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By: Flippers_Giraffe, Simon Smith
May 07 2015 12:00pm
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Welcome back to my corner of the MTGO world. First off today I want to have a look at Tempest Remastered, the set will probably be already online by the time you read this article. I'm going to have a look at all the cards in the current Tempest, Stronghold and Exodus sets that are currently over the $5 mark as of the second of May. 

All prices taken from www.mtgotraders.com

So what do we have, a grand total of ten cards. Two of the top four aren't even included in the remastered set Scroll Rack and Ensnaring Bridge. The top card is to be expected which is Wasteland which goes up in rarity, still being at rare it will cause the price to go down but not as hard as if it remained at Uncommon. Intuition is an excellent card which I'm expecting to go down quite a bit, it's a staple card in quite a few Legacy decks.

City of Traitors will drop as well, it's not wildly used in casual decks so it may go all the way down to a few dollars. The other cards which change up to Mythic status aren't really going to change much, they are already quite low and being Mythic will keep the prices similar unless the drafting community go wild. I'm expecting them to go below the $5 mark when the drafting starts, leaving only three cards in the entire set worth rare drafting.

The set construction for Tempest Remastered looks like this -- 269-card set, containing 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares.

I will pull something together for Master Edition II along similar lines but that will be a separate article dedicated to the analysis of the sets in the same way I did my Rare Drafter articles for those that remember them.

Now we move on to the main decks of the article, I usually start with standard but today I'm going to have a change and start with Legacy.


There's a few things I wanted to accomplish with this deck. The first is I wanted it to be tribal legal, I miss playing tribal but don't have time to play in events now days, the second I wanted the meanest fastest deck possible. I'm going to be playing under the legacy format so the deck had to hold up against all the non tribal decks out there. For this I looked at an old friend Hatred. Interesting fact that I've just noticed is that the gatherer image below doesn't have a capital H while the online version does.

It's such a risky card to play but I really get a buzz out of using it. It plays just like the card reads, for five mana target creature gets +X/+0 where X is the amount of life you pay while casting the spell. I like to play it early on off the back of a Dark Ritual, if you have a creature down and attacking it's possible for a turn three win as long as you have more life at the time of casting the spell. This means that X will likely be 18 life, as I said there's a risk attached with this and that's the difference of winning or losing the game right there and then. All it takes is a Lightning Bolt to kill you or Counterspell which would leave you on two life which won't last for long. The other card which seals the deal is Force of Will, you get to counter their counter or any other spell like Lightning Bolt or Swords to Plowshares or even their Force of Will. You really need to catch your opponent with their pants down and the games yours. While I'm talking spells the other main spell in the deck is Counterspell, for added protection.

I did mention this deck was tribal based, we are going to need some really good creatures to get in under the radar and deal enough damage to give us the advantage required to cast Hatred. My tribe of choice is Rogue, it all starts off with your one drop in our case Nightshade Stinger a 1/1 flyer for one mana is quite good and there won't be many other flyers around to get in his way. Next at two mana we go unblockable with Inkfathom Infiltrator. At three mana we have our next unblockable Deathcult Rogue and also another fae, this time one of the tricksters Pestermite.

 Then we re-wind back to our two step for our trump card that makes all of the above creatures an even bigger threat Oona's Blackguard. Such a lovely little fairy. But that's not what your opponent will be saying. As soon as she's down she's counted as the number one threat. Her ability to add +1/+1 counters to any Rogue creatures as they come into play makes her scary, but the fact that when they connect your opponent has to discard as well is even more powerful. Don't forget that your opponent can't block most of the creatures anyway. We also have the famous Vampire Nighthawk as our off theme creature because he's just great in every way!

I really went all out on this deck on the budget side and invested in a playset of Underground Sea's something I've wanted for a long time and also my third Force of Will, consider me now broke.   

The deck does play really well, it's possible for a turn two win if you have two Dark Rituals, but you are more likely to have a turn three win which does happen quite a lot. I do feel a bit mean sometimes playing this deck but it is really all or nothing, if you don't get the first few points of damage in it's really hard work catching up after. 

    Creatures     Lands
Deathcult Rogue  5 Island
4 Inkfathom Infiltrator Maze of Ith
4 Nightshade Stinger 4 Polluted Delta
Oona's Blackguard 5 Swamp
Pestermite 4 Underground Sea
Vampire Nighthawk  4 Watery Grave
4 Dark Ritual    
3 Force of Will    
4 Hatred    

The main card that I wanted to build around this week for my Vintage deck is from the Born of the Gods set Aerie Worshippers. She's quite an expensive young lass to cast, but she has a nice ability that creates 2/2 bird tokens whenever she becomes untapped for a small price. There is another card that I included in a deck a few months ago that also triggers in the same way when it becomes untapped King Macar, the Gold-Cursed. When King Macar becomes untapped you can exile a creature. Together they triggered my deck building imagination.

They both aren't the most hardened of creatures for combat so we need a few ways to untap them to gain a trigger before they die. This is where our next two creatures come into play, Kiora's Follower and Pestermite who comes along for her second showing in this weeks article. Pestermite is also quite special as she can tap creatures before you attack as well, she's one of the key cards in the deck. The next card also has a similar ability as well but actually removes our creature from combat leaving it unharmed Maze of Ith. It is a great card but it's also a land so I'm only running one of them. I'm also plagued by the thought that I can only play one in a deck, old habits die hard. Our final card that this time has untold untapping potential is the wavy armed mistress Prophet of Kruphix, not only does she untap our creatures she also untaps our lands as well in our opponents turn, so we can either pay for the trigger say from Aerie Worshippers or be ready to cast that Counterspell.

