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By: kelvinmai, Kelvin Mai
May 26 2015 11:00am
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First here's a disclaimer, I've gotten practiced on Modern Masters 2015 sealed before it was even released using a sealed generator. Some would say that the accuracy of booster pack generators online may vary but I think using this as a resource is still good for practicing. The sealed generator I used can be found here. And with that I put in the results into cockatrice and played matches with some good friends of mine.

But I am super stoked for Modern Masters! I really want to get into Modern instead of just brewing Standard all the time. I was a huge fan of the first Modern Masters and drafted it as much as I could. I remember almost always forcing Dredge or Storm in drafts and doing ok. This one may not be the same as the first, and many financial analysts already proved its expected value is much lower but it doesn't mean I'm not still excited to play the crap out of this set. And I have been looking forward to the Grand Prix in Las Vegas just as much. But I want to be prepared so I took some time to take a look at the set, its draft strategies and what I can do to maximize my experience.

2015 is not the same as the first set in its name, and unfortunately for me the same strategies are gone. Dredge and Storm are both absent, but my Johnny sensibilities aren't shut down just yet. Eldrazi are here and the Timmy in me is super excited for them, so the Johnny in me needs to find a way to make it work. And after a few run throughs of booster pack generations I think I found a solid strategy to make it work. And don't worry it's not as simple as just ramp into them and win, there's some intricacies that I'm sure you deck builders would be delighted to read about. 

Rampant Growth Tribal Flames Alloy Myr

The answer is in the form of 5 color good stuff! That's right, we can now maximize our sealed pool and play all our bombs without any restrictions on color. And the limited environment makes it quite easy for this strategy to work well. There are 10 non basic lands in the set and from my experience your pool can have anywhere from 2 to 5 of these lands on average as well as Evolving Wilds  to make things just as easy. The most important color is obviously green because of Rampant Growth fixing your mana whenever you need to. And Growth also functions as ramp so you can get closer to that Eldrazi. However it's possible to not open up a single Eldrazi so make sure you have a good expensive bomb if an Artisan of Kozilek doesn't show up. Red offers the Domain all-star Tribal Flames for all your removal needs and there is a good number of Sunburst artifacts to play while you're still setting up your mana base. Skyreach Manta is the returning sunburst all-star and it's still a solid pick here. Alloy Myr is a must have for these decks as its perfect mana fixing. And of course the most important rule, no double colored casting cost card unless it's powerful enough to use. With all of the theory and concepts out of the way, let's actually try some deck building.

Here's one of my first sealed deck that I created. Not pictured are the basic lands, it included 4 Forest, 4 Mountain, 4 Swamps and 2 Island. I didn't really need white for anything other than the Knight and the Manta so I didn't include any plains outside of the bounce lands. This list leaned on the sacrifice theme because Bone Splinters is a powerful removal effect especially when combined with Runed Servitor. Dragonsoul Knight was the creature that one me most games in this build.

So what did I learn from this build? Well first of all Emrakul, The Aeons Torn had no place in limited, even with the Eldrazi Temple and all the spawns, getting to 15 was near impossible. The next was how much I loved Kozilek's Predator in this strategy, the beast is both a threat and ramp and I never had trouble casting Bone Splinters because of all of the sacrifice outlets.


Now here's round 2 of the deck building. I tried to go heavier in blue now and squeezed almost every color in. I ran into more mana issues here, and I blame it on the low amount of artifacts. But when it worked, it was spectacular, Karn was amazing and the Basic landcycling cards were life savers. In retrospect Agony Warp didn't really need to be there. But the added blue really smooth things out with additional card draw, except Thoughtcast probably needed more artifact support too. And Mystic Snake blew my mind on how well it performed. And of course Ulamog's Crusher is finally an appropriately costed Eldrazi, it actually seen some play in my games.

Here are the lessons learned from these two rounds of deckbuilding. You want to aim for around 5 early colorless spells, this'll ensure you won't have too many mana problems for the first two turns. There are some good artifacts that reward you for playing a lot of colors, Skyreach Manta and Etched Oracle comes to mind. Alloy Myr and Rampant Growth are the auto-includes every time. Red and Green are the 2 most important colors in this whole strategy, green gives you the ramp and beaters--sometimes both in the same card like Kozilek's Predator. While Red gives you the best spells for this craziness; Tribal Flames for removal and Fiery Fall is a better spell than Sylvan Bounty, basic landcycling aside. And then after you got that done and ready, just jam all the best spells in. Make sure it's all within reason of course, double colored casting cost and what not, and don't forget to include some unbeatable bombs. Dragonsoul Knight performed surprisingly well for me and of course you can't really go wrong with Ulamog's Crusher. And that's not including rares and Mythics that you may have the good fortune of opening up. 

So the basics of 5 color good stuff in MM2015 is simple; mana-fixing and ramp is key, colorless spells are good early, jam the best spells into the deck and there's almost no restriction on the game winning bomb. Hopefully this helps with this strategy in Modern Masters. If it doesn't and you go a more traditional route with your pool, at least you know that this strategy is out there and it helps you fight against it. And as always, thanks for reading and I hope to bring you something new and interesting next time. 


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