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By: CMDRCRUNCH, Albert caynes
Sep 29 2020 11:00am

Greetings Cereal Cephalids! We've got a nice dainty episode between community guests this week, where Chesh and Sam run through some of their thoughts, experiences and considerations for deckbuilding with webcam/SpellTable play in mind. We run through some card types that may best not to include, as well as some that may work better than expected - and as a general rule, communication is key, and a healthy integral part of commander play. Rounding out this concept is a look a nice new thematic Haldan and Pako brew deck tech from Chesh. Enjoy!
Chesh's first take on the Haldan & Pako brew can be found here.
Infiniti tokens, an excellent solution for some of the deckbuilding issues discussed, can be found here.

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