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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
Apr 26 2018 12:00pm
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Dominaria is here!  Standard has been in a pretty good place since the last round of bannings, who knew that removing Attune with Aether would get so much work done for the format?  My favorite deck pre rotation was for the UW Auras deck.  It was fun, consistent and fast, it was almost like playing Modern in the Standard format.  Hexproof is just such an awful mechanic though, which is why I love it, because it turns out that I like strategies that end up with me being the only one to actually play Magic, be it Land Destruction, Combo, Reanimator or whatever, give me less interaction! 

The first decks with Dominaria cards in them came out yesterday, and after a false start, where the new cards did not show up in Wizards deck viewer, which led to some highly entertaining guessing games on twitter, we finally got to see the full decks last night.  After looking at the new Baral format, oops, sorry, I meant Brawl, I clicked on the Standard link, ready to soak in as much information as I could. 

I am not going to highlight the known decks here, decks like New Perspectives or RG Monsters did not really add much to their lists.  God-Pharaoh's Gifts are still UR or UW, and did not really add much.  Lyra Dawnbringer is a super sweet card, but shifting some of the angel into the main over a few other cards is not really ground breaking work.  I want to see decks that went deep, brews, sweet lists! 

These are the ones that I found from I guess day one of the new format. 

The Unblockables.  

Cards from Dominaria:  Not.  a.  single.  one. 

Well I see that this is off to a wonderful start!  This sweet little blue number is packed full of creatures with evasion abilities.  It's also less of an aggro deck and much more of a Throne of the God-Pharaoh deck.  We swam the board with cheap creatures that can't be blocked, turn them sideways and get a nice trigger at out end of turn step, further draining life from the opponent.  We have some protection in Siren Stormtamer and Hope of Ghirapur, a cute little energy theme from Aethersphere Harvester and Aether Swooper which can either give us life, or provide us with more attackers, whichever one is needed, and the eight unblockable creatures in the main are great targets for Curious ObsessionGlint-Nest Crane finds the Throne.  Sky Skiff to me, seems a bit out of place, but it's a cheap flying creature that is easily crewed. It also plays super well with Throne as any tapped crewed vehicles and their drivers will count for the end of turn trigger as well. 
Could anything from Dominaria fit in to this deck?  Arcane Flight is possible.  Relic Runner is probably a bit to situational.  Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive is a card I could see fitting in.  It would make Curious Obsession a little bit worse, but would make everything in the deck basically unblockable.  Unwind seems like it could work as well.  Short Sword and Sorcerer's Wand both seem like they could be neat, the latter more so, because it turns your team into pingers, and would still play well with Throne, while the former is a more of a more permanent set of pants that can go to a different wearer. 

Putting the Fun in Fungus


Cards from Dominaria:  So! Many!  Llanowar Elves, Slimefoot, the Stowaway, Sporecrown Thallid, Yavimaya Sapherd, Saproling Migration, Cast Down, Spore Swarm, Vicious Offereing, Woodland Cemetary, Fungal Infection, and Fungal Plots all stop by to say hi in this deck, and I am here for it! 

This Fungus/Saproling token beatdown deck is something I would expect to see out of Diaries of the Apocalypse and not in a Standard event.  This deck looks to go wide with Saproling tokens, most of which are made by the Dominaria additions, but Tendershoot Dryad is here to give you a blessing as well!  There is a lord, and some nice synergy from Slimefoot that makes combat a bad thing thanks to the text he has about saprolings returning to the compost heap.  Llanowar Elves really gets to show off how silly three drops on turn two can be whenever your adding stuff like Yavimaya Sapherd or Slimefoot to the board, and helps get out the expensive token generators to keep pressure up on the opponent.  We have Vraska's Contempt to deal with problematic cards.  This deck I feel would benefit a ton from the inclusion of Heroic Intervention.  It would be a nice answer to a sweeper (outside of Settle the Wreckage of course). 

Wizard's Riddle

Cards from Dominaria:  Not as many as the previous one, but a lot more than the first!  Adeliz, the Cinder Wind, Ghitu Lavarunner, Warlord's Fury, Wizard's Lightning, Sulfur Falls, and Goblin Chainwhirler.  I am not counting Opt, because it's already in Standard, and it's my article, so I get to make the rules here! 

Anyways this is a new take on the Riddleform deck.  Adeliz gives a boost to your creatures whenever you cast an instant or sorcery, it's a nod to prowess, but not quit the same thing.  Ghitu Lavarunner gets a bonus whenever there are 2 or more instants or sorceries in your yard, and the eight prowess creatures in the deck should ensure that your combat steps hit hard and fast.  Backing up Riddleform, which to me, is the key card to the deck, is twenty one cards that make it a sphinx.  If the game goes late you can scry away dead draws with the enchantment, and use Opt and Warlord's Fury to help cycle through your deck.  You have 15 cards to make sure that Wizard's Lightning is cast for one mana, and nice burn package with it, Lightning Strike and Shock to either go to the dome or clear the path for your creatures. 

Also super excited that Spellweaver Eternal has reminder text for Afflict, because I had no idea what that mechanic did, and I can imagine it would have been pretty shameful to go to my twitter account and ask the good ole timeline what it did.  It was not a very memorable mechanic. 

There are of course, other cool decks from the new Standard, but to me these were the coolest.  Mox Amber makes Paradoxical Outcome a playable card in the format again, and I am excited to see it.  Artificer's Assistant might help make an improvise or Metalwork Colossus deck a bit more playable, though Abrade just has to ruin the excitement there.  Seal Away feels like one of the most important cards in the set, as I see it everywhere, and to me that seems great, as Baffling End was always less than impressive.  History of Benalia seems to be a super important one as well, seeing play in the BW, GW and UW decks of the format.  There is a lot of really sweet stuff out of Dominaria, and it appears as if the surface has not been fully scratched.

I am here for it, I love the set, and I can't wait to see how Standard evolves!