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By: MysticLancer, Lance Cothern
Apr 09 2007 7:02pm
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Drafting with MysticLancer: 999 - Take 2
            Welcome to the second installment of Drafting with MysticLancer! I've received a lot of good advice from my first article that I'm going to try to incorporate into this one. First off, I am not an expert drafter... yet! Some say this column should be called "How Not To Draft 999" and if you look at my original picks, I completely agree. However, the point of my articles at this point are to point out MY mistakes so YOU don't make them. I then make revisions, or corrections, to my picks and say what I should have done by analyzing the pack and discussing some of the better cards. I then try to make some general lessons to remember how not to make the mistakes I made. I have changed a bit of my format, I now have cahgned "My Pick" to "My Original Pick" which what I picked when I was actually in the draft. Below that I have added "My Revised Pick" which is what I picked when I was writing this article. I've learned a lot from this, and you can too. Now, on to this week's article!
            So, why did I decide to start drafting? This is an important question that can be answered in a few ways. First, I got sick of constructed, especially standard which was pretty much all I could afford without learning the Time Spiral Block Constructed meta(which I hear is a blast by the way). I wanted to learn something new, and drafting was pretty new to me. I thought it would be fun, but I knew it wasn't going to be cheap so I had to figure out some of the basics of drafting. Well after talking to a few good drafters I figured out some general ideas about the format, but there was another reason I decided to start drafting. I recently started a project in which I am trying to collect for myself four of each common on MTGO, I call this my Common Playset Collection Project. I thought about it for a second, and realized drafting would be a great way to get my collection going! Why rip open packs when you can pay two extra tix for a chance at winning more packs while having a lot of fun learning a new format. You even get to pick which cards you wanted. Well, you shouldn't ever pick bad cards in a draft, but over time you can accumulate quite a nice collection. Time for our first lesson in draft basics.
How should I pick cards?
            I really wish there was a simple order what cards you take when, but nothing is ever that simple. However there is simple a general rule of what order you should generally take different types of cards in. I'm going try to explain this basic order to you right now. First, there are five categories of cards you can pick and this is the order in which you should take them, bombs, removal, evasion, anything else that is playable, and unplayable cards. This is a general list, and does not include every type of card there, as it would take away from the simplicity I am trying to keep here which should help you to actually remember it when drafting.
            First you take bombs. What exactly are bombs? They are cards that when they hit the board they are going to make a huge effect in the game, if they don't win you the game. Some examples of bombs in 999 are Wrath of God, Mahamoti Djinn, Shivan Dragon, Worship, Ancient Silverback, and Loxodon Warhammer. There are more than just these, but they help you to get the idea of what a bomb is.
            The next type of card you want to take is removal. Removal is pretty self explanatory, it removes threats (mostly creatures) from the board. Why do you want removal? Because it will help you keep control of the board and take care of those threats that you can't deal with any other way, or those threats that are about to cost you the game. Here are some examples of removal: Dark Banishing, Volcanic Hammer, Pyroclasm, Pacifism, Wrath of God, Enfeeblement, Nekrataal, Flame Wave, you get the idea.
             The next type of card you want to pick is evasion. Evasion are cards that either evade or help you evade your enemy's forces and deal damage to your opponent. The most notable type of evasion are fliers, which are mostly found in white and blue such as Azure Drake and Leonin Skyhunter. Another type of evasion are those pesky fear cards. These are evasion because they can only be blocked by black or artifact creatures, and if you opponent doesn't have any you are in business. Some examples here are Gluttonous Zombie and Razortooth Rats. Other types of evasion include landwalk creatures (like River Bear) and creatures with shadow, which do not exist in 9th edition.
            Now were down to the "anything else that is playable" category. There are a lot of cards in this category. Generally they are cards that are decent in limited and definately have the potential to make your deck. They're not great but they definately help you win games. Some examples of playable cards that don't fit into previous categories are Elvish Warrior, Infantry Veteran, Soul Warden, Horned Turtle, Naturalize, Persecute and many, MANY, more.
            Finally we are on to the last dreaded category of unplayble cards. How do you distinguish a unplayable card from a playable one? Generally they are bad creature enchantments, vanilla creatures that cost too much (or are too small), bad spell cards that just won't do anything helpful in limited games, or creatures with just plain bad abilities. Examples of unplayble cards are Holy Day, Raging Goblin, Holy Strength, Fear, Flight, Unholy Strength, Sea's Claim, Annex, Battle of Wits, Elvish Berserker, Howling Mine, Reflexes, Blood Moon and the list goes on for quite a while. Hopefully this will help you out in your next draft... but for now lets move on. Time for my next 999 draft!

