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By: country hillbilly, Zach Whitten
Dec 01 2011 5:56am
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 Drafting With a Hick - Innistrad 7-10

Ok, I am 31 years old and this is getting ridiculous.  In the past I could slack on something (like say, writing an article series?!) and time would not be as all-consuming as it seems to be now.  It has been far too long since my last article, and before we get going too fast I want everyone who was aggravated by my "land zooming disco" (Copyright Thisismich circa 2011) to check out draft #7.  It was my purest attempt at laying off my laptop mouse and relaxing and having a good draft, and I think it went pretty well.  The later drafts?  Well, I think I did better, but that is self-critiquing, and that is not my forte....

First let's discuss something really important, Modern Warfare 3 anyone?

I LOVE this freaking game.  My son and I are rocking with Prestige 2 Level 55 at the moment.  On a side-note - the icon for 2nd Prestige might be my favorite in the entire Call of Duty series.

Ok, back to Magic...

So last time I left you guys we had done 6 Innistrad drafts, and I felt NO more comfortable with the format than I was on day one (aside from knowing the cards...).  This week we had two major developments: is back (YAY) and I worked vigorously on stopping land zooming.  Let's hop right into the draftssssssss!

Innistrad Draft #7 RareDraft

EDIT - I just noticed the embed function is wonky still, so in the hopes it comes back, I will leave them embedded but also link you to the ACTUAL raredraft

YouTube Draft

Round One

Round Two

Round Three


Innistrad Draft #8 RareDraft

YouTube Draft

Round One

Round Two

Round Three


Innistrad Draft #9 RareDraft

YouTube Draft


Round One


Round Two


Round Three


Innistrad Draft #10 RareDraft

YouTube Draft

Round One

Round Two

Round Three


So yea, I am definitely still a novice with this set....  I can say I had a lot of fun and FINALLY cracked a money card in draft 10 (really?  30 Packs before one money Mythic???!!).  I apologize for the lack of text and explanations here but putting this article together has been a monumental task.  Please feel free to rip my play and my picks in the below comments.  Love you guys and I hope to see you soon....






COD6MW3 FTW by Alternate at Thu, 12/01/2011 - 15:17
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Thanks to Battlefield 3 I was screwed up on the controls and speed, and therefor my K/D is only 2.37. And I am only level 1 prestige. But the ACR 6.8 is the new best gun ever.

And get an Osprey Gunner. It's f-ing insane.

Hey Alternate - Thx for by country hillbilly at Thu, 12/01/2011 - 19:59
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Hey Alternate -

Thx for comment as always :D

HOW can you play BF? The whole game feels like your feet are stuck in marshmallows!!!

ACR is def tits, but I personally like the Type95. Gun is straight beasty!

Man, you need to perk up. by Alternate at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 16:51
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Type 95 is a very good gun, but it's not for my style. I like to run head first into the action and you can't do that with a semi-auto gun. Although the 60 bullets in the ACR is very hindering and causes me to usually go 3:1 in games because I run out of bullets and run head first into a guy sitting in a line of grass for the past 30 minutes.

And I got Battlefield because it was supposedly the "greatest game ever" and "a new call". It was supposed to be better than MW3 and so I bought it. I sold it back to gamestop though and got like $35 in credit and then bought it. But I waited in line for an hour just for that damn game.

But bro, you need to relax during drafting. I have never heard someone who is so depressed playing the game. I like to spice things up by playing MW3, playing mill decks, etc.. And you need to play something other than Swiss. Swiss is like putting a noob tube on a gun with scavenger, and with a rating of 1800+ that you have, you should be playing 8-4's.

Bro, check you my youtube (I'm not promoting it) I just want to show you how to "enjoy" yourself a little more while playing. You sound so sad, it makes me want to buy you a puppy or something. It's TERROl2BradCarter (Lower Case L), but I play music, make fun of the other player, talk about how big the hole is between Ms Kardashian's leg's are, talk about how much the opponent sucks, watch sports, etc.. I think you should enjoy yourself more, and take this a little less seriously.

**I guess I'm not the bad guy like everyone thinks I am... You hear that Josh and Whiffy? I'm a nice guy, just don't make my K/D go below 2.5 or I will kill you for realizies.

I hate double posting, sorry. by Alternate at Fri, 12/02/2011 - 16:56
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I hate double posting, sorry.

But new patch is coming out to help with the horrible hit detection currently in the game. It is going to be a massive patch, so it won't be out for a while, but I shouldn't need 4 hit markers on a b!tch with a type 95 and then he gets up, turns around and shoots me once in the head.

I watched draft #7 and I by PiDave at Thu, 12/01/2011 - 16:41
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I watched draft #7 and I think you're doing great! Nice deck and especially nice Mountain streaks. You seem to draw them like a champ! ;-D Seriously, I'll be watching the rest in a few days, maybe I'll drop another comment or two. Take care and keep'em coming! :-)

You are the man Dave, thanks by country hillbilly at Thu, 12/01/2011 - 20:01
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You are the man Dave, thanks a million for the kind words and 5 fireballs!

My mountain drawing is def second to none :D Again you are the master crafter of articles here (IMO) - so any props from you are props indeed. Muchhhh appreciated!


Don't know why people don't by A_New_Hope at Sat, 12/03/2011 - 15:48
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Don't know why people don't like ghoulraiser more. If he's your only zombie with alter's reap or skirsdag cultist you can put his trigger on the stack and then sac him returning himself. I have won drafts with monoblack or near monoblack in the format. It's a deck that needs a good amount of removal but since you already had that I don't see the makeshift mauler pick as being a good one over the ghoul. You can warp a draft pretty well by cutting all the black payables (since there are only a few black cards people really want to play if theyre not already heavy black) giving you increasing returns pack 2 and 3. Just my 2 cents there. Blue looks better than it is in the format imo in any case.

