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Mar 13 2015 12:00pm
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 Welcome back to Tribal Apocalypse!

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  1. Last Week on Tribal Apocalypse...
  2. The High Price of Winning
  3. Announcement Time!
  4. What's Next

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by Kumagoro

 We're in that period of the year again (I mean, one of those three or four periods of the year): Spoiler Season! Except, this time around, stars are aligning furiously and strange aeons are passing, because we've got a LOT of heavy stuff coming, and most all of that will affect Tribal Wars (what doesn't?), including the Tarmogoyf reprint in Modern Masters II. Well, maybe that one not that much, since big Tarmo is now playable only in a Lhurgoyf deck, remember? Unless, should its price go down enough (doubtful), can Lhurgoyf decks become a thing in Underdog?


Will someone try this lineup? (The real problem is choosing the other two).

 Anyway, between Dragons of Tarkir (March 21), Tempest Remastered (May 6), Modern Masters 2015 (May 22), and Magic Origins (July 11), we're up for a very exciting Spring-Summer season. Especially where creature's cousins, the planeswalkers, are concerned. Not only Karn Liberated is getting a very much due reprint in Modern Masters (although artifact tribes are liking Ugin, the Spirit Dragon better, lately, since Karn kills one thing, Ugin kills all the opponent's board), and DTK is giving us not one, but two card-drawing walkers...


I like Sarkhan better, people will play Narset more.

 ...but Magic Origins is bound to have a full cycle devoted to the past of the five famous planeswalkers, back when they were just Legendary creatures, up until the moment something happened that triggered their spark. Which makes for what's possibly the most narrative mechanic ever.

There's a whole story of a dead brother and the failure to heal him back to life hidden within this mechanic.

 By the way, I love that Liliana wasn't white, back when she was a healer. Black cards aren't necessarily evil! (As white aren't necessarily good).

 On top of this, we're in the Dragon age, so we should see more Dragon decks in the upcoming events. They even got this nice tribal land, to help with the splashes they now need copiously. The era of the mono-red Dragons is definitely over.

 Finally, a word of advice: Wasteland will clearly be included in Tempest Remastered, and if we're lucky, that will be drafted enough that the price will go down to the point where it'll be more largely affordable. But if that means we'll start to see Tribal Wars deck with 4x Wasteland, Legacy-style, I will take counter-measures. I don't want this to become the mana denial format, at the same time pushing decks even more into monocolored territory. The impact of a Wasteland massively available might prove too format-twisting to let it slide. So expect some kind of intervention, if that will be the case.


  • Event Number: 5.09, Week 218 BE
  • Date: March 7
  • Attendance: 19
  • Rounds: 4
  • Subformat: Underdog
  • Winner: DrunkenSailor15 Scarecrow
  • 1 Loss: mihahitlor (Pegasus), Robin88 (Artificer), Michelle_Wong (Sphinx), LeilaPari (Horror), Gq1rf7 (Kor)
  • Underdog Prize: AJ_Impy (Orc), arcbounddaylabor (Orc)
  • Tribes: Artificer, Berserker (x2), Centaur, Drake, Gnome, Horror, Hydra, Insect, Kor (x2), Orc (x2), Pegasus, Scarecrow, Shapeshifter, Sphinx, Troll, Weird
  • Event link (with all players, pairings, standings, decks, and results): here it is

 Second Scarecrow win ever! The first was by Bazaar of Baghdad in Event 148, two years ago. Both are Painter's Servant combo decks, of course, but that's what Scarecrows do better (albeit, should the trend become more frequent, there might be a case for taking the combo – yet not the tribe – out of Underdog, much in the same way we did for Kor and Horror stuff). Congratulations to first-time winner DrunkenSailor15.


 Among the other contenders, there have been two attempts at Orc, both from players with a history of winning, the first by AJ_Impy (with a nod to Warhammer Fantasy Battle)...


 ...and the second by arcbounddaylabor.


 Neither of these decks delivered the goods, which might be a signal that the Orcs aren't quite there yet. AJ's deck especially relied almost entirely on the new tribes members from Tarkir block, which are all quite good to excellent (too bad Shaman of the Great Hunt's ability requires a further splash outside Mardu colors).


 We'll see how they evolve with the latest additions. For instance, Zurgo from the new timeline surely hit the gym a lot less, but a solid 1-drop is probably what the tribe needs.

