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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
Nov 25 2011 3:02am
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I had a pretty good Thanksgiving, I took the day off from the site to sit around, eat a lot of salmon, (My family no longer does the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, no turkey, stuffing or pies, just our favorite food) played some Skyrim and hung out with my nephew.  Avoided Black Friday shopping (what a sham!) and saw a Christmas lights display in the park with my nephew, girlfriend and her daughter.  I hate to run the humblebrags, but it was a pretty killer day.  Well it could have been better. The cable company that my mom gets service through apparently decided that this afternoon was the perfect time to run maintainence.  No cable meant no football, and I was deprived one of the finest traditions ever! 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (Or Thursday for those of you not in the United States of America.) and with a belly full of salmon and wild rice, I get to write about Magic! 

It's the End of the Worlds as We Know It! 

I wish I could say that I felt fine, but after being glued to my computer for the previous weekends World Championships, I am now one hundred percent sure that the changes coming to Worlds are the wrong thing.  We're going to lose the team competition (Though WotC could throw us a bone and actually schedule a team format event somewhere.  I know there are a lot of voices crying out for this event, I think it would be popular, and I think with the proper coverage would be a very entertaining event to watch.  WOW TCG runs a World Cup event that if I recall correctly, was one of the most attended events of their tournament season.)  The pomp and circumstance of the team introductions and Hall of Fame inductions.  We're going to lose awesome storylines.  I know Worlds was a Pro Tour but to me it felt like something bigger.  It was something better than your average Pro Tour stop.  Worlds was our Daytona 500, our Masters, and it looks like it is going to fall by the wayside.  That's disappointing to me!  Let's take a look at some of the stories we had at the last real worlds.

Channel Fireball takes a full half of the top eight slots in the elimination rounds. 

I know that I watched the webcast just to see how the four fireballs would be doing.  I was intrigued to see if we would get an all team top four since they were positioned in the brackets that way.  I was wondering if Tempered Steel would be a good deck for best of five matches (turns out it is much better suited for best of three, it's a lot easier to win two than it is three.)  Would someone overtake Owen in the Player of the Year race?  By now you all know that only one fireball advanced (Conley over Craig, game five was quite the performance.) and eventually the tournament was won by Green Red Wolf Run.  

The Player of the Year Race.

When play started on Sunday three players in the tournament had a chance to overtake Owen Turtenwald (Who by the way had seven top eight finishes in Grand Prixs over the season).  Had Luis Scott-Vargas, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, or Josh Utter-Leyton won the event that would have been enough to unseat Owen.  As luck would have it LSV fell short in his bid because of a lack of mana on the top of his deck in the quarterfinal game, PVDdR ran into a solid mono red list and wrapter had to battle the winning Ramp deck.  Owen is a heck of a guy, and I remember getting lists from him before he started to big time everyone, so congrats to him on this accomplishment! 

Rookie of the Year Race.

Matthias Hunt won the award when his only competition for it lost in the finals of the team event.  The Minnesota resident is a heck of a deck builder (He designed the UG Shift deck that won GP Atlanta) and I hope there are plenty of great things for him in the future!  


I hope Reid "reiderrabbit" Duke has DJ Khaled in his contact list because all he does is win win win giant Magic Online events.  The starcitygames writer took a Jund list into the finals of the MOCS (Modern) and won it over Catfish (Not gonna call it countercat.  BLECH!) 

The Last Real World Champion

Jun'ya Iyanaga won the event with his Ramp deck (Have I said that enough times in this article?) He qualified for worlds via an MTGO Qualifier.  In fact he won the last chance qualifier. I think Iyanaga had the best deck for the event.   A lot of players who qualified for Worlds from MTGO had a successful weekend.  David Caplan also qualified for Worlds on MTGO. I think this puts MTGO into the spotlight more as it has proven to be a great tool for teaching and playing magic.  

The Last Team Champions. 

Makihito Mihara, Tomoya Fujimoto, Ryuichiro Ishida represented Japan and faced off with Norway (Sveinung Bjørnerud, Kristoffer Jonassen, Andreas Nordahl) in the World Team Final. Mihara became a repeat world champion (Well he did win the individual in 2006, so I guess it's more like he added another world title to his impressive resume.) Japan also swept the titles in both the teams and individual event, which they had not done since 2005. 

Conley Woods Crushes

He did fall short in the top eight but to go 16-3 overall on the weekend (He started off undefeated Day one, continued to be undefeated during day two, and picked up his first "loss" in round fourteen where he scooped to PVDdR, he picked up his second loss when he scooped to LSV later in day three.)  is a great thing!  Watching Conley play was a thing of beauty.  I believe he was playing inspired magic, and his results backed that up.  One of my friends has a dislike for Conley because he used to play cute decks (Magic Christmas Land) but if he continues to work with ChannelFireball and play one of the better decks in the format, I believe Woods will put up solid numbers again. 

