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By: Kumagoro42, Gianluca Aicardi
Apr 09 2012 8:07am
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*** Tribal Apocalypse: Week 65 BE ***
To combo or not to combo

 Welcome back to Tribal Apocalypse, the hypertext link that will tell you everything about Tribal Apocalypse, the only Tribal Wars tournament in the whole MTGO scene!

 Fifth week of March, fifth event of the month: after last week's 2HG extravaganza, we're back to normal, with an event that balances Combo and Aggro, like it often happens in Tribaltown, while Control tries to make the best of what it's given.

  • Event Number: 13 (2012), 65 (all-time)
  • Date: March 31
  • Attendance: 20
  • Rounds: 4
  • Special Rules: none
  • Top 4: romellos (Wizard, undefeated); mihahitlor (Kithkin, undefeated); SBena (Knight, 1 loss); gbagyt (Elf, 1 loss)
  • Special Prizes: Endangered Prize to sadisteck (Zubera)
  • Tribes: Bat, Cat, Cleric, Druid, Elder, Elf (x2), Faerie, Kithkin, Knight, Kor, Merfolk, Samurai, Scout, Spirit, Vampire (x2), Wall, Wizard, Zubera
  • Virgin Tribe: Bat by vantar6697

 So, after 65 Blippian events, how's the situation in the tribes' Hall of Fame? Well, in the all-time ranking, Wizard just surpassed Cat at the Top 5 spot after a long chase; Knight entered the Top 16 zone while Kithkin is now just on the outskirts; and Elf, well... it hit 1500 points, the double of the 3rd tribe (Human) and still 600 points ahead of the 2nd (Goblin). It looks like nothing will ever stop Elves in Tribal. And it's not merely a matter of popularity. Look at the Zombies, for instance: they have been played 54 times since Event 11, which makes them the third most played tribe after Elf (73 times) and Human (69 times). Yet while Elf and Human are also two of the most successful tribes in the tournament, Zombie is tragically at the 42nd place in the Hall of Fame (scoring a meager 3 results over 65 events). So it seems Tribal players really like Zombies, but either they are a bad, bad tribe after all, or something has been done very wrong so far.

 Anyway, did someone say Wizard?


 First of all, congrats to romellos for scoring his first win in Tribal Apocalypse! He's the 33rd player managing to end an event at 1st place, which means more than half the events have been won by a different person. I don't know about you, but to me this is an amazing thing. This Wizard build features Isochron Scepter at its centerpiece, with Silence as a budget replacement of the classic Orim's Chant combo lock. Lightning Helix is the secondary target of choice for the Scepter (no Counterspell in the deck, though), and with all those instants, the Wizard base kind of automatically orients itself towards Snapcaster Mage (or, worst case scenario, Grim Lavamancer) and Delver of Secrets as a "finisher". Fun fact: the deck runs three Magic Invitational winner cards: Meddling Mage (Chris Pikula), Shadowmage Infiltrator (Jon Finkel), and Snapcaster (Tiago Chan). Adding Dark Confidant (Bob Maher) and maybe Voidmage Prodigy (Kai Budde) it would become a full tribal base with the effigies of famous pro players!

 The other undefeated deck (due to technical issues chez Blippy, this tournament didn't use the official DCI Reporter rankings, so the final standings have been calculated afterwards, based on the usual criteria but with a different math) was this Kithkin deck by mihahitlor:


 It looks like last week's 1st place deck by Kithkin specialist VictorBike triggered an answer from mihahitlor, who's a Kithkin expert himself (he frequently runs the lil' guys among the Modern crowd of Eurodrive!, where they even ended 1st place once). The main differences between miha and Victor's builds are Kinsbaile Borderguard over Kithkin Zephyrnaut, and the absence of the uber-expensive (yet immensely strong) Figure of Destiny.

 We find another white aggro deck at the third place, piloted by another white aggro specialist: SBena, here handling the whitest of Knights.