Yes I did say Counterspell, in vintage counterspells of some sort are usually a good idea if you have access to blue mana. In this case we are going with the good old classics Counterspell and Force of Will. For a bit of nostalgia I'll show you the original versions of both. They are both available online Force of Will is in MED sporting his big old dreadlocks, it was cold back in Alliances!, while Counterspell is available as a promo and in ME4, with his rather 80's haircut. Also while I'm talking about blue spells we are also running Brainstorm, Ponder and the recently restricted Treasure Cruise for the big hair party afterwards.

Then we have the odd cards Illusory Angel who greatly benefits from our Mox's and Mana Crypt. Ob Nixilis, Unshackled who is quite mean in Vintage when you consider how many cards have a search function, even just the search lands like Polluted Delta are shut down unless you opponent want's to pay 10 life, your opponent also has to sacrifice a creature which makes him even bigger. I've had a lot of fun with this guy backed up with a Counterspell, when your opponent pays the fee and searches for a Swords to Plowshares I can imagine the look on their face, ah you nearly had him so so close but no. The mana base is pretty hectic in the deck but that's why I like to run my off the wall decks in Vintage, with the extra mana acceleration and duals it really helps to stabilise the mana base. Lastly we have Arbiter of the Ideal who can quite single handedly cause a world of hurt, when she becomes untapped you revel the top card of your library and if it's an artifact, creature or land you may put it onto the battlefield. 

The deck when it's all pulled together looks like this. It really is quite a fun deck to play, people don't expect Aerie Worshippers to cause so many issues and with King Macar, the Gold-Cursed in the mix as well it makes it an interesting deck to play. 

    Creatures     Artifacts 
Aerie Worshippers 1 Mana Crypt
2 Arbiter of the Ideal Mox Emerald
3 Illusory Angel 1 Mox Jet
King Macar, the Gold-Cursed 1 Mox Sapphire
Kiora's Follower 1 Sol Ring
Ob Nixilis, Unshackled     
Pestermite    Lands
Prophet of Kruphix 3 Bayou
    Breeding Pool 
  Spells Flooded Strand
1 Brainstorm 1 Maze of Ith
2 Counterspell 4 Polluted Delta
3 Force of Will Strip Mine
Ponder Tropical Island
Treasure Cruise Underground Sea


Our final deck of the article is in the Standard format built around a nice fun card Descent of the Dragons. For six mana we get to destroy a load of creatures and replace them with big 4/4 flying dragons as the name of the card suggests. You will notice that it’s not just our creatures that we can destroy with this spell, I've used it to devalue elder dragons as well which is quite funny. Our plan of attack is to run lots of red weenie creatures for lots of damage early on and then in the mid game when they are no longer a viable threat turn them into big stomping dragons that go rarrrrr in the night.

The centre of the deck is built around the currently famous red weenie build. Our one drops consist of Monastery Swiftspear, a lovely lass who lives up to her price, did you know there's only 8 rare cards that are currently more expensive than her in Khans of Tarkir. Secondly we have Foundry Street Denizen our little goblin friend. Moving up to the two drops we have Dragon Whisperer who I think is an over looked card, she always does really well in the games I've had her in play, with the ability to give her flying and to be able to pump her, that sounds wrong! She performs really well. She also has the ability to make dragons but I've never used it to be honest. Our second two drop is Mardu Scout to help get the most out of Foundry Street Denizen. Lastly our third mana drop is Flamewake Phoenix, this card has won me so many games. It works so well with Descent of the Dragons as your sacrificed phoenixes will arise from the ashes in the following combat phase for a cost of one red mana each.


Let's now have a look at the other spells in the deck. We have Dragon Fodder for more critters to sacrifice to create our dragons and to boost Foundry Street Denizen. Dragon Mantle which is a revamped version of an old school card Firebreathing, sadly the original version (art) isn't online, Dragon Mantles bonus is it lets you draw a card as well when you cast it, so really I think it's a great card especially on our Flamewake Phoenix. Then we go into burn territory with Crater's Claws for some direct damage to the face and also Lightning Strike. I'm also using Kolaghan Monument for mana ramp and because it can also be turned into a dragon which is pretty nifty.

The deck does play really fast sometimes I kill my opponent early on before I even get up to six mana, it is priceless though when they think they have you in their grasp and you then cast Descent of the Dragons and go in for the kill the following turn. The deck is quite stable going forwards as the majority of the cards are from the Khans of Tarkir set. Here's the final list.  

    Creatures     Artifacts 
Dragon Whisperer  3 Kolaghan Monument
4 Flamewake Phoenix    
4 Foundry Street Denizen   Lands
Mardu Scout 19 Mountain
Monastrey Swiftspear 4 Temple of Malice
Crater's Claws     
Descent of the Dragons    
Dragon Fodder    
2 Dragon Mantle    
4 Lightning Strike    

That's all from me for now, I'm looking forward to catching up with you all again soon, next time we will be visiting the Modern format. 


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