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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Nov 02 2018 12:00pm
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This is a more controlish style deck than I usually play. So all of this Surveil stuff you have will help you to feed your Thoughtbound Phantasm to make it big so you can just turn it sideways and hit people in the face. Your Dimir Spybug is almost exactly the same except it has flying and menace, so it's really hard to block. When you have Surveiled enough, it will need to be directly removed or it’s just going to keep smacking your opponent in the face. I like that prospect A LOT.

As you can see, Mr. Smart, my trophy collection includes one of almost every kind of animal... Except one. You. A homo sapien.

So, we’re running four Thoughtbound Phantasm, this lil' 2/2 defender is all tiny and cute for a single blue, but over the course of the game, as we play out the deck, it gets bigger and uglier and meaner until it hits a 5/5 and can start swinging around.
We are running two Dead Weight, though this will likely change in the future, because right now there are Goblins and tokens and all manner of two health creatures running around that we can kill for a single black mana.
We running four Nightvale Sprite, a cute 1/ 2 creature that, when it attacks, it surveils 1. That’s neat on such a cheap creature with flying. It helps fuel both Thoughtbound Phantasm, Dimir Spybug and returns Disinformation Campaign to our hand.

We’re running four copies of Dimir Spybug, and boy howdy is this a great little creature to get the job done. A 1/1 with menace, flying and when you Surveil it gets a +1 +1 counter.

One copy of Blood Operative and this is something that I'm just kind of testing. It helps remove something in someone’s discard pile if you need to. So far it hasn't really been that great, but when you surveil and it's in your graveyard then you can pay 3 life and if you do, it's returned to your hand. Having a threat that can come back is nice, through life is a big tax, so it is not so great in this current environment.
We're running 3 copies of Doom Whisperer which is probably the best creature in Standard at the moment. Five CMC for a flying trample 6/6 with pay two life to surveil 2. It really is the bees knees.

Well, it might not look like much, 99, but when you attach this noiser to it...

We are running three Mission Briefing and to be honest, this hasn't been as good as I had hoped. Probably because we're not really running enough instants and sorceries to really give it any good targets. We’re mainly just playing it to Surveil.
Four copies of Thought Erasure, one of the most undervalued and underrated cards of Guilds. You can look at your opponent’s hand and make them discard any nonland card. You can wreck someone’s curve, net a counterspell or even just get rid of some removal.
Four Disinformation Campaign which I'm not a big fan of to be honest. (Disinformation Campaign) is an enchantment that costs one blue and one black and one generic. When it enters the battlefield, you get to draw a card and each opponent discards a card, when you surveil, return it to your hand from the battlefield. Yes, each opponent. That is something to bear in mind if you are playing this in Commander or Brawl, you'll make everyone other than you discard a card at the table.

We are running 3 copies of Sinister Sabotage, counter target spell and surveil 1 for 3 mana. It's certainly not the best spell but it's a counterspell and it has surveil.
Lastly we have 4 copies of Discovery/Dispersal on one side for one Dimir hybrid and one colorless, we get surveil 2 and draw a card. It's a sorcery and I’m not a big fan of card draw at sorcery speed, but it's surveil and it plays along so well with the rest of the deck.  On the other hand Dispersal is fine. It is one blue, one black and three colourless, target opponent returns a nonland permanent they control with the highest converted Mana cost among them to their hand and then discard a card. You can wait until late in the game wait and just flush a big threat out of somebody's hand.

That's all for today, go out and test it out for yourself. The deck could use a little more tweaking, but this basic version is pretty tasty! Have fun and KEEP TAPPING LANDS!