 Another knack of SBena are the artifacts, so a Puresteel Paladin build is really his cup of tea. This deck screams "Stoneforge Mystic was here" at the top of its lungs, but it looks like it can do well even without her. Hero of Bladehold holds the place of scariest girl around, and Mortarpod is often a secret, final weapon you don't see coming. SBena's Knights were beaten by mihahitlor's Kithikin in a final aggro showdown entirely set on flat terrain.

 But enough with aggro, let's dive head first in the world of extreme combo now! And when you say combo, you say Ayanam1 of course, especially if the combo is not one you see often around these parts.


 Remember when Dragonstorm decks used to play a full set of Dragonstorm? Past in Flames makes that not necessary anymore, since you can Intuition the two of them and cast Dragonstorm from the graveyard (with Past in Flames even raising the storm count). This means you will need 13 or 14 mana to go, but apparently it's not an issue with all those Rites of Flame and Seething Songs and Spirit Guides. The other twist of the deck is to use Dragon Spirits over simple Dragons (Bogardan Hellkite? That's so 2006), with Kokusho as the primary goodgaming target (what's this, Kokusho envy from my deck last week?). The deck did its trick three times, but was stopped by SBena's Knights.

 The other crazy combo deck of the week was from another of the current Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, DirtyDuck:


 From a classic Legacy combo like Dragonstorm to another well-known archetype, Cephalid Breakfast. And just like in Ayanam1's case, there's a twist, designed to exploit the Kors, or better the Queen in Exile, Stoneforge Mystic. That's exactly the kind of Stoneforge shenanigan I was thinking of when I was absolutely against making her disappear entirely from the meta. Indeed, which equipment looks more inconspicuous for her to tutor up than Shuko? I mean, how many times we've seen Shuko played at all? And yet, here the lame shuriken is a crucial part of the Cephalid combo, targeting  Cephalid Illusionist again and again in order to self-mill the entire deck, triggering the very elegant win-con created by The Mimeoplasm (brought back by Dread Return via sacrifice of 2 Narcomoebas and the Illusionist himself), copying  Murderous Redcap with some 50 counters courtesy of Lord of Extinction. An endgame where you don't have to wait for a combat phase, or even attack at all, is always safer. And of course, the basic companion piece for the Illusionist was an old-school Kor too: the infinite phantom-damage-redirecting Nomads en-Kor. And if things go south with the combo, the deck can always play like a Stoneforge blade build, strapping Sword of Fire and Ice and Batterskull on apt carriers like Kor Duelist, Looter il-Kor, or Infiltrator il-Kor. Dirty's Cephalid Kors managed to beat other combo decks like Nagarjuna's Splinter Twin Faerie and my own Wall deck. But again, SBena's Order of the White Beating was able to stop it.

 The second deck that stopped me, instead, was a familiar presence throughout Tribal Apocalypse: sadisteck's Zubera combo deck, winner of the Endangered Prize for the sixth time (the third this year alone).


 As I said to sadisteck himself, this deck might become a force to be reckoned with if only that mana base was a bit better: all those tap lands and non-fetchable lands really don't help a 5-color build. But once Lifeline, Fecundity, and a sacrifice outlet are online, the whole Zubera tribe will rock your world like no one else.

 And speaking of alternative prizes, vantar6697 grabbed the Virgin Prize again, this time by bringing Bat to war for the first time:

by vantar6697 - Virgin Prize
4 Vampire Bats
4 Duskhunter Bat
4 Grimclaw Bats
4 Screeching Bat
4 Gloomhunter
3 Skeletal Vampire
23 cards

Other Spells
4 Grave Pact
3 Altar's Reap
3 Tendrils of Corruption
3 Corrupt
1 Black Sun's Zenith
14 cards
23 Swamp
23 cards

Skeletal Vampire


 The Bats themselves do very little other than, well, fly. The sacrifice engine fueling Grave Pact (through Altar's Reap and  Skeletal Vampire, which is a very cool card, by the way, even not considering the flavor) looks somehow interesting, but apparently wasn't enough to make the Chiroptera consistent. Still a good way to see different cards being played, which is the main goal of the whole Virgin business after all.

