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By: jcf, Jose Freitas
Apr 23 2019 11:00am
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 Welcome to The Five-O Dream.  

In this article series we are tuning and practicing some unusual or - hopefully interesting - list and them I will try to make 5-0 at least once in a league.

Currently Working On: Monowhite Full Hand.

This deck is trying to explore the synergy among Empyrial Armor and Squadron Hawk and Legion Conquistador.

In the current version we have some value generating creatures like Kor Skyfisher, Heliod's Pilgrim and Thraben Inspector.

We also have a selection of auras to be searched with Heliod's Pilgrim giving the deck a bit of a toolbox feel.

Current Decklist:



Tournament Highlights:

How did the tournament go? Take a look at this slideshow, highlighting the most relevant moments of each game:

Pairings and Results:

Round 1: 

Against: Dimir Angler/Delver.

Game 1:

I start with a good hand, creatures some removal and Empyrial Armor. Opponent set some defense with Augur of Bolas and starts countering our spells and developing their board. I manage to apply some pressure with a couple Legion Conquistador but a timely Agony Warp kills two at once, holding me back. Eventually opponent gets three flipped Delver of Secrets and one Gurmag Angler. I hold them at bay with one enchanted Squadron Hawk but I then make a mistake giving protection to the other one. When opponent kills my enchanted Hawk, their Delvers are too much.  

Game 2:

Again a decent starting hand, but opponent seems to have answers for everything I try to do and I end up losing. 

Result: 0-2. Not a good start. 

Round 2:

Against: Boros Midrange.

Game 1:

I start with a risky hand with only 2 lands, but soon enough I topdeck Boros Garrison and start deploying Conquistadors. Opponent has a slow start with a lot of cantrip rocks and starts defense with a couple Journey to Nowhere. That opens the door for our Ethereal Armors that end up taking over. 

Game 2:

Starting hand a bit flooded but still playable. Opponent gains tons of life bouncing a Lone Missionary and locks me out of the game with Standard Bearer. Eventually I manage to exile the Bearer with Weight of Conscience and unleash my auras. Opponent kills a lot of my stuff but it is not enough.  

Result: 2-0. Starting to warm up. 

Round 3:

Against: Urza Flicker 

Game 1:

We have a decent start while opponent struggles a bit to assemble Urza lands. They make it eventually and wipe our board with Rolling Thunder, but we manage to recover with a couple auras hitting hard but opponent gets the flicker combo and I give up.

Game 2:

Opponent struggles again to assemble tron while we set up. Relic of Progenitus really helps this game, stopping my opponent from going infinite. After a very long game we manage to grind a victory out.

Game 3:

This time opponent assembles tron quite quickly. I manage to get two Relics that help a bit but not enough to stop their plan. Opponent ends up winning with a giant Thunder to my face. 

Result 1-2. Urza is a terrible matchup for this deck. 

Round 4:

Against: Dimir Angler/Delver

Game 1:

Opponent starts by countering everything I do, but counters kinda run out and I manage to resolve one Conquistador. Opponent has to use their removal to reduce my board and I eventually manage to respond with Cho-Manno's Blessing followed with Empyrial Armor. A 7/7 with protection from black seals the deal.

Game 2:

I manage to resolve Cho-Manno's Blessing early game, on my own end of turn. This gives me the perfect target for my auras. While opponent manages to counter the first Armor, eventually a second one resolves and I win again with a fat dude with protection from black. 

Result: 2-0. Sweet vengeance. 

Round 5:

Against: Golgari Sacrifice. 

Game 1:

Start with mulligan, but Squadron Hawk helps. Opponent casts a couple sacrificeable green dorks, like Young Wolf and Blisterpod plus one Mortician Beetle, but no sacrificers to close the combo. We end up taking the game with flying dorks.

Game 2:

We have to mulligan to five, but Legion Conquistador helps us fill the board. An early Blessing creates one pro-black that will eventually get Armored. We attack into a lot of green chump blockers while blocking the big Beetle with yet another pro-black. We end up grinding the victory out.

Result: 2-0. In the positive zone!

Final Result: 3-2. Not so bad for the first attempt!   


One card I am not sure should be in the maindeck is Ethereal Armor. In this deck, it usually isn't as explosive as in "Bogles" because we don't carry that many auras. Felt like I was siding it out for Journey to Nowhere almost every time, so why not use Journey maindeck anyway ? Opening those sideboard slots could be nice. Another possibility is to add a second color to the deck. It is not blazing fast anyway and sometimes I felt more interaction would be nice. Maybe black for Castigate is an interesting option. Red could give us Fire Whip and Flaring Pain.

There are many possibilities, I will try to test at least a couple of them and continue my quest for the Five-O Dream!

Battle well and have fun!


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