Note: In the new section I added on each pick called My Revised Pick: these picks would not likely be the same. I would have been passing different cards and people around me would have been taking different cards, although it helps learn what the best cards in each pack are (either in the whole pack, or just my colors) the cards I got passed would not have been the same. Another important thing to note is that this draft is from before I began writing articles, and I had not learned these rules yet. So my original picks in no way represent what I should have picked in many cases as I have learned a lot since then. My next article will also be on a draft I did before I began writing but my fourth article will be on a draft I plan to do in the near future.
Pack 1:

Pick 1

My Original Pick: Spirit Link

My Revised Pick: Pyroclasm

Spirit Link was not the card to take here. Pyroclasm is really good and probably should have been my pick as it is mass removal. Volcanic Hammer is also good as is Story Circle This was a hard pick, but it definately should NOT have been Spirit Link


Pick 2

My Original Pick: Pegasus Charger

My Revised Pick: Guerrilla Tactics

Pegasus Charger is good evasion, but Guerrilla Tactics is good removal. Removal should almost always be taken over evasion. This was another bad pick on my part.

Pick 3

My Original Pick: Enfeeblement

My Revised Pick: Hill Giant

Enfeeblement is good removal, however I have used my first two picks to take removal so I might not want to take more at this point. Counsel of the Soratami is a good card drawer, and Hill Giant is a nice bigger red creature. I'm going to take the Hill Giant here to stay in red, although Levitation is strong, if it gets destoryed I could be in for big trouble.

Pick 4

My Original Pick: Glory Seeker

My Revised Pick: Fellwar Stone

Fellwar Stone is the best card in this pack and I should have taken it. Giant Growth is also good, but the stone can really help me out in a bind. Glory Seeker was just a 2/2 vanilla creature taht should not have been considered with everything else in this pack.

Pick 5

My Original Pick: Gravedigger

My Revised Pick: Gravedigger

Gravedigger was a good choice in this pack. Other good cards include Flowstone Shambler, Looming Shade, and Kavu Climber.

Pick 6

My Original Pick: Looming Shade

My Revised Pick: Aven Windreader

In this pack I should have taken Aven Windreader as it definately should not have gotten this low in the pick order. Either there were other better blue cards in this pack or I might want to think about playing blue myself.

Pick 7

My Original Pick: Phyrexian Hulk

My Revised Pick: Phyrexian Hulk

This pick was between Mana Leak and Phyrexian Hulk. Either one of them would have been a good pick.

Pick 8

My Original Pick: Plague Beetle

My Revised Pick: Lava Axe

I probably should have picked (Counsel of the Soratomi) both times, but I decided to stay red and go with the Lava Axe for my revised draft.


Pick 9

My Original Pick: Hollow Dogs

My Revised Pick: Hollow Dogs

Either Hollow Dogs or Highway Robber would have been good here.

Pick 10

My Original Pick: Contaminated Bond

My Revised Pick: Rogue Kavu

I probably should have taken Rogue Kavu here as Contaminated Bond generally should not be played.

Pick 11

My Original Pick: Angelic Blessing

My Revised Pick: Crafty Pathmage

Nothing really playable, should have probably taken Crafty Pathmage

Pick 12

My Original Pick: Megrim

My Revised Pick: Rogue Kavu

Should have picked the Rogue Kavu here as it is playable.

Pick 13

My Original Pick: Ley Druid

My Revised Pick: Ley Druid

I think the Island would have been the best pick here, however, an uncommon is worth more, so I picked Ley Druid

Pick 14

My Original Pick: Tanglebloom

My Revised Pick: Tanglebloom

See pick 13


Pick 15

My Original Pick: Island

My Revised Pick: Island

I finally got to pick the Island I wanted so badly.

