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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Nov 07 2018 12:00pm
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Today I thought we could look at this Lotleth Giant deck I’ve been working on for a while. It's not going to win a hundred percent of the time, but it sure is a lot of fun when you can get it going! The basic concept is to squeak in a little damage over time and get your opponent to around ten life, then reanimate a Lotleth Giant and burn down the opponent for their remaining life. We are doing this using a swathe of surveil spells and if we’re really lucky, using Doom Whisperer as a combo enabling engine of DOOM