I didn't say it was high by A_New_Hope at Sat, 12/03/2011 - 16:44
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I didn't say it was high variance because of bombs I said it was high variance because of the synergies. This seems counter-intuitive but if you think about it it's really not. Ordinarily you can have a super high chance of losing in any format from mana issues or too much or too little. Here if you are playing any of the graveyard matters decks it's often like you're running a 4 color deck that needs all 4 colors. Draw both colors in good amount and enablers only, you probably lose, draw good on land and no enablers, you probably lose. Stumble on early turns with any deck vs werewolves, they flip you die. Play werewolves vs someone who can keep them from flipping or flip them back, you die. God draws in black red, green white and blue white beat almost any draw. Rock paper scissors matches. Play vs the strong control deck is sometimes like 20/80 odds against your aggro deck. Play the control deck and face the ghoulraiser chain or the mill deck and if you can't tempo them out (which means youre playing tempo and not control anyway) and you lose 80/20. Go all in on drafting a strategy that looks open only to have it dry up, probably lose to anyone with a decent deck. Play vs the guy who went all in and got what he needed, you probably just lose. I could go on lol. Other formats I have not noticed to have nearly the frequency of these issues.

Lower variance in limited formats comes from more combinations of opening hands and later draws being viable without absurd advantage surges from your opponent's mini-comboes going off. IT makes the format seem fun though which is what Wizards wants. It's perfectly designed from a sales perspective.

First off, GO GEORGIA. If you by Alternate at Sat, 12/03/2011 - 19:24
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First off, GO GEORGIA. If you are a fan of sports you better be praying to whatever god is fashionable at the moment that Georgia beat's LSU so the BCS crumbles to pieces.

Second, this format is fun. This is the most fun I have had drafting since I quit over a decade ago.

The bombs are mostly common, so there is a high amount of them, and it really comes down to skill, because yes, you can win with mono-black, but you can also lose to Bloodcrazed Neonate (Neonate means young child or baby btw) or Caravan Vigil, or Makeshift Mauler, or even Gnaw to the Bone. I once had a guy go up to 50 life with that damn card.

The rare bombs aren't bombs in the limited sense. I mean Geist of Tramp Stamp is terrible in drafts unless you figure out a way of using it correctly. Snappy the Snapcasting Mage is 'ok' but just that in limited. Lilliana loses in drafts to Midnight Haunting. Even Bloodgrift Demon gets killed by a lot of commons.

The only "broken" bombs are Gavonry Township, but there are commons that can get rid of it, even though they are overlooked or into the maw of hell if you are playing red. Curse of Deaths Hold is a great limited card, but it dies to the Fox, Urgent Exorcism, or Naturalize. Even Paralescence (I spelled that wrong) if you get passed one really late. Angelic Overseer is insane in limited, but make a poor move and it loses it's invincibility. And Bloodline Keeper is a good card, but people are scared to attack with it so they use it to make 2/2 flyers which could lead to you having the time to get something to kill it.

The only rares that scare me are Grim Grim, Garruk, or Blasphemous Act if your opponent is smart or has Rage Thrower/Black Vampire that lets you gain life and lose life (I forget names). Oh and Olivia is good, but if you are playing WG, don't take Olivia and start taking Red Black. I did that twice, won split an 8-4 once and lost in the first round of another.

This isn't anything like SOM block where if your opponent had a card like the flyer that gives counters, or the Contagion Engine. And if your opponent has Wurmcoil Engine, sword, or (Baby)BatterSkull, ugh.

The only downside to ISD is the lack of money cards. So many of the rares are worth very little or nothing, regardless of how good. Even the mythics are cheap. Olivia had a quick run. Snappy, if he was Mythic would be worth $5,000, but he is a rare and will be around $7 sooner than later, and then will keep dropping because the market is flooded with them.

But you are right, Black was overlooked early. I mean in a set based on Supernatural, you would think Black would be better. But people are starting to come around, but the removal gets thrown out the window if you play zombies or vampires or your opponent has Werewolves.

As far as your rebuttal to my by A_New_Hope at Sat, 12/03/2011 - 20:34
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As far as your rebuttal to my comments goes I'm really wondering if you read what I wrote. I specifically said that bombs were not the issue with the format. If anything bombs are much less of an issue than any set from the last 5 years.

Round 2 in response to by greyes3 at Sat, 12/03/2011 - 22:29
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Round 2 in response to Villager you should have cast the Tribute. Stormkirk would have gotten in for a counter since Bell-Ringer can't block it, and you wouldn't have thrown away your guy.

Tilt by tdoggy1 at Sun, 12/04/2011 - 04:01
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Hi, first I want to thank you for taking the time to put up all this content.
You've asked for constructive criticism, so here's mine. I think your results will be better if you don't react so negatively when things go against you. A glaring example of this was round 3 game 1 with your GW deck (nicely drafted btw). Right at the end the game was coming down to the wire and he played a snapcaster and flashed back his devils play. He then followed up with a murder of crows and you just seemed to lose focus, complaining of bad luck. You rightly attacked with your equiped orchard spirit but then failed to pump him and save him with moment of heroism. This would have taken you to 10 life and left you with basically a 4 power flyer. Absorb 1 hit from the thraben use your fiend hunter to chump his last hit and the game was yours.

Like Alternate said "Lighten up" roll with the punches, people will draft good cards and you will lose to them sometimes, but don't tilt when someone gets a good topdeck and throw away a winnable game.

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the next installation.