That ends my Worlds coverage, I hope that WotC has a change of heart and keeps Worlds the same as it was.  It's a great event, and I hope that it can be saved.  It was depressing watching twitter go nuts with tweets that had the last real worlds hashtag. 

Deck of the Week

Take this as a notice that Innistrad cards have been added to the system! 

Ten Things I think I think (Thankful edition!)

1.  I am thankful that Cassius is four years old and healthy, that Christian (My Nephew) is six years old and healthy, that Ryver (my niece from the marriage) was born healthy.  I am thankful that my family has been around to pick me up because this year has been so hard. 

2.  I am thankful that Magic still exists and has been a part of my life since I was an awkward tuba playing 14 year old.  I'm thankful that it gave me the distraction that I needed to deal with the passing of my father when I was 19 and the passing of my close friend when I was 30.  I'm thankful that magic remained in my life even as I became an awkward 31 year old. 

3.  I am thankful for Heath Newton continuing to believe in me and be the best friend/boss that one can be without ever actually meeting.  

4.  I am thankful that Pete Jahn came to the site to continue the work that Erik did in the State of the Program.  Pete has done a great job!  I am also thankful that Pete has created an inside joke with me in regards to Jace. 

5.  I am thankful to be around to see my friends be successful.  Alex Ullman will be my example here.  He took his work to Starcitygames, and while I miss his pauper column, I love to see my friends rewarded for hard work!  

6.  I am thankful that I have finally figured out what I want to do when I am a grown up.  Teaching science is what I have decided to do (On the middle school level, hopefully moving up to high school and eventually college.) and I look forward to what the future holds in that regard.  

7.  I am thankful for the writers of PureMTGO.  I've had a ton of fun working with each of you and hopefully I have helped you all grow somewhat. 

8.  I am thankful for becoming a Battlemage earlier this year.  I knew I was a powerful wizard, but I had no idea just how powerful I had become! 

9.  I am thankful that I have the chance to be a part of PureMTGO.  I know that I do not write as much (trying to fix that) and I know that I do not play as much anymore online (I really miss the cards on my account, but it helps that I was able to turn it into a car.)

10.  I am thankful for American Dad, Archer, internet memes, business cat (which I think falls into memes) XKCD, board games and other things that just bring me about as much enjoyment with my friends as possible!  Thank you!

With that said, I am going to wrap this up!  Enjoy your leftovers and FNM!  



According to forums on the by Paul Leicht at Fri, 11/25/2011 - 09:54
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According to forums on the mothership, WoTC is rethinking it's hardline stance on how Nationals is being effected by the OP changes. The scuttlebutt appears to be that they will be adding some event to feed from nationals, so Id keep my eyes peeled for that announcement. Other intriguing MTGO related rumors: Archnemesis, and Cube may be seeing online play next year.

I liked watching the by Alternate at Fri, 11/25/2011 - 17:18
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I liked watching the nationals. It was kind of a fun way of watching magic other than just staring at a screen of MTGO over and over. It was refreshing. Especially since I haven't played a game of paper magic in almost 11 years. I don't have the same type of attachment as other people do to it though so it's not as sad for me to see it gone, but I still found myself interested.

But damn, how has Magic grown. I mean I remember it being such a simple card game and now they have webcasts that are akin to the WSOP. I never expected that.

And this is a slight rumor I like to keep to myself, but you might want to look into a chart that may be coming up on magic boards if the person holding it chooses to show it, but it shows how the shuffler is coded and why it works in the way it does.
They screwed up and didn't add 2 variables (for computer people), and put all cards into 1 single grouping instead of making the mana, cards, and sideboard separate variables.

I have seen the heat chart, shown to me by a friend of mine from college who will remain "annonymous" (Wink, not me btw), but it shows that mana issues are 65-75% flawed because of their "randomization".

The worst thing I have seen is the how the sideboard works. I dont want to get much into it, but DO NOT change your mana base in a sideboard in limited. It will have a direct impact on your game. (Con. is different because of the amount of cards, so 1-2 mana wont change much)

Just figured I would talk about it in case this info comes out. Either way the rumors about the flawed shuffler or the complaining about it isn't entirely false. It actually has some weight to it.

**And aside form our differences Josh, I'm glad your kid is ok, especially after I just went through my dad's surgery last week where he had 14 pins put in his shoulder.

Please contact Doctor Anime by deluxeicoff at Fri, 11/25/2011 - 23:19
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Please contact Doctor Anime and get him
back into the pauper writing scene! - he's been nowhere for 2+years!