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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
May 25 2016 12:03am
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Eternal Masters looks to be an exciting set, previews started on Monday and some of the cards revealed so far are ones that I would not imagine WotC would ever reprint!  Force of Will and Wasteland are getting much needed reprints in paper, as are Maze of Ith, Sylvan Library and Enlightened Tutor.  We're also getting foil printings (first time in paper, we sure are spoiled on MTGO!) for some favorite cards in Gamble, Control Magic and Toxic Deluge.   With the spoilers from Monday in the bag, it's pretty clear that this set is oozing value!  Jace, the Mind Sculptor is getting reprinted, as is Mana Crypt, which has to be exciting for EDH players!  Vampiric Tutor is getting hot new art, as is Goblin Charbelcher, which is belching up a Black Lotus and Storm Crow for some reason.  I think Lion's Eye Diamond may have made more sense there.  Exciting stuff to be sure!

We also have to accept that Werebear no longer has the perfect flavor text.  Darkest timeline kind of stuff I guess.

This is not a reprint review article though. 

Today we are pleased to show off our preview card.  It's currently a Legacy staple, and sees play in a wide variety of decks.  Let's take a look at a couple of those decks now.  

This tempo deck looks to use countermagic and disruption to protect its key creatures, while also using those spells to pump out tokens quickly.

Moving on from Delver, the next deck to feature the card is Ad Nauseam Tendrils.

This deck looks to use disruption in order to increase the Storm count and protect its rituals from countermagic.  

Perhaps my favorite deck to show off the power of our preview card, we move on to Manaless Dredge. 

This deck relies on disruption in order to protect Dread Return and kick start its engine with Bridge from Below

So what do these three decks have in common?  It's clearly not the creature base, or mana bases, heck, one deck does not even have lands in it!  I highlighted what each deck wanted to do, and disruption seemed to be the most common theme.  Each deck features one of the most skill intensive cards in Magic, and it rewards you for knowing the format that you play it in very well!

That's right, Cabal Therapy is included in Eternal Masters! 

Cabal Therapy is not a fancy flashy card that you build a deck around like the aforementioned Goblin Charbelcher or Jace, the Mind Sculptor.   It is not a spell that will wipe the board of threats, or win you the game as soon as it is cast (ok, it might, if your opponent scoops instead of revealing their hand), but it will give you information.  Are you safe to cast the spell that will win you the game?  Can your opponent combo out or do you have time to find answers? 

Sometimes casting it in the dark lets you rip a key card from an unknown matchup, and lets you know what archetype your opponent is on. 

While MTGO players will not have an issue with this, newer players need to know this from the FAQ in regards to Cabal Therapy 

You name the card during resolution, then your opponent reveals their hand and discards if appropriate. There is no way for your opponent to do anything between you naming the card and them discarding.

If you name something and then your opponent tries to counter it, you should call one of the friendly, helpful judges at the event you are playing at! 

Caleb Durward wrote a wonderful article with tips and tricks for playing with Cabal Therapy, you should check that out as well! 

Eternal Masters comes to MTGO on June 17th, 2016.  It will cost 6.99 a pack and is not redeemable. 


So good. by one million words at Thu, 05/26/2016 - 08:46
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I have been playing Cabal Therapy in tournament decks since it was printed. It is a card that really rewards knowing a format and its archetypes. And uncommon seems fine - it I a staple card that should be widely available for Eternal formats, but I would hate to see multiples appearing in EM limited.

I am so partial to the by JXClaytor at Thu, 05/26/2016 - 13:48
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I am so partial to the judgment art.

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