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Mar 22 2021 1:00pm

Welcome back breakfast friendos! As Chesh departs this weekend on official trading card business, we fill the grinning Chesh-sized void with an extra special guest to share some hearty conversations with, it's none other the CMDR Central's Max Crandell! Max joins us to challenge the great trophy of longest guest feature (previously held by Jeff from MTG Lexicon), and absolutely delivers. We start with discussions on Wizards' latest announcements on Universes Beyond, including the ramifications of the Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings IPs being added to the game we all love, plus also muse over IPs we personally would love to see as Magic cards. We also run through Max's personal EDH philosophies as a 'tinkerer' rather than a brewer, the concept of Magic burnout and experiences of how to manage, the origin story of CMDR Central plus lessons learned over close to 250 episodes, and an incredible story about perhaps the greatest gift a magic player could ever receive (Thanks to Tim Rayburn & Ryan Peneff!) to punctuate how incredible the Magic community can be. It's a wild ride, join us as we hit the road.

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