 And the goal of my renewed Elder challenge was to give 1 tix out of my pocket to whoever would manage to score at least a match with the terrible, terrible Elders. And guess what, apparently third time's the charm:


 Yes! They did it at last! Elders won a match! After GWN and Discorde's attempts, justcanceled brought the result home and conquered the tix, by essentially thinking outside the box and not trying to cast the clunker dragons at all. This actually looks like a very complicate build, where the very risky Nefarious Lich turns Nourishing Shoal into card drawing (by pitching the green Elders), so you can end with enough cards to fuel a huge Sickening Dreams (with Noxious Revival taking it back if needed). Well, what's important is that the Elders got their win, so now they can rest in peace in the Walhalla of the useless junk.

 But my deckbuilding challenge lives on! Let's see what I could sponsor next... What about another flavor of clunky 5-colored dragons with a very narrow subtype?



 The Kirins have some advantage over the Elders: the creatures are mid-range flyers with somehow interesting abilities, and most importantly, they are good-looking and not entirely awful. And yet, they have very poor synergies as a tribe: if you cast Infernal Kirin or Skyfire Kirin after Celestial Kirin, you end up destroying all your team (and hopefully also something from the opponent side!). The only one to always interact nicely with the others is Bounteous Kirin, but it also costs 7. And they have all two colored mana in their costs, therefore the mana base is going to be a nightmare (and you can't go the pitching route like justcanceled did with the Elders, as most of them don't cost too much). So I feel confident to do the challenge again, even if I feel like this time is a bit easier: I'll give 1 tix to the first player who will win a match playing a Kirin deck with no changelings (byes or the opponent dropping before completing a game will not count). I'll probably have to surrender my tix quickly this time, but it's all good because having a Kirin deck in the tournament is cool, and the tribal base is slightly more expensive this time (Elders were $0.05 each, but Celestial Kirin is $0.08 and Infernal Kirin $0.14). Go Eastern Dragons or go home!

  Finally, here's the deck I played this time, and which was meant to bring back the Walls in a non-WallDrazi kind of way.

 I actually like this deck a lot, despite the final score of just 2-2. Doubling Season is one of my favorite cards ever,  and I always try to find excuses to build around it. As far as win conditions for the Walls go, the set of cards I put together have some nice interactions: you can either win by casting a Saproling Burst with Warstorm Surge on the board (extracting all the tokens you'll cause 6+5+4+3+2+1=21 damage); or by doubling the Saproling counters AND tokens; or without the Burst entirely, by having Spawning Pit and Doubling Season, hence creating 2/2 creatures for 1. Plus, Spawning Pit kills Academy Rector, who fetches one of the enchantments. The role of the Walls here is the usual mana ramp (which isn't really needed though, sort of a bluff sometimes, with people thinking they have to kill Overgrown Battlement immediately or Ulamog will come), and especially card drawing. I put Shifting Wall to interact with both Doubling Season and Warstorme Surge, and to have a blocker that can discourage attacks (and also just to use a rarely seen Wall), but on second thought a full set of Wall of Mulch would be better. I beated both fliebana's Cats and milegyenanevem's Vampires (a great match with some difficult plays), and lost to DirtyDuck's Kor-phalid combo, which was faster and more reliable, and to sadisteck's Zuberas. This latter matchup was actually very fun, and saw me lose the decisive game due to this card:

Nullmage Shepherd

 I mean, talk about weird luck: the singleton Nullmage Shepherd sadisteck was running was probably one of the very few cards in the whole tournament able to entirely paralyze my deck. Shame on me for not having a way out which the Shepherd wasn't hosing, but kudos to sadisteck for including her in the deck (and for topdecking her at the right time!).

 Before wrapping up, a note for TrevaWhateva: the Druid deck he was running will be covered in another installment because it kinda anticipates a project of mine which will be discussed... in another installment.



