amphin Cutthroat which looks too hardcore to be Jar-Jar, or I find the most annoying Magic Card in creation, which is a daunting task and why the heck would I want it in a deck? So in this one instance, I'm NOT taking a page from Lucas, and thus, not ruining a good thing with a Jar-Jar inclusion.

Jabba = Deathbringer Liege. Cephalid Sage is Admiral Ackbar.

Bearscape = Ewoks.

Info about Durge here; Info about Asajj here; Info about the 2003 Clone Wars Series here. Nin, the Pain Artist was a close second to representing Asajj.

I don't care if Carbonize-ing someone isn't freezing them in Carbonite-- in my mind, I've always equated the two.

Rancor: Obvious Card Choice is Obvious.

Fool's Demise represents General Tarkin.

Treasured Find represents Luke's wielding of his father's lightsaber.

Resurrection is what happened to both Grievous and Vader.

Dismember happened to a lot of Skywalker hands, and at least one wampa.

Imperial Seal: The word Imperial flies all over the place in Star Wars, thanks to the Galactic Empire.

Supreme Verdict: Palpatine's decision to destroy Alderan.

Captain of the Watch can represent both the new movie's Captain Phasma, and Commander Cody, and Storm Troopers (soldiers).

I'll just leave this here...

....And Finally:


Commander Johnny Boosh's Child of Alara Star Wars Deck

Jhoira of the Ghitu 
Masako the Humorless 
Lim-Dul the Necromancer
Vedalken Plotter 
Myr Battlesphere 
Ertai, Wizard Adept 
Ertai, the Corrupted 
Feldon of the Third Path 
Mother of Runes 
Phyrexian Plaguelord 
Avatar of Slaughter 
Cabal Patriarch 
Arcanis the Omnipotent 
Squee, Goblin Nabob 
Brass Secretary 
Hazezon Tamar 
Scavenger Folk 
Karplusan Yeti 
Deathbringer Liege 
Bounty Hunter 
Serene Master 
Barrin, Master Wizard 
Angel of Despair 
Laquatus's Champion 
Cephalid Sage 
Captain of the Watch 
Escaped Shapeshifter 
Youthful Scholar
Humble Defector 

Other Spells:
Sarkhan Vol 
Praetor's Counsel 
Karn Liberated 
Venser, the Sojourner 
Jace, the Living Guildpact 
Elspeth, Sun's Champion 
Lightning Bolt 
Teferi, Temporal Archmage
Solemn Simulacrum 
Into the Maw of Hell 
Utter End 
Clone Legion 
Phyrexian Processor 
Fool's Demise 
Treasured Find 
Imperial Seal 
Gaseous Form 
Supreme Verdict 
Sol Ring 
1 Sword of Light and Shadow

Volcanic Island 
Underground Sea 
Tropical Island 
Blood Crypt 
Godless Shrine 
Temple Garden 
Watery Grave 
Sacred Foundry 
Hallowed Fountain 
Stomping Ground 
Steam Vents 
Breeding Pool 
Overgrown Tomb 
Murmuring Bosk 
Reflecting Pool 
Mana Confluence 
City of Brass 
Command Tower 
Grand Coliseum 
Nimbus Maze 
Dust Bowl 
Strip Mine 
Encroaching Wastes 
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 
Tectonic Edge 


