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By: SteveJeltz, Rev. David Wright
Feb 19 2018 1:00pm
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The Deck

Bloodgift Demon

Rakdos Kill-'em-All
by SteveJeltz - 75 Cards Total
3 Bloodgift Demon
2 Cadaver Imp
4 Flametongue Kavu
1 Hellkite Charger
2 Nekrataal
12 cards

4 Burst Lightning
3 Ultimate Price
7 cards
2 Addle
2 Arc Trail
1 Cruel Edict
1 Devil's Play
1 Distress
2 Flames of the Firebrand
2 Mind Shatter
4 Read the Bones
15 cards

1 Rakdos Keyrune
1 cards
4 Cinder Barrens
4 Evolving Wilds
4 Rakdos Guildgate
4 Mountain
9 Swamp
12 cards

1 By Force
3 Cremate
2 Devil's Play
4 Infest
2 Predatory Nightstalker
1 Starstorm
2 Twin Bolt
15 cards

The Matches

Match 1, Vs. Blue-Green Elf Ramp

Fyndhorn Elves

My opponent plays first and plays a Forest and passes. I respond with a Cinder Barrens. Turns 2 and 3 are more land drops: Forest, Mountain, Temple of Mystery, Swamp. Turn 4, my opponent plays a Rattleclaw Mystic, which I promptly Ultimate Price. On my turn 4, I Read the Bones, bottoming two swamps. Their turn 5 is an anemic Fyndhorn Elves, which on my Turn 5 I eat with my Flametongue Kavu

Outmatched, my opponent concedes both game and match.

Match #2 Vs. Mono-Black Revel in Riches

(pic=Revel in Riches)

I lead with Cinder Barrens. Opponent plays a Swamp and passes. I play Rakdos Guildgate and pass. My opponent plays a Swamp and casts Basal Thrull which I promptly Burst Lightning. I play an Evolving Wilds and cast Addle naming black and making the opponent discard their Heartless Pillage. My opponent plays another Swamp, a Basal Thrull and a Prying Blade; I play a Swamp and nuke the new Basal Thrull with Flames of the Firebrand.My opponent plays a Swamp and passes. I add a Swamp and a Rakdos Keyrune and cast Distress making my opponent discard Lose Hope. My opponent indicates that Distress is not currently Penny Dreadful legal. I guess I'll need to update my list for the next match. They go for their big play, adding a Swamp and playing a Revel in Riches. So that is their win condition... I cast Read the Bones, keeping Burst Lightning and Read the Bones on top and I play a Rakdos Guildgate. My opponent plays a Tormented Soul and a Swamp, equipping Prying Blade, which I promptly Burst Lightning. I cast another Read the Bones, bottoming two lands, and I activate and attack with Rakdos Keyrune. My opponent plays another Basal Thrull and equips the Prying Blade. I cast a third Read the Bones keeping Bloodgift Demon and Cadaver Imp on top, and I cast Ultimate Price on the latest Basal Thrull. My opponent doubles up on Revel in Riches but has no creatures to die or ways to generate artifacts. I play the  Bloodgift Demon, and attack with Rakdos Keyrune. My opponent trots out a Pitiless Plunderer. They're really high on these Ixalan cards. I Ultimate Price the Plunderer, and attack opponent down to five. My opponent concedes.

I side in a By Force and the two Predatory Nightstalkers and side out the illegal Distress and the two Nekrataals.

Game 2: My opponent leads on Swamp and Prying Blade. I play a Rakdos Guildgate and pass.They play a Swamp and a Dire Fleet Hoarder. I go Mountain into Ultimate Price, generating a Treasure token.They play a Swamp and pass. I play a Cinder Barrens and cast Addle forcing them to  discard their Revel In Riches. They play another Swamp and another Prying Blade. I play Read The Bones, keeping Devil's Play on top, bottoming land, They play a Swamp and pass. Then comes six stalemate turns in a row. Finally, I find my Hellkite Charger, and I play it, attacking for 5 and expecting it to draw the Ultimate Price I saw in my opponent's hand. They take five and cast Ultimate Price on their turn. I return the Hellkite Charger to my hand  with a handy Cadaver Imp. The opponent plays a late Brain Maggot and thinks, seeing a hand full of removal. Finally they exile the Hellkite Charger. I promptly Ultimate Price the Brain Maggot and replay the Hellkite Charger on my turn, attacking for 6, They concede.

Match #3 vs. Mono Black Zombies

Cemetery Reaper

Wasn't this a pro tour deck not long ago...?

Game 1: (I'm going to skip the land drops.) Opponent casts Duress on me, making me discard Read the Bones. The PDBot informs us that Duress is not legal in Penny Dreadful. My opponent apologies. Opponent plays Black Cat, which I allow to attack for a few turns before killing it with a Flametongue Kavu. The random discard hits my Bloodgift Demon. Sadness. Opponent casts Trial of Ambition forcing me to sacrifice, and plays a Cemetery Reaper which I promptly Ultimate Price. I find a second Bloodgift Demon which somehow evades removal, and I cast Distress on my opponent, forcing them to discard Dark Salvation. The PDBot informs us that Distress is an illegal card. My bad. After two attacks with Bloodgift Demon, my opponent targets it with a Dark Salvation, creating 3 Zombies, but not with enough mana to kill it. Seeing blood, I Burst Lightning my opponent for 4, untap, use Bloodgift Demon's trigger to force the opponent to draw a card and lose a life, and swing for lethal.

Sideboard plan: Nekrataal is looking really bad when everyone is on swamps. I side out those, my Arc Trails, and my illegal Distress, adding Cremate, Predatory Nightstalkers. 