 Two rapid but important announcements. First, I'm adding the nationality to the players' names in the Hall of Fame. I think it's interesting to know the places our Tribal crowd hails from. I've just started to collect the data, so please help me by telling me your country of origin and where you're living (also, check the current list, maybe I got something wrong).

 Second, I want to poll the readers of this article about the Special Week we're having at the beginning of each month, and which is currently Endangered Week alone. If we had to ask Blippy (who, as the Supreme Overlord, always gets the final word) to change that, maybe moving Endangered Week to every other month in order to introduce a second bi-monthly variant, we need to know first if Endangered Week is something you, as players, still like enough. The alternative should be easy to build for every player, and not too gimmicky, but before even thinking of the possibilities, here's a poll with only one question: "Do you like better to keep having Endangered Week every month, or to have it replaced half the times with something different?" Keep in mind that the Endangered Prize would still be a thing in regular weeks (and that's actually more useful to bring diversity to the field on a regular basis, along with the Virgin Prize).

 That's all, see you in the Tribal Room!


I wouldn't mind replacing by mihahitlor at Mon, 04/09/2012 - 12:56
mihahitlor's picture

I wouldn't mind replacing half of the Endangered Weeks with something different if I liked this "something different" better than Endangered Weeks (obviously).

I know you're not asking for more specific opinions yet, but 2HG, while it was interesting to try once, is not something I would like to play on a semi-regular basis (much prefer Endangered Week then). On the other hand, I wouldn't mind occasionally playing a tournament with a different, non-Tribal restriction (like Standard Tribal Wars, BYOS Tribal Wars, Pauper/Silverblack Tribal Wars etc.).

Standard Tribal Wars by SBena at Mon, 04/09/2012 - 13:31
SBena's picture

Replaced half the times with something different

I suggest Standard Tribal Wars

Perhaps fun with the current by JustSin at Mon, 04/09/2012 - 13:37
JustSin's picture

Perhaps fun with the current set since I+D = fun evil tribal, but that also leaves the chance for it to become stale with everyone running the same crits

Kirins huh? I think there by KaraZorEl at Mon, 04/09/2012 - 14:37
KaraZorEl's picture

Kirins huh? I think there might be a way to do this.

A good blog always comes-up by talk at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 00:10
talk's picture

A good blog always comes-up with new and exciting information and while reading I have feel that this blog is really have all those quality that qualify a blog to be a good one

I'm ok with the idea. by BlippyTheSlug at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 02:32
BlippyTheSlug's picture

Standard Tribal Wars would be easy enough; there's a filter.
Pauper, and SilverBlack should be reasonably easy, as well.
Dunno about BYOS, seems like a lot of work for me, validating decklists. I'm a lazy cus.
I'd kind of like to keep "duel" events (like Elves vs Goblins) as "specialty events", Event #75 is coming up...

Standard could be nice, by grapplingfarang at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 02:50
grapplingfarang's picture

Standard could be nice, although would be a whole lot of people playing each of the ISD tribes. Silverblack could be good too. There are a lot of fun uncommon lords in different tribes now.
As someone who plays to much Pauper, I really don't think it would work out into a fun Tribal Event. Goblins are top of the line Pauper deck deck, with Elves and Slivers clearly being the next two most powerful tribes. Some of the other tribes that can be made into a somewhat decent deck are Rats, Faeries, Rogues, Humans, or Rebels. Any of these will get run over by someone just grabbing a tribal list from one of the top few tribes from the event results. It would only multiply the situation of people being sick of Elves and Goblins.

How about Pauper deliberately by AJ_Impy at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 03:05
AJ_Impy's picture

How about Pauper deliberately excluding the three main offenders? Would that be viable?

