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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Feb 06 2020 1:00pm

When a humble bard graced a ride along with Geralt of Rivia along came this deck.

Athreos, Shroud-Veiled just loves tossing coins to creatures, so obviously he is whom the bard croons to, requesting payment for services rendered for ridding the land of nasty beasties that no one wants to have around. You play the part of Geralt, you slay beasts and then reap the reward of... Ahhhh... I guess getting those beasts under your control. Look, it's not a perfect theme deck, but it sure is a powerful one.
First up, we need to have a way to profit off Athreos's ability and ensure we get maximum effect for taking everyone else's beasts and adding protection to our own. Strionic Resonator allows us to copy Athreos's ability and add an additional coin to a new target, meaning we can pay out on DOUBLE the coins! Imagine wiping the board and taking two really strong creatures like Sheoldred, Whispering One and then just reanimating creatures you lost to the board wipe!
Strionic Resonator
Speaking of wiping out the board or exiling it, we have (Sublime Exhalation) (Manager's note:  Is this not on MTGO?)  which is an amazing Undaunted board wipe, Bontu's Last Reckoning because having our lands tapped down is a small price to pay for a 3 CMC board wipe in this deck, Nevinyrral's Disk let's us blow up the non-land world, Merciless Eviction is here because modal wipes are amazing and you should seriously run cards that give you multiple avenues for use and Decree of Pain at the top end of our wipes to draw a bunch of cards in the mid to late game. Remembering that Athreos will bring ANY creature back no matter who had control of that creature and no matter if it died or was exiled.
What is the plan for this deck and how are we going to sacrifice our own creatures and then profit off that?
Altar of Dementia
Ashnod's Altar provides two colourless mana per creature we feed to it, allowing us a quick start for getting Athreos into play and also helping us sacrifice for value. Altar of Dementia is fantastic for us to either start milling an opponent or milling ourselves so we can reanimate some of our big fatties. Diabolic Intent is a great tutor and once we have a creature with a coin on it, we can sacrifice that creature to tutor up something spicy like the Strionic Resonator and get our creature back, including any enters the battlefield or dies triggers. Priest of the Forgotten Gods acts as a ramp effect, a damage effect and a forced sacrifice on your opponents, capable of doing some real nasty stuff with Grave Pact. Bontu the Glorified is a great repeatable sacrifice outlet that helps deal each opponent damage and pairs well with Yahenni, Undying Partisan.
But now we need the extra value, so we should be looking at ETD and when leaves abilities.
Wurmcoil Engine
First card to note here with all the ETB creatures is running Panharmonicon because this just wouldn't be a good deck without it. Solemn Simulacrum ramps us and draws us a card. Wurmcoil Engine splits up upon death to give us two 3/3 Wurms, one with lifelink and one with deathtouch. An olden goldie despite the rarity being reduced to uncommon, Angel of Despair that can destroy any permanent. Phyrexian Rager is having his only little party by hitting us for one in exchange for a card. (Basilica Bell-Haunt) forces each opponent to discard a card and netting us three life.
Gonti, Lord of Luxury is everyone's favourite Rogue, allowing us to steal cards from our opponent's decks. Restoration Angel lets us re-use a lot of our ETB creatures for extra value. Ravenous Chupacabra is great to kill opposing creatures and I swear this deck just builds itself. GARY RETURNS! Thanks to Theros: Beyond Death, Gray Merchant of Asphodel is back and getting additional drains off him on each opponent. Noxious Gearhulk keeps us in the game by destroying target creature and gaining us life equal to its toughness. Sun Titan gets us a permanent with a CMC of three or less from our graveyard to the battlefield, so its limited in what it can get back but it can nab back our Strionic Resonator should it get destroyed.
So now we have the main suite of awesome creatures down and ready for imminent destruction, we need some super sweet payoffs to go along with either though creatures coming into play or leaving the battlefield.
Grave Pact
Ayara, First of the Locthwain acts just like an Aristocrat creature, making your opponents lose life any time we have a creature enter the battlefield. Interesting to note that its not an “on cast” effect, so Athreos coin magic works a treat. I almost considered putting Ayara in the sacrifice section, but I feel she is better as a natural payoff. Also because she has to sacrifice a black creature if she wants us to draw a card, we run mostly black creatures but what can you do. Speaking of Aristocrats, Zulaport Cutthroat will make each opponent lose a life when a creature we control dies. Harvester of Souls is really an auto include in any sacrifice deck because when we sacrifice a creature, we draw a card. Butcher of Malakir is great for when we sacrifice a creature as she makes everyone else sacrifice a creature too, leading to heavy Grave Pact shenanigans. Oh yeah, we are playing Grave Pact as well, just in case you didn't already know.
But what if we need to haul some big guns back from the deep dark depths of the underworld? Well, we run a fairly good Reanimation package.
Sheoldred, Whispering One
Whip of Erebos not only reanimates, hastes and give lifelink to a creature, Athreos also gets around the exile effect and that's super cool. Victimize reanimates two creatures for the price of one, like some sort of going out of business sale. Stitch Together is pretty bad on it's own, netting you a creature from graveyard to hand, however if you have Threshold, it puts that target into play. Dread Return gets us a creature back with no drawbacks, but the Flashback requires three creatures sacrificed. Animate Dead...... has a lot of text but basically you put a creature into play with -1 power. Reanimate is great and you won't even notice the life loss. Exhume looks like a dumpster fire, however we can work this into our favour. Just let them get back their best creatures, chuck a coin at them, wipe the board and profit. Sheoldred, Whispering One is not only a reanimation effect, but also a target and non targeted creature removal.
So now we have some spots left over for specific hate cards. Kambal, Consul of Allocation shuts down Artifact Storm and Storm decks while also lending a slight hand against other decks that want to cast non creature spells. Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts is not only a solid blocker due to protection from creatures, but also helps control the board by destroying creatures that deal combat damage to you. Avacyn, Angel of Hope protects your little family from direct removal and destroy effects. Erebos, God of the Dead shuts down life gain so your opponents cant cushion out a win. Fate Unraveler will stop wheel decks and decks that want to draw a lot of cards, super helpful in dealing damage.
So the goal of the deck is to win via pure value and attacking, but sometimes that's just not enough. So we decided we wanted an Aetherflux Reservoir combo with Bolas's Citadel and Vilis, Broker of Blood so we can draw all the cards, play all the cards and Aetherflux the game to death. The backup plan is Revel in Riches because we're playing enough ways to profit from it, so why not.