Summary of Pack 1:
Well, I'm forcing white and black here although it is very clear I should be in red because of all the removal I am getting, and green is looking pretty good at this point too. Forcing colors when there are better colors available is one of the lessons I will be talking about after the draft.
Pack 2:

Pick 16

My Original Pick: Blessed Orator

My Revised Pick: Volcanic Hammer

Here I should have taken the Volcanic Hammer. Puppeteer is also good in this pack. However I was forcing black and white simply because I liked how last draft worked out... Don't do that.

Pick 17

My Original Pick: Crossbow Infantry

My Revised Pick: Giant Growth

This pack has a lot of good green cards and a couple decent red cards. Giant Growth probably should have been my pick here, but River Bear is a really good pick as well. In red we have both Hill Giant and Lightning Elemental which are both very playable.


Pick 18

My Original Pick: Veteran Cavalier

My Revised Pick: Anaconda

Missing two cards here, luckily one of them is a land and the other most likely is a common.  Knowing that I should be drafting red and green, Anaconda is definately the best choice here. Some other good cards here are Sift, Gravedigger and Veteran Cavalier.

Pick 19

My Original Pick: Pacifism

My Revised Pick: Hunted Wumpus

Pacifism was the best when I was unfortunately forcing black and white, but now that I've decided to go green and red in hindsight, I would take the Hunted Wumpus. There are lots of good green cards in the pack so I'm feeling good about green right now. Both Rootwalla and Llanowar Elves are good here too.



Pick 20

My Original Pick: Highway Robber

My Revised Pick: Viashino Sandstalker

This pack has no good green, but has a couple good red spells. Viashino Sandstalker is a nice card and is what I would take this pick.

Pick 21

My Original Pick: Unholy Strength

My Revised Pick: Goblin Chariot

Unholy Strength should not be picked until the trashman comes in the later packs. However, there were a couple good cards for my colors here. Scaled Wurm is a nice and big creature, although expensive it is good late game. Goblin Chariot is fast because it has haste and I have a feeling I would need a fast deck so I would choose Goblin Chariot


Pick 22

My Original Pick: Foul Imp

My Revised Pick: Whip Sergeant

Nothing amazing in this pack for me, but the guy who gives haste might be nice, so I'm taking the Whip Sergeant

Pick 23

My Original Pick: Skyhunter Prowler

My Revised Pick: Goblin Sky Raider

The best card for my colors in this pack would be Goblin Sky Raider and it definately doesn't hurt to pick a flier in red and green deck. However on my third look at this pick I should have taken the (Razortooh Rats) in both picks... however the deck is already built. Looks like I made a mistake twice on this one. The fear is the great part on this card I would have wanted for black and white, and not wanted my opponent to have against my newer green and red deck.


Pick 24

My Original Pick: Hollow Dogs

My Revised Pick: Goblin Brigand

Here we only have Goblin Brigand in our colors, while not an amazing card, it could be playable so I'll take it.

Pick 25

My Original Pick: Demystify

My Revised Pick: Tree Monkey

Here we have Tree Monkey and Elvish Berserker in our colors and neither one is really playable, however Tree Monkey could help out if my opponent has lots of fliers.


Pick 26

My Original Pick: Mind Rot

My Revised Pick: Raging Goblin

Raging Goblin not playable really, but is in our colors so I'd take it just in case.

Pick 27

My Original Pick: Lightning Elemental

My Revised Pick: Lightning Elemental

My pick here is actually right! I don't know how Lightning Elemental made it this far down, but hey I'll take it for sure!


Pick 28

My Original Pick: Sacred Nectar

My Revised Pick: Sacred Nectar

Nothing in our colors, and nothing good, pick what you want.

Pick 29

My Original Pick: Goblin Brigand

My Revised Pick: Goblin Brigand

Another good call on my part. I don't know how I got this one right.

Pick 30

My Original Pick: Sea's Claim

My Revised Pick: Sea's Claim

Don't you love the last pick? There are just so many decisions to be made... Do I take the Sea's Claim, or do I let MTGO randomly pick a card from the pack for me... decisions decisions.

Summary of Pack 2:
In my original picks I am still forcing black and white when I had so many better red and green cards passed to me. I'm glad in my review I decided to go this way as it looks like red and green will be one of the best decks I could have made from this draft. Hopefully we'll get some more good cards in the next pack!
Pack 3:

Pick 31

My Original Pick: Pacifism

My Revised Pick: Elvish Bard

Man, first pick and there isn't a bomb in our colors. However, Elvish Bard is really good and thats what I would take here.