Yeah, I think it would work a by grapplingfarang at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 06:47
grapplingfarang's picture

Yeah, I think it would work a whole lot better if left out the top three. At that point the closest people could do to a tournament deck is either making mono black rats or mono blue faeries. With having to put in 20 tribal members (tournament rats plays 14 generally and mono blue plays 8 faeries usually) it should weaken these decks enough that can not just have tournament decks put into tribal. Both mono black rats and mono blue aggro also have a lot of their tournament success on beating up combo decks, so I wouldn't be to worried about them running over tribal.

faeries isn't in the top by JustSin at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 07:38
JustSin's picture

faeries isn't in the top three?...

MUC by grapplingfarang at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 08:48
grapplingfarang's picture

MUC/Delver Blue/Faeries is the top deck in the format for sure. The difference is that it doesn't play anywhere close to 20 faeries. The for sure played ones are Cloud of Faeries and Spellstutter Sprite with the very rarely played Pesetermite, and Weatherseed Faeries sometimes in the sideboard. To make it a tribal deck will have to have some junk filler faeries. Goblins, Elves, Slivers would not even have to alter the list.

Ok I'll admit Slivers slipped by JustSin at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 16:02
JustSin's picture

Ok I'll admit Slivers slipped past me on the t3 comment, but I don't think fae is as junk as you believe... it is slowed, but can easily hit into black with teachings and dreamspoilers

Hello by bingobongo at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 07:31
bingobongo's picture

Nice to see tribes still going, makes me sad i sold off my collection

oh well keep up the good work might have to make a new account to play

Ok, I kinda get it fixed by Kumagoro42 at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 14:30
Kumagoro42's picture

Ok, I kinda get that Endangered has become a little boring, like I was thinking.

I (and especially Blippy, I believe) am taking note of the suggestions, but I have to say that applying any of the usual formats (Modern, Standard, Pauper) to Tribal isn't going to be worth it. Modern would be barely different than regular weeks; Standard would make for a tournament where everyone plays the same 2-3 tribes, and this is like the definition of what you DON'T want for a meta to be, if you want it to be fun. The Pauper issues have been noted in the comments, and I don't know if going Pauper and banning all the strong tribes will be conceptually so different than Endangered.

I would like better a unique format restriction. I agree with Blippy that Duel Weeks should be Very Special Events only - they're also hard to build, and what we're talking about here is something that you should be able to easily explain to a new player who comes without reading the announcement. So nothing too arcane, like "you need two decks, one with Angels, one with Demons, and there's a bunch of banned cards".

Actually, the first, very simple, very popular thing that I could think about would be "No Elf no Goblin Week". Maybe with a cool name, and including Human too, to take out the usual suspects every other month.

There's also just singleton (either 100-card or regular) which might be fun.

And I think Fattie Week (which we will have later this year) might turn up as a fun event.

I think singleton is a cool by JustSin at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 16:21
JustSin's picture

I think singleton is a cool idea

I am 100% certain that modern by Paul Leicht at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 22:08
Paul Leicht's picture

I am 100% certain that modern tribal would rule out legacy shoe horns which by itself is worth seeing.

Standard Tribal was never very exciting to me but it does have variety. There are some surprisingly strong decks you can build with tribes other than Myr, Elves and Goblins in the format. Unfortunately that doesn't make the format less boring. just saying its not as homogenous as you'd think.

Pauper seems like an invitation to sharks far and wide. Chum is in the waters! Feeding time!

100 card Singleton Tribal wars was something I suggested way back and was poopoohed for the reasons you state about standard (not enough variety, etc since you have to play with at least 34 creatures of the same tribe. 60 card singleton would be similar if only 2/3 as rough to find tribes for.) That said I am game. It seems like a reasonable stricture if you are hoping to make a fun event. Keeping mind that NO event worth prizes will be "Just For Fun."

If you want ideas for unique weeks you could check out the insanely long chaos edh thread in the forums. Every week (except the first which is pauper commander) is a new stricture. Usually only used once or as a holiday special and then discard. Plenty of fodder for creative minds.

I expect a lot of show and tell/sneak attack Emrakul style decks (even if Emrakul remains banned for it)) in the fatties event. Unless you make specific rules banning certain cheats (mana walls, elves, sneak attack, show and tell, vial, living death/end etc.) In which case it might be fun or it might not. Might be better to create a very specific list of tribes allowed.

