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By: country hillbilly, Zach Whitten
Oct 13 2011 12:17pm
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Drafting With a Hick - Ravnicazzzz 

Hola amigos!  This week I want to go through the last two drafts I participated in.  My drafting history goes back a bit, but the first sets where I really got into drafting were during Lorwyn and Morningtide.  These sets were great fun and I enjoyed participating and really just learning how to draft with them.  I also think triple Morningtide was just a brokenzzz draft format, but I digress.

I never did get a chance to participate in Ravnica block, and I regret it to this day.  Everyone still talks about it as if it were the best thing since sliced bread.  I figured with the 15 ticket drafts (I think it was 15) that it was worth it for me to hop in a few queues, so that is just what I did.

I am sure you guys (& gals) will find inconsistencies with the picks, and some glaring missed picks, but I feel like both drafts went pretty well.  Please be gentle with the comments, I can take criticism but do it the right way. 

Anyway, here are the drafts, in all of their unadulterated glory!

Draft #1 - First EVER Rav Block Draft

RareDraft Format 

 For teh YouTubezz

 Round One


That, my friends, is known as a lesson in humility.  I win game one, get confident, then summarily get my tail whooped.  Whatever!  I queue it right back up the next night.  Let's check that out now!

RareDraft Format


YouTube Draft


Round One


Round Two


Round Three

Seems like a marked improvement from the first, and I will be honest; it WAS a lot of fun!  I cannot wait until RGD is back, I will be jumping into the queues quick style.

Next week I plan to get back in the flow a bit and give some new draft vids, hopefully current stuff.  ;) As always I appreciate any comments/criticism/feedback!

Thanks for stopping by guys!