Pick 32

My Original Pick: Aven Flock

My Revised Pick: Anaba Shaman

Not a lot of choices in our colors here, but there definately doesn't need to be with an Anaba Shaman in the pack. I'm picking this one up in a heartbeat.



Pick 33

My Original Pick: Pegasus Charger

My Revised Pick: Giant Growth

Nice, another Giant Growth comes my way and there isn't anything else amazing in this pack for us so Giant Growth it is.

Pick 34

My Original Pick: Drudge Skeletons

My Revised Pick: Grizzly Bears

I'm starting to wonder where all my green and red picks went, but we still have a decent pick here with Grizzly Bears


Pick 35

My Original Pick: Zealous Inquisitor

My Revised Pick: Zealous Inquisitor

Craw Wurm or Kavu Climber which one to pick?! They're both good cards, they're both in my colors. HOWEVER, Zealous Inquisitor is too good and could through a huge knot into combat tricks and such, so I'm going to hate pick it here.

Pick 36

My Original Pick: Venerable Monk

My Revised Pick: Viashino Sandstalker

Here I will take the Viashino Sandstalker again because when I play it they have to deal with it or I get to throw it down again next turn.


Pick 37

My Original Pick: Suntail Hawk

My Revised Pick: Balduvian Barbarians

Here I have a nice creature in Balduvian Barbarians and I'm going to take it.

Pick 38

My Original Pick: Ravenous Rats

My Revised Pick: Naturalize

Here I am going to take Naturalize because if they have some amazing artifact or enchantment I need to have some way to deal with it after game 1.


Pick 39

My Original Pick: Remove Soul

My Revised Pick: Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears is the best card in my color and it helps with my creature situtation.

Pick 40

My Original Pick: Ornithopter

My Revised Pick: Festering Goblin

Ornithopter should not be played, its just so pointless, but Festering Goblin is very playable and can really cause you problems in combat, so I'm going to hate pick it.


Pick 41

My Original Pick: Serpent Warrior

My Revised Pick: Sleight of Hand

Giant Growth is still around? Nope, not really, because I picked it 8 packs up. So I'm going to have to take the Sleight of Hand again.

Pick 42

My Original Pick: Bog Imp

My Revised Pick: Bog Imp

Here I am going to take the flier Bog Imp because I'm not great against fliers and Firebreathing is pretty useless to me.


Pick 43

My Original Pick: Honor Guard

My Revised Pick: Goblin Piker

Goblin Piker you are the best card in the pack! Congrats, I'm picking you!

Pick 44

My Original Pick: Sea's Claim

My Revised Pick: Sea's Claim

Man i sure do need a Mountain for my deck...


Pick 45

My Original Pick: Island

My Revised Pick: Island

What a useless card! I told them I wasn't playing blue!

Summary of Pack 3:
Well I got some decent cards in this pack as well and now I'm ready to go build my deck. The Anaba Shaman should be really helpful and the Elvish Bard could be really good too. Time to see what happened with my bad black and white forced deck, and a decklist of what should have happened with the green and red deck I should have drafted.
Lesson of the Week: Don't Force Colors You Aren't Getting
            My lesson this week was my huge mistake in this draft, and I hope to never make it again. Forcing bad colors or colors you aren't getting. Don't do it! Forcing colors sometimes works out, if you know what you're doing and you have at least decent cards coming your way. However I forced black and white here, when in pack one red was clearly VERY strong, and white and black weren't showing me anything amazing. As we continue through the packs we realize that red was obviously the best choice for the main color in this draft. While hindsight is 20/20 this was a mistake and red should have been taken by a keen drafter. The color I splashed was arguable, but I choose green because of the Giant Growths I got early. Don't force yourself to draft certain colors just because you like them, especially if you aren't getting good cards in those colors. Try something new and pick a new color combination and draft the good cards that are coming your way. That is the best way to win a draft, draft the good cards and build a good deck. Speaking of building decks...
Deck Building:

18 Creatures:
1    Phyrexian Hulk
1    Aven Flock
1    Blessed Orator
1    Drudge Skeletons
1    Foul Imp
1    Gravedigger
1    Highway Robber
2    Hollow Dogs
1    Looming Shade
2    Pegasus Charger
1    Ravenous Rats
1    Serpent Warrior
1    Skyhunter Prowler
1    Suntail Hawk
1    Veteran Cavalier
1    Zealous Inquisitor

