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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Nov 06 2018 12:00pm
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I have been all over the place in my time playing Magic: The Gathering. When I first started, I began playing Type 2 with one of the intro decks. My friends however had played since the beginning and it did not take long for me to want to play with the older cards.

Apocalypse was the newest set then and it brought a lot of interesting cards to both Extended and Type 1. Extended in that time was like Standard because it rotated. It was usually a few blocks of the sets before Standard and had its own banned list. When I first started playing, Dual Lands were legal in Extended!

Extended was exciting and there were a lot of fun decks. Blue was very strong and I started playing my first control deck. A mono blue Ophidian deck with Morphling as the primary win condition. There were a bunch of other options like Suicide Black and 12 or 14 land Stompy but then the format changed when Odyssey came out.

Psychatog permeated the format and became quite the dominant force. It was also at that time that I gained my first piece of the Power Nine.

Mox Pearl

I know you are all surprised that the first piece of power I attained was the pearl, but I was drawn to it and got a great price on it. It was a mint Unlimited Mox and cost me around 100$. I look back on that and smile because the prices were so much different and I remember working hard as high school student to gain that prize.

I soon began to build my first White Weenie deck. It started out as a very simple build.

White Knight Savannah Lions Mother of Runes

I began experimenting with different cards and really liked the synergy of Standard Bearer and Mother of Runes. I then stumbled upon even more synergies.

Land Tax Ivory Tower Scroll Rack

Those cards combined with a great aggro base and Empyrial Armor led to a very fun deck. I eventually splashed blue for Meddling Mage and even Psionic Blast. I remember multiple top 8s, top 4s, and finals appearances while playing my spin on white weenie. I even racked up quite a few wins.  Back then I played against decks like Miracle Grow, Pox, and even Memory Jar combo (makes me really wish Thalia was a card back then).

As more sets were released the formats kept changing. Eventually Type 1 lost its popularity and 1.5 (Legacy) replaced it. It was about that time that I stopped playing Magic for a while.

Those days of Magic are forever gone, and in a way, I am ok with that. I miss the “Glory Days” though, knowing that a lot of those decks can never be played again. Creatures made obsolete and cards getting banned.  Extended even went away and was replaced with Modern.

There is no going back to that. I think that ever since then I have been trying to find a format or deck that really made me love the game like those times. Honestly it hasn’t happened. It is why I bounce around so often because Magic used to be something different for me. I know it will never be like that again.

Is there a solution? I am not entirely sure but I think step one is going back to the older formats. Modern is fun but you can only do so much. The cards I love, they don’t really exist in Modern. I know that even if I play Legacy or even Vintage that I will need to use newer cards. Cards get stronger and to not use them would be foolish. I am okay with that.

My goal is to get into Legacy and Commander. Then eventually Vintage. Even typing that out seems daunting. However, it needs to be done. I thought that while I waited I could try Pauper. That format still blows my mind. So, if any of you are Pauper pros, please let me know. I would love to discuss it.

So, if I am going to break into a format like Legacy, what do I play? There are cheaper decks in Legacy and they are not terrible choices to start.

Burn will cost about 150 tickets and managed to go 6-0 in the latest Legacy Challenge. I have plenty of experience playing with and against the deck but it is not the route that I want to go.

Dredge can be built for under 200 tickets and is very strong. I am not very experienced with it though and I am unsure I could pilot it without a lot of practice. Also, a lot of the cards do not fit into other decks, so I would have to be very committed to playing Dredge for a long time.

Reanimator is another deck under 200 tickets. After it is built you can then work towards Sneak and Show and then eventually some sort of Delver variant. This might be where I start.

Elves are slightly over 200 tickets and I am experienced with the deck. It can be pretty consistent but I would have to see how it really is in the meta first.

Lastly there is 12 Post. I found a list for under 90 tickets which is astonishing for Legacy. I saw it has a 5-0 in a league but have not seen much else with it. Maybe it had really good match ups and a very skilled pilot? I would give it time before jumping on board with it. However, if it is the real deal it is a great place to start and playing Legacy for under 100 tickets is quite the bargain.

Reanimator is most likely where I start though. I like the new Black/Red version a lot.


On one hand you have no blue, so that means no Force of Will, Careful Study or Brainstorm. On the other hand, you gain the red and add Faithless Looting. In the side board you gain Abrade and Magus of the Moon. Magus can lead to some free wins on his own or give you enough time to bring out the bigger threats.

It has been a very long time since I cast a Dark Ritual. I think the last time I did was when I was playing with Hypnotic Specter. It could be a good time. I will be doing plenty of research though and not jumping into the format ill prepared. I want to enjoy playing Legacy again and build up some sort of collection.

Vintage is a format that I also want to get involved with but that will be a much slower road. I enjoyed watching things like Vintage Super League, but I honestly know very little about the format. One of the biggest surprises to me was how affordable it is. It seems crazy to see Power 9 for under 20 tickets, but I am glad that is the case.

I would need to read and watch a lot of Vintage and eventually get to a place where I feel comfortable choosing a deck. I do not think that will be anytime soon though. This will be a huge process for me and I hope that I have the patience to stick it out. If any of you have any insight, please share it. I would love to hear what deck to slowly work towards. The good news is that I know I can start with the Power 9 and most decks will use them. I will admit though, I do not like the new borders or artwork. I will have to try to fight past my preferences there though.

Lastly, I plan on starting to build a competitive 1v1 Commander. Another format I have only dabbled in. Once again, I will plead for help. Thank you for reading, I have a lot of work to do!