You nailed what Pauper Tribal by Kumagoro42 at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 04:11
Kumagoro42's picture

You nailed what Pauper Tribal would be, especially with the current set of players (which, don't get me wrong, are truly great, but sure most of them aren't guys with the "Just for Fun" mindset. These days you don't find Just for Fun decks in the Just for Fun room too, so go figure).

I'm writing down the article with my proposals now, and sure for Fattie Week there will be a list of tribes, and specific banned cards to add to the current bannings (so, the Trifecta of Doom will still have to watch the event from the bench).

I'd prefer not to steal (err, borrow) anything from Chaos. Like you said, they also tend to be ideas more suitable for once-in-a-lifetime Very Special Events than for a recurring, established thing.

the build for the elder deck by Im_a_pretty_flower at Tue, 04/10/2012 - 19:24
Im_a_pretty_flower's picture

the build for the elder deck is pretty awesome. i admire players with really awesome creativity. you should have given him a bit more kudos for that build since it was your challenge. perhaps a little more attention should be payed next time if your to keep issuing challenges. its a bit more entertaining to me, and i'm sure a few others than someone's take on dragonstorm/cephalid breakfast etc.

Hey, I paid 1 tix to the guy! by Kumagoro42 at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 04:16
Kumagoro42's picture

Hey, I paid 1 tix to the guy! :)

It's still a slightly overcomplicated build that in the end doesn't really work (it managed to win just once), but sure it's great. We had 3 different builds with Elders, and Elder again the following week, so I'm very happy with this. Hope to see good Kirin decks now. They deserve the love more than any clunker from Legends (which, all in all, is one of the worst sets Wizards ever made).

congrats by Im_a_pretty_flower at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 13:13
Im_a_pretty_flower's picture

what a unique yet unsurprising response. i love boys that float away strung to their own opinions :) good luck with your next challenge

Your point such as it is was by Paul Leicht at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 14:52
Paul Leicht's picture

Your point such as it is was made in the first post. Was it really necessary to troll further? Seems that "boys that are stuck to their own opinions" aren't the only things that float away around here. Oh and really? You expected your pithy statement to elicit an unpredictable response? Really? Go away.

Dear Paul by Im_a_pretty_flower at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 15:20
Im_a_pretty_flower's picture

its cute of you to defend him and respond to my "pithy" statment. i don't believe i referred to you in my reply, correct me for i may already have forgotten. i didn't attack him in the first statement. merely gave my own opinion and hinted at what i like. his response was a shot at the effectiveness of the elder deck which he had stated only needed to win once. for him scoff at the guy that won his challenge is childish. and please do forgive me for allowing him more credit than was due.
you hypocritically jump into our discussion. i don't know you nor do i care for your side remarks. your trolling/pitiful attempt to side me away is at best laughable. go find another hobby, or better yet go play some mtgo. ie u and your bs please do "Go away."

Uhhh... by BlippyTheSlug at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 15:32
BlippyTheSlug's picture

Can I put you in a vase and sniff your head?

lol yes you may. sorry i by Im_a_pretty_flower at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 15:40
Im_a_pretty_flower's picture

lol yes you may. sorry i shouldnt have let them get me worked up :/ i promise no more mean responses even after they say w/e it is lol :)

Lol. Not sure who "U" is but by Paul Leicht at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 16:23
Paul Leicht's picture

Lol. Not sure who "U" is but I'll let them know. Meantime nope I'm here to stay. As far as "hypocritically" jumping into a public discussion...yeah OK :) So what part of public didn't get your attention? If you wanted to discuss this privately you could have talked to Kumagoro in client. You made a comment on a commonly frequented site knowing that people would read it so you must have expected others to comment too. Did you expect us all to agree with you? Sorry I'll work on that for next time. :p

Kuma isn't perfect by any means. He can be a smart ass for sure and his comments aren't always on the mark but I don't think he deserved to be attacked for responding to yours. As far as your claim that you were not attacking him...you down rated his article to a 1 which is your prerogative but shows your intent pretty clearly.