6 Other Spells:
1    Contaminated Bond
1    Enfeeblement
2    Pacifism
1    Spirit Link
1    Unholy Strength

16 Lands:
9 Swamp
7 Plains

1    Tanglebloom
1    Ornithopter
2    Island
1    Bog Imp
1    Crossbow Infantry
1    Glory Seeker
1    Goblin Brigand
1    Honor Guard
1    Ley Druid
1    Lightning Elemental
1    Plague Beetle
1    Venerable Monk
1    Megrim
2    Sea's Claim
1    Demystify
1    Remove Soul
1    Angelic Blessing
1    Mind Rot
1    Sacred Nectar

               To your left is the deck I actually played in my draft. This was a forced black and white deck that didn't have as many fliers in white as I would have liked. The black was lacking the normal removal that it provides and and I didn't get any fear creatures, which also hurt me when it comes to this deck. Ideally my deck should have had more white creatures, preferably fliers, less black creatures and more black removal. I should have played the Glory Seeker and Crossbow Infantry instead of the Contaminated Bond and Unholy Strength most likely.
               To your right is the deck using the cards I picked when I wrote this article. This has a nice creature base as well as a lot of removal. Anaba Shaman is a really good creature that has a removal ability. Then we have our typical removal spells of Pyroclasm, Volcanic Hammer, and two combat tricks in the Giant Growths that could be used to remove bigger blockers or deal the last three damage. I feel this deck could have been much better had I actually been picking red and green cards in the draft, as it would discourage the other drafters around me from picking these colors. This is known as reading signals which I will discuss in a future article.

17 Creatures:
1 Anaba Shaman
1 Anaconda
1 Balduvian Barbarians
1 Elvish Bard
1 Goblin Chariot
1 Goblin Sky Raider
2 Grizzly Bears
1 Hill Giant
1 Hunted Wumpus
1 Lightning Elemental
1 Phyrexian Hulk
2 Rogue Kavu
2 Viashino Sandstalker
1 Whip Sergeant

7 Other Spells:
1 Fellwar Stone
2 Giant Growth
1 Guerrilla Tactics
1 Lava Axe
1 Pyroclasm
1 Volcanic Hammer

16 Lands:
11 Mountain
5 Forest

1 Aven Windreader
1 Bog Imp
1 Crafty Pathmage
1 Festering Goblin
2 Goblin Brigand
1 Goblin Piker
1 Gravedigger
1 Hollow Dogs
1 Ley Druid
1 Raging Goblin
1 Tree Monkey
1 Zealous Inquisitor
1 Naturalize
1 Sacred Nectar
2 Sea's Claim
1 Sleight of Hand
1 Tanglebloom
2 Island

      The Matches:
    Unfortunately I did not get to play these matches with the red and green deck to see how I would have done, however here follows the real outcome of the forced black and white deck.
Match 1:
Game 1: A couple turns into the game and I figure out he is playing blue and white. I was pretty prepared in game 1 and managed to take care of his fliers with my first strike Pegasus Chargers, my pacifisms (which I drew both of) and my Contaminated Bond I then flew through to the win.
Game 2: This game was just bad for me, I never drew the fliers I needed and his blue white fliers blew over me. The fact that he had a (Mahamati Djinn) and an Air Elemental didn't help things any. I should remember to save a Pacifism for something big like this.
Game 3: I got off to a fast start again and got some fliers out. I put an Unholy Strength on my Pegasus Charger which really helped. On top of that any time he pulled out a big flier I had an answer with my Pacifisms, Contaminated Bond, or my Enfeeblement. The enchanted Pegasus Charger won me this game.
Match 2:
Game 1: My opponent is a 1700+ this round, but rating doesn't matter, its how good you play the deck you have, and how good the deck is. He was playing red blue and black. I almost had him with a nice Spirit Linked Aven Flock but he managed to Dehydration it and his fliers flew over me for too much damage. This opponent was taking forever to go and his clock was already down to under 15:00 before game 2 started.
Game 2: This time he is playing even slower, the time is ticking off the clock and I'm hoping to win the match off of him running out of time. I even had really good board position for the longest time, but I made the mistake of playing Spirit Link on my best flier which was about to block to save my life and win me the game on time. However, with 32 seconds left on the clock he plays a Dark Banishing on the enchanted flier and then swings to get me to one point of damage. The irony here is that he then used his Anaba Shaman to ping my last life I lose the round. Had I gone with what I should have and what I did outline as my new picks in this article, he never would have gotten the Anaba Shaman, but then again, everything else would have been very different.