At first I took this delightfully-fun-to-make, yet-not-as-powerful-as-I'm-used-to Commander to the JFF Room, and took on some random opponents. Since my articles are so graphic heavy, and I'm not too keen on uploading replays and such since most of my stuff is so casual, I watched the replays and jotted down notes from the games-- the highlights.
The first game was against Mono-Red Zurgo Bellstriker. I have a lot of respect for this deck, as it was the first one I built when Dragons of Tarkir dropped online. I have an aggressive White Weenie Isamaru, Hound of Konda deck and I was eager to get another 2/2 one drop that could beat faces early. Well, as I just sorta spoiled, this game started out with me getting my face beaten in verily, and quickly, by Red Weenies. After a four  turns of beatings, I managed to get out a Serene Master and a Captain of the Watch to slow down the beatings, and to really make my opponent consider whether or not to attack with everything. On turn 7 I got to both Lightning Bolt his Zurgo and Skeletonize his Hero of Oxid Ridge, and I was at 21 and he/she was still rockin' 40. After he/she kicked a Mizzium Mortars, it was just a matter of trying to stay alive as long as possible-- kinda like unlimited Tetris mode. After casting my commander, it was promptly Chaos Warped, but I got to cast an Into the Maw of Hell, which is one of my favorite cards to say out loud in polite company, targeting his Balefire Dragon and his Valakut, which was a pleasing move. Also, the coolest thing I did was cast Cephalid Sage with Threshold, drop my Anger and Angel of Despair with the discard portion of the spell, and then got to cast Feldon, which had haste-- and activate him right away, to hose my opponent's Gauntlet of Might-- but it was too little too late, and I lost to creature over-run and burn spells.
Game two was against (Vorel, the Hull Clade). I had mana issues with the five color build starting out, and He/she opened with Forest, Sol Ring, Lightning Greaves-- a deadly first turn. My opponent's turns soon yielded Lux Cannon, Vedalken Infuser and a Greaves'd Vorel, which was more than I could handle with my colorless mana, and only a Swamp and Watery Grave at my disposal. Once the Cannon started blowing up my lands, I conceded politely. You know what they say: "Sometimes you eat the bear, and well, sometimes it eats you." This is directly applicable to the Shuffler.
The third game was against Horde of Notions-- but luckily for me, it wasn't a five-color control deck with a hasty 5/5 finisher, it was a Commander Tribal Elemental deck, which gave me more of a fighting chance. This game also featured an opponent actually spoke to me! Someone was social on MTGO! He told me his first name, which was Sam, and he was 25 and from Brooklyn. I'm from upstate/middle-of-the-state New York, and it was cool we were in the same state, but that's where our convo ended. Spoiler alert, this would be the only game I actually won. It was my turn to ramp, such as I can in this deck, since I drew into Sol Ring on my first draw. Turn one for me was Badlands, Sol Ring, while Sam's first turn was Flamekin Village, reveal Embodiment of Spring, cast Spark Elemental. It didn't bode well, I remember I thought I was in for some quick pain the whole game, but it took him a long time to pull a green mana source, and he didn't get much out. I wound up getting a combo of Squee, Goblin Nabob and Ertai, the Corrupted... which was both Johnny AND Vorthos at the same friggin' time. To add even more Urza-infused Weatherlight-saga Vorthosian shenanigans, I got Barrin, Master Wizard on the board too-- which meant I could choose whether to sacrifice Squee to either counter something or bounce something. I haven't felt that Blue Mage in a long time. Sorta felt dirty, in a covered in Tequila and glitter sorta way; as in certainly not dirty enough to stop using it for what you need. Anyway, my opponent soon could take no more, and politely conceded, and I don't blame him.
Now I got to thinking: This is a theme deck. It isn't loaded to the gills with everything you might need. It's sort of like a Duel Deck. Not many people crack open a duel decks pack and use one deck again pre-established deck types filled to bursting with Vindicates and (Mana Crypts) and Dan Fogelberg and Hulahoops and what-not. I, personally, have written many theme decks. I talked my wife, who is the most casual of Mtg/MTGO players, and who relies on me to build her decks and teach her new cards and such, into choosing one of my own pre-established wacky theme decks, and she chose my Dante's Divine Comedy deck. I traded her account all the cards I could spare for it, then purchased the rest, with maybe one or two exclusions. Half through talking her into it, she decided she couldn't do it, and quietly bowed out--but I had the deck now on her account. It was only a matter of time before I managed to talk a fellow MTGO friend into using the deck against my deck du' Star Wars.
Honestly, these two were pretty evenly matched, but I think SW was more expensive than DDC. I got a turn one Imperial Seal, which I used to get Avatar of Slaughter-- because I had a weird combo I wanted to try out in my hand. I eventually gathered five mana, and cast Pain on myself from Pain/Suffering, discarding Slaughterpants, and then I cast Reanimate. My friend cast Excommunicate in response, and lulz, lawlz, and LOLs were had by all. I struggled to make plays while my opponent racked up a board of Baneslayer Angel and Inferno Titan, which steadily beat me down to death.

So, fun project! What would you have done different? What theme deck would you like to see next? What card would you think could represent Jar-Jar, either visually or most-annoyingly? Let me know in the comments.

I will leave you with these last two things.

The picture of Greven on Hatred also reminds me of Darth Plagueis.

The best visual representation of Hayden Christensen as Anakin is the new version of Sylvan Safekeeper:

Maybe slightly more Elven, but still Christenseny!


This was fun. I really by JXClaytor at Wed, 05/20/2015 - 15:54
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This was fun. I really enjoyed the look at how this deck came to be.

Always love your articles i by bdgp009 at Thu, 05/21/2015 - 05:43
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Always love your articles i don't know if i miss it or did you not make a combo article for DTK. LOTR is good but i would also love a Hunger's game or Fast and Furious theme deck.