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By: CMDRCRUNCH, Albert caynes
Dec 03 2020 12:00pm

Welcome back coffee wizards! This week we're joined at the breakfast table by our good friend Dave Kosin, CoolStuff Inc writer, EDH voice and Personal Trainer to the MTG community. We sit down to chat about why we play EDH for enjoyment, how Commander is going in 2020, including some Commander Legends chatter, plus some good discussions around the difference between card issues and people issues, product release fatigue, and the volatility of the hype cycle in the Magic community. We also run through the importance of playing the cards you enjoy in Commander, and what we bring to the table besides the cards in terms of attitude and enjoyment. Davie gives some great answers to our usually guest profiling too, with mentions of Stevie Nicks, Jim Henson and Chesh engaging in a Star Trek debate that could be a whole 4 hour feature. It's a wild one friends, enjoy!

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