Well guys, thats about it for this week's installment of Drafting with MysticLancer. I hope you can learn something from this week's article because I learned a lot just from writing it. Remember the different types of cards that exist in all drafts, bombs, removal, evasion, the other playable cards, and those dreaded unplayable cards. Also remember that they should be picked in the order I just mentioned. The lesson pertaining to my draft this week was not to force colors you aren't getting, or forcing them just because you like them, even if there is a better color. Once again, if you have any comments, especially suggestions of things I could do better, or things you'd like me to add, let me know! I'm writing for you guys. Special Thanks go out again to Heath, Gus from MTGO TRADERS and JacsUK for once again giving me some sound advice, and Hamtastic for reminding me I should mention the collection aspect of drafting. If I missed anyone I'm sorry, college life has been hectic lately. Till next time have fun drafting!

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by one million words at Fri, 04/13/2007 - 07:56
one million words's picture

nice article - keep the series going

by thejitte at Wed, 04/11/2007 - 21:55
thejitte's picture

Too bad you didn't discuss signaling in this issue. Your pack 1, pick 1 could be an excellent example on the importance of signaling. Do you take Pyro or Hammer and risk placing a weak signal? Or grab story circle and send a strong red signal? Kind of tough call. If you take Circle, somebody is going to grab a 3rd pick Hammer or Pyroclasm which just screams red is wide open.

Sucks that we know how the rest of the draft went, getting shipped two Hill Giants is pretty big.

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 04/12/2007 - 00:47
Anonymous (Unregistered)'s picture

u should have taken the craw wurm instead of hating a 2/2 for 2W with a mana intensive ability

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 04/12/2007 - 11:31
Anonymous (Unregistered)'s picture

This is a great article but I really think that you could have made some different decisions. Spirit Link for a first pick???? You have to take the Circle or the Pyroclasm. I like your 3rd pick Hill Giant. Why would you take a Fellwar Stone over another Hill Giant. This format is fairly simple-big creatures win games. Once you locked in on RG why would you still pick the Gravedigger...Wood Elves are great and even the Flowstone Shambler would be a better pick than Gravedigger. (The only way I would see this being justified is if you thought that black was still a possibility.) Why pass on the giant Wurm on your 6th pick? Too early to be defensive. Creatures like the Wurm can be very tough for an opponent to get rid of. Overall, I think the concept of this article is great...I just think that you could have put a much better deck together.

by jinx_talaris at Tue, 04/10/2007 - 09:03
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I like them both so far. Keep going at it and this will be a nice regular column that many will probably look forward to reading.

nice work by sliver heir at Tue, 04/10/2007 - 08:08
sliver heir's picture

love the what i did wrong perspective as
its much closer to how i tend to draft (poorly) then draft guides. two comments though 1: on your hindsight picks be careful not to be influenced by the fact you know what you'll be getting passed. 2: i think you left out a very important card type. you neglected to include mana fixers in your list. not sure what priority it should be given but the distinction should be made.

by kolu at Mon, 04/09/2007 - 23:25
kolu's picture

Thanks Lance! I just realized how much I force colors that I am comfortable with! Its a miracle I'm not down to 0 yet. Your first article helped a lot and I made it to the middle match and won a couple of packs (even after picking Blood Moon) oy!~ I'm excited to try and pick without forcing and see what I get :) I like the 5 types and order you listed... "must know the bombs" and leave the unplayables alone! Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more drafting articles from you!

by Lord Erman at Tue, 04/10/2007 - 03:09
Lord Erman's picture

I believe that accepting your mistakes that you made while drafting and sharing them with us here and being brave enough to say that you made mistakes is not something that anyone can do. I therefore salute you and then salute you again for a second time for proving that for writing about drafts one doesn't have to be 1900+ rating but someone with less experience can write about it too as long as those articles are informative(and fun to read). Keep up the good work.

majortotosite by dungdung at Mon, 10/18/2021 - 02:57
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