 As for me, I was playing Gnome, instead; a Living Death build I had already used to some success in the past (so many Gnomes dump themselves into the graveyard to be brought back, after all), but this is a deck especially suited to exploit Ugin, since Ugin's ability exiles, so his enemies won't come back.


 I should have used the more flavored, but also more useful Steel Hellkite as a finisher. And probably one Blightsteel Colossus, but I didn't own a copy in that moment.



 Here's the prices of all the featured decks, courtesy of the amazing Deck Pricer from mtgGoldfish (MTGO Traders prices as of March 13, 2015):

  • DrunkenSailor15's Scarecrows: $71.03
  • AJ_Impy's Orcs: $184.36
  • arcbounddaylabor's Orcs: $65.02
  • _Kumagoro_'s Gnomes: $103.91

 The Top 10 Cheapest Decks that Went Undefeated

  1. morpphling's Goblins, $2.35, 2nd place on Event 102
  2. Gq1rf7's Goblins, $3.32, 1st place on Event 154 (cheapest event winner)
  3. MisterMojoRising's Insects, $3.55, 2nd place on Event 201
  4. Gq1rf7's Goblins, $3.58, 1st place on Event 169
  5. Gq1rf7's Goblins, $3.70, 1st place on Event 145
  6. Gq1rf7's Goblins, $4.12, 2nd place on Event 141
  7. Gq1rf7's Assassins, $4.18, 1st place on Event 147
  8. Trickerie's Golems, $4.31, 1st place on Event 138
  9. Gq1rf7's Vampires, $4.38, 2nd place on Event 188
  10. arcbounddaylabor's Goblins, $4.46, 1st place on Event 111

 NOTE: not adjusted to current prices; data collected since Event 85. 


 Just to remind you of a few things:


 Cockatrice Wants You! And Badger, too! Be the first to win a match with these new eligible tribes and you'll win a 1-tix certificate from MTGO Traders. Remember: only tribes with at least 3 members are effectively considered tribes in Tribal Apocalypse (since tribes that field an equal or greater number of Changelings than actual members count as Shapeshifter decks). Tribes with exactly 3 members are allowed to play in Underdog events with 8 slots filled by Changelings, whereas nobody else (but, of course, Shapeshifter decks) can play with more than 4 Changelings in those events. And of course this will happen only as soon as the Changelings will work on V4 as promised.

 The Underdog Prize: During any event of the regular rotation (but not during the one-time special events), all players who are running an Underdog Tribe are eligible for a 1-tix credit on Pennybot. The tie-breakers are first the number of Underdog categories (for instance, a tribe that's simultaneously Endangered and Unhallowed will take the prize over one that's only Endangered), then the points achieved in the final standings. During Underdog events, only the True Underdog tribes are rewarded (those are the tribes belonging to all three categories of Underdog at once).

 The Up-and-Coming Prize: When a tribe wins an event for the first time ever (losing Unhallowed status), its pilot will get a 3-tix certificate from MTGO Traders.

 The Hamtastic Award: The Biodiversity Prize dedicated to the memory of Erik Friborg has started the first quarter of 2015. The quarter will end March 28. By that date, the player or players who registered the greatest number of different tribes will get a 5-tix certificate from MTGO Traders.

 The Achievements (sponsored by AJ_Impy and vantar6697): Unlock the greatest number of Achievements from this list and AJ and vantar will grant you 10 tix per quarter! The current quarter will end March 28. Players with the same number of achievements will split the prize. 10 more tix will be given at the end of the year to that whole season's Achievement Master. Good luck!

 The Top Players Lockout: Every time a Top Player (either a Google Era Top 8, an Ultimate Champion/Tribal Player of the Year, or a seasonal Top 8) will end undefeated, they will not be allowed to register the same tribe and deck again for 5 events (i.e. they'll have to register a different deck or decks 5 times before coming back to the undefeated one). With "deck" is meant a specific, recognizable archetype (e.g. Wall-Drazi), which in some case will be linked to a specific combo card (e.g. Helm of Obedience). A list of the current lockouts is maintained here.

 Videos: Send us replays of your games and we'll feature them in these articles! Don't know how? Read this quick guide in 5 easy steps and start saving your tribal feats for posterity!


 The upcoming Tribal Apocalypse events of the Blippian Era (every Saturday at 17:00 GMT):

  • 5.10 (Week 219 BE), on March 14: Regular
  • 5.11 (Week 220 BE), on March 21: Regular
  • 5.12 (Week 221 BE), on March 28: Pure
  • 5.13 (Week 222 BE), on April 4: Underdog

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