On topic: He did pay out a ticket out of pocket which I think entitles him to his opinion in the matter. Sure creativity is often overlooked in the Apocalypse event and people don't necessarily give it enough kudos but a bad deck is bad. If you liked it why not actually tell us what's so great about it?

I am pretty certain a good creative deck would have received far more accolades. Personally I don't expect a good creative deck to show up for Elder Dragons. They are 7cmc with high upkeep costs. But if one did you can bet people would be cheering for it. Just because someone used an awkward funny johnny approach to it does not make it worthy of praise. The litmus for this article series is success.

of course discussion is fine by Im_a_pretty_flower at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 17:28
Im_a_pretty_flower's picture

of course discussion is fine and expected in a public forum, but in all fairness it was obvious i was talking to him alone and stated they were my own assertions(*down rated to grab his attention). not to sound cold but, i believe i maintained a level of apathy toward everyone else. i don't personally know him well enough to generate any actual hatred. my more direct comments weren't made until you chimed in.

i was applauding the decks creativity... not the deck itself. perhaps that wasn't clear. i agree, a good creative deck should receive more praise. but his reply seemed a bit dismissive toward the accomplishment of the player that fulfilled *his challenge - even if not to the fullest expectations. as far as elders go, its obviously somewhat difficult to win even once. having 20 8cmc w/ high upkeep can't be conducive to much of anything other than losing... success takes on different definitions with the various players profiles. some players would deem winning at all a success.

I agree that he could have by Paul Leicht at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 18:30
Paul Leicht's picture

I agree that he could have been less dismissive. I am betting though that Kuma has a good reason for not being so. He is not a mean person typically. Also I think it was a little disappointing to him and others.

The reward is certainly encouragement for further Johnny attempts to meet the challenges regardless of acclamation though.

My apologies if you felt I was interfering in a private conversation. The way THIS community tends to work is everyone chimes in where they think it appropriate. Again if you really wanted a private conversation pming was an option.

The question I have for YOU is: Are you creative enough to win with Kirin? If so Kuma has a ticket for you regardless of whether he likes your build or not.

:) by Im_a_pretty_flower at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 20:24
Im_a_pretty_flower's picture

lol. k fair enough. if I have time I may give it a whirl just so I can dance around with the coveted prize :)

Was I smartass when I called by Kumagoro42 at Fri, 04/13/2012 - 05:37
Kumagoro42's picture

Was I smartass when I called you jackass? :P

This is rhetorical right? by Paul Leicht at Wed, 04/18/2012 - 21:48
Paul Leicht's picture

This is rhetorical right?

Sorry, I read this "unique" by Kumagoro42 at Fri, 04/13/2012 - 06:50
Kumagoro42's picture

Sorry, I read this "unique" chain of replies only now. And apologies, I answered your original statement lightheartedly, naively thinking that your comment was just a harmless remark. Instead, it apparently hints at a crucial part of your entire life, something you will stand for against the bad guys like me, that never acknowledge creativity because, yeah, who cares, right? Sure, that's exactly me.

I kindly invite you to take your medications (it can be dangerous to stay off of them for too long, you know? You can think it's normal to do all those replies violently fighting with different people because an Elder deck wasn't exalted like you think it should, but no, it's not normal, it's the path to be banned for trolling) then re-read my original answer. You will notice:

- a smile where I say that I paid 1 tix to the guy
- the part where I say "but sure it's great": I reckon these are ambiguous words, but in their obscurity they were intended to convey a positive meaning
- the part where I give a technical reason why, WHILE GREAT, the build has IN MY OPINION its fault in the overcomplicated nature of its battleplan, which is the reason why I didn't write an epic poem to celebrate it.