1x Angel of Despair
1x Avacyn, Angel of Hope
1x Ayara, First of Locthwain
1x Basilica Bell-Haunt
1x Bontu the Glorified
1x Butcher of Malakir
1x Erebos, Bleak-Hearted
1x Erebos, God of the Dead
1x Fate Unraveler
1x Gonti, Lord of Luxury
1x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
1x Harvester of Souls
1x Kambal, Consul of Allocation
1x Noxious Gearhulk
1x Phyrexian Rager
1x Priest of Forgotten Gods
1x Ravenous Chupacabra
1x Ravos, Soultender
1x Restoration Angel
1x Reveillark
1x Sangromancer
1x Sheoldred, Whispering One
1x Shriekmaw
1x Solemn Simulacrum
1x Sun Titan
1x Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts
1x Tymna the Weaver
1x Vilis, Broker of Blood
1x Wurmcoil Engine
1x Yahenni, Undying Partisan
1x Zulaport Cutthroat
1x Ancient Tomb
1x Barren Moor
1x Bojuka Bog
1x Castle Locthwain
1x Command Tower
1x Crypt of Agadeem
1x Flagstones of Trokair
1x Isolated Chapel
1x Mortuary Mire
7x Plains
1x Reflecting Pool
1x Silent Clearing
14x Swamp
1x Temple of Silence
1x Vault of Whispers
1x Altar of Dementia
1x Ashnod's Altar
1x Bolas's Citadel
1x Commander's Sphere
1x Nevinyrral's Disk
1x Orzhov Signet
1x Panharmonicon
1x Strionic Resonator
1x Thran Dynamo
1x Whip of Erebos
1x Anguished Unmaking
1x Enlightened Tutor
1x Liliana's Triumph
1x Mortify
1x Utter End
1x Bontu's Last Reckoning
1x Decree of Pain
1x Demonic Tutor
1x Diabolic Intent
1x Dread Return
1x Exhume
1x Merciless Eviction
1x Reanimate
1x Stitch Together
1x Sublime Exhalation
1x Victimize
1x Vindicate
1x Animate Dead
1x Black Market
1x Blind Obedience
1x Grave Pact
1x Phyrexian Arena
1x Revel in Riches
1x Smothering Tithe
In closing, throwing coins at creatures and killing them to control them, a slight Aristocrats theme with reanimation package is just pure value and fun.