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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Aug 14 2020 11:00am

Welcome back one and all to what will likely be a lot of video embeds and some lines of text around what I'm doing and why with each deck (thanks to Wizards for the free decks!). These videos were all sponsored by Wizards because apparently they like my stuff and so in turn I hope YOU  like it too! 


Klalamax, the Stormsire is one of the least impressive commanders straight out of the box due to the fact that it has top be tapped out to get in the best value, that means you have to be ATTACKING to get the value from the +1/+1 counters text. But don't fear, Kalamax LOVES riding in cars with boys, because Kalamax loves to crew vehicles to keep itself permanently tapped down and make the most out of it. Adding Smuggler's CopterFleetwheel CruiserHeart of KiranCultivator's Caravan, and Weatherlight even though it's not going to really hit many targets in the deck at all. 

Adding in Spark Double to copy our copier means that we will be pumping out TWO copies of an instant spell if both are tapped, this is where I make the case for Lightning Bolt and dome you to the head for 9+ in a single turn. Speaking of copying spells, we have Narset's Reversal that CAN go infinite, Ral, Storm Conduit because additional tick damage whenever we cast or copy an instant spell is cake and also can copy spells, and Bonus Round is amazingly SICK in this deck when you're copying all the spells. 


This was by far the hardest deck to figure out, its just HUMANS. That's it, it's a humans deck and not something like Hatebears. Looking through the deck I noticed that it leans on the sacrifice of your human armies to the greater good, so obviously we had to go with ARISTOCRATS.

The first card we need to throw in is Mentor of the Meek because it's cheap and inexpensive, not to mention widely available from MTG19. General Kudro of Drannith adds much needed graveyard hate to the deck alongside a sacrifice outlet AND a way to remove big ugly beaties from the board. 

Looking towards Aristocrat pieces, we have Vindictive Vampire because it hits each opponent, (Cruel Celebrant is much the same as well), Syr Konrad, the Grim is a new addition to the deck style thanks to Throne as he works on anyone's creatures going to the graveyard from anywhere, not just your own, Blood Artist is a main stay of the archetype even though he only hits one target instead of all.

Remember Lisa Kudro up there for sacrifice? Well, we also have Battlebond's own Krav, The Unredeemed that can sacrifice any number of your creatures for a single black, draws a card for each, heals you one life for each AND gets a +1/+1 counter for each.... Yup, bargain.   


It's really easy to crap on how weak and small the pool is for Mutate, but it's a lot stronger than you may think it is.  This deck was probably the easiest to upgrade, throw in the mutate creatures that aren't in the deck, PROFIT.

Firstly we have to start off with Swiftfoot Boots, I have NO IDEA how this wasn't included in the base deck, but here we are. Speaking of good protection, Cauldron of Souls is a tricky card in this deck because your stack will gain persist and then come back separated like that song from that 90's band no one remembers. Also adding in Spark Double before anything else because you want to create a copy of your stacked Mutate creature and that is pretty hilarious. 

Situational and awesome Mutate creatures are easy to add to the deck such as Gemrazer so we can blow up enchantments and artifacts when we mutate it, Dirge Bat because flash on a flier is good, but having it kill something on the way in is better. There are multiple ways to play this deck, you can build for Hexproof/Indestructible or mini armies.


Wizards makes us angry and upset sometimes, and other times they drop one of the coolest mechanics in MTG history into a commander deck and it feels like they just GET ME.

And yet, there are some new cycling cards that should have been in here and I'm not sure why you would include some Ikoria cards in these decks and leave out other awesome cards. First off Shark Typhoon can either cycle for a massive skyshark or just play it as a permanent and then create sharks when we cast anything that's a non-creature, other cycling cards we added were Shimmerscale Drake because a flying creature with cycling is great, Oketra's Attendant is basically the white version but also has Embalm, Angel of the God-Pharaoh, a Glassdust Hulk just because its cycling for cheap, Countervailing Winds is the best counterspell for the deck alongside Complicate. And we're playing white and you know what that means, getting off sneaky wins with Approach of the Second Sun.


A commander that works on creatures in your graveyard had the super yawn potential, except instead of cannibalizing them or reanimating them, it uses symbiosis to graft abilities! But as with all graveyard based decks, we need to look at how we can speed dump creatures into the graveyard and tutor in specific creature abilities.

Gravebreaker Lamia fits the bill by allowing us to search for a creature and dump it into the yard sych as Zetalpa, Primal DawnBuried Alive is amazing in the deck as we can search and dump up to three creatures into the bin, and Entomb. But now we should probably also use some reanimation just in case. ReanimateAnimate DeadDread Return, and Eerie Ultimatum slot in nicely here to ensure that we have a semi back-up plan.  

And that's all he wrote. No seriously, its over. Go home. Thanks for reading!