I could also add that using an entire tribal base only as pitching fuel is something other commenters (yet not me) would see in a negative light, as it's a way AROUND the tribal format. AJ_Impy could challenge you to a public showdown for less. And I confess I would have liked better a build where the Elders were actually put onto the battlefield (like the other Elder builds attempted to do), as my inner Timmy would have loved to see a win via Nicol Bolas attacking rather than being exiled.
Plus, you can keep the same shell and replace the Elders with any kind of green fatties, and the deck would work in the same exact way. Or actually better, since Nicol Bolas and Chromium are 8 cards only used to pitch for a singleton Soul Spike, which is hardly fundamental. So, that's not really a build that exploits the Elders, it's a build that makes do with the Elders.
Moreso, do you really think the Nefarious Lich/Sickening Dreams combo was new and not already known? Well, google it and think again.

Is that non-dismissive enough for you? Or is it still bad behaviour because it doesn't agree with you?

You know, justcanceled is a great guy, we had some good laughs when I gave him the tix and he showed me his "Elder collection". I was happy to leave it as a nice accomplishment, which still is, without digging deeper into the reasons why it doesn't deserve three trumpet blasts and a 21-gun salute (like most of our decks as well, for different reasons; but I'm not here to bash on the players, I'm here to encourage them). You forced me to write them. Good job.

:) by Im_a_pretty_flower at Fri, 04/13/2012 - 12:15
Im_a_pretty_flower's picture


Pauper tribal would be great. by victorBike at Wed, 04/11/2012 - 06:44
victorBike's picture

Pauper tribal would be great, limiting some tribes as goblins.

I think the special week by milegyenanevem at Thu, 04/12/2012 - 18:08
milegyenanevem's picture

I think the special week doesn't have to be decided immediately. Maybe endangered week in one month, trying one of these suggestions the other month.

My suggestion is: double tribal. That is, the 20 creatures have two share two creature types, like goblin warrior or zubera spirit.

Hey :) I remember proposing by Paul Leicht at Thu, 04/12/2012 - 20:45
Paul Leicht's picture

Hey :) I remember proposing that last year! :) Oh wait no my idea was a double sized deck (120 cards) with 40 minimum creatures 20 each of 2 different tribes.

Not sure if 20 double type creatures is all that different from what we now but :), could still be interesting.

Both these ideas look nice. by Kumagoro42 at Fri, 04/13/2012 - 06:54
Kumagoro42's picture

Both these ideas look nice. Yours is really a double tribal, two decks together! I think this is definitely going to be a real thing for a Very Special Event down the line. As a bi-monthly thing, it might be too exotic. (EDIT: But the more I think of it, the more I love the idea of two tribal decks muddled together!)

20 double-type creatures can give birth to some of the same decks (Elves definitely, most builds are already legal for that; and the same for Wizard or Knight, which are already likely to feature 20 Humans in there). But it's worth of further study. Maybe with some banned types.

Too bad I couldn't finish the new article in time to be submitted today, so it's all postponed to next week. :/

Sure, we're talking about by Kumagoro42 at Fri, 04/13/2012 - 05:34
Kumagoro42's picture

Sure, we're talking about something that Blippy might approve (or not) months from now, if not the next year entirely (but I think the sheer number of comments welcoming a change will speed up the process).

Also, the idea wasn't to ditch Endangered entirely (even if I have an idea to transform its current ruling for the better as well), but to replace it half the times, i.e. every other month.

If it's not too complicated for Blippy or too confusing for the occasional player, the ideal solution would be to start rotating 3 or 4 different variants on a monthly basis, maybe with Endangered recurring every other month, and the other variants taking turns when Endangered is in the off-month. But they still have to be variants easy to understand and build for the casual player even at the last minute (so, not Heirloom; and also not something that says "you must have a planeswalker set in the deck", because it would be elitist), not too banal but also not gimmicky for the sake of a gimmick. They should make sense in describing different aspects of the tribal world.

I'd have to imagine there by JustSin at Fri, 04/13/2012 - 08:18
JustSin's picture

I'd have to imagine there would be very very few tribes that would fit that limitation