Game 2: I lost the replay, but it was a lot of Flametongue Kavus eating creatures and then being sacrificed to Trial of Ambition. My opponent's best play was returning the Trial of Ambition to hand with a Cartouche of Ambition and playing it on a 3/3 Zombie token, buffed by Liliana's Mastery, using the -1/-1 to take out my Cadaver Imp and forcing me to sacrifice my Flametongue Kavu with the replayed Trial of Ambition. The card that put the game away was a Mind Shatter cast for X=5. After that, it was just mop up duty with burn spells, removal, and creatures.

Savage Knuckleblade

Match 4 vs. Temur Ascendancy

Game 1: I mulligan to 6. We trade land drops. Opponent plays an Exemplar of Strength, which I promptly Burst Lightning. I cast Read the Bones, bottoming Flames of the Firebrand and keeping Flametongue Kavu. After more land drops, I play a second Read the Bones, keeping a Swamp, and bottoming a Cinder Barrens. On their turn, opponent drops Temur Ascendancy. Oh boy. I have zero answers for that card, and I can see where this game is going... I play a Bloodgift Demon on my turn, which my opponent fries with a Flametongue Kavu, drawing a card. I Flametongue Kavu their Flametongue Kavu. No free card for me. They play a second Exemplar of Strength, which even though comes into play with three -1/-1 counters still draws them a card. And they Burst Lightning my Flametongue Kavu. I play yet another Flametongue Kavu on their Exemplar of Strength. They cast Crater's Claws for X=2 on my Flametongue Kavu. I opt to Read the Bones for a third time, keeping Addle which I use, naming Red, and I am able to force them to discard Savage Knuckleblade. They play a 5/5 Woodland Wanderer and draw a card, which I promptly Ultimate Price before it can attack. Then they play a second 5/5 Haste Woodland Wanderer, drawing another card and swing. Tapped out, I have to cast Ultimate Price on my turn, which I follow up with another Bloodgift Demon. They cast yet another Flametongue Kavu on my Bloodgift Demon, drawing a card. I play a third Flametongue Kavu, eating their Flametongue Kavu, but no free card for me. On their turn they play a Saproling Burst and make two 5/5 Haste Saprolings, drawing 2 cards. I block one on the attack with my 4/2 Flametongue Kavu and Burst Lightning to finish it off, but still take 5. I'm in bad shape, but I find a Hellkite Charger on my turn. Only problem? My opponent is at 20 life and I'm not. They play an Etali, Primal Storm on their turn, which of course has haste and draws them a card. I concede. 

I wonder if this the same deck I played in the first game except they might have not found their engine cards. Maybe. Maybe not.

Between games I sideboard to take out my Arc Trails and Flames of the Firebrand for Predatory Nightstalkers and more Devil's Play.

Game 2 isn't that exciting. Three turns in, the client kicks us off for downtime. I'm going to call this one a loss.

Match 5 vs. Temur Ascendancy

Temur Ascendancy

Game 1: Even though it was a different pilot than Match #4, I suspected we were up against Temur Ascendancy again when the opponent's first two land drops were both tri-lands. Turn three, they play their namesake engine card Temur Ascendancy, which I know as a Rakdos player means I won't be able to interact with it the rest of the game. I am able to Addle away their Saproling Burst, revealing a trio of Rattleclaw Mystics and a Crater's Claws. They play one face down and attack for 2. I Burst Lightning the morph on my turn. They play the other two Rattleclaw Mystics face up on their turn and attack for 4. I Mind Shatter away their last card. They attack for 4 more. I play a Bloodgift Demon. They play a 6/6 Woodland Wanderer with haste and draw a card from the trigger. They attack me, I block one of the Mystics and go to 4 life. I draw a Flametongue Kavu on my extra draw and fry the last Mystic. But they also draw a Flametongue Kavu, fry my Bloodgift Demon and attack for lethal.

My sideboard plan is the same as the last matchup, except this time I also added the Starstorm for a Burst Lightning.

Game 2: My first play is to Addle away their Temur Ascendancy, hoping this will keep me in the game. They play an Exemplar of Strength, which I Burst Lightning. Then they play a Sylvan Ranger finding an Island. I Read the Bones, keeping both Swamp and Starstorm. After attacking me for 1, I Read the Bones again on my next turn, keeping just a Predatory Nightstalker but failing to find a land. They play a Arborback Stomper and go to 25 life. I Ultimate Price the Arborback Stomper, but get pinged for 1 again. They cast Saproling Burst. I eat the Sylvan Ranger with my Predatory Nightstalker, but they make two 5/5 Saprolings at end of turn that become 4/4s on their upkeep. Then they cast a Savage Knuckleblade and give it haste attacking for 12. I chump block. Sadly, my next land drop is a Rakdos Guildgate so I am unable to cast Starstorm for the full X=4 and I concede.


Penny Dreadful is fun, but then again, when there are no prizes on the line, folks tend to concede early more than normal. I do believe however that there is a Penny Dreadful league, so then at least folks care about their results?

How did my Red / Black Midrange deck do? Okay... but clearly it was a chump to Temur Ascendancy. Most enchantment based decks in general look like trouble for my brew since I build the main deck to handle creatures and be full of 2-for-1s. Any engine card like Temur Ascendancy just blows me away. Maybe next time I'll try Jund...




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Hey man, the PD site has a lot of tools you should be using to ensure your deck is legal, the site itself has a built in deck check system so you can just paste in your deck and it will tell you what's currently not legal :)You can check out Shane's article about it here: and it even talks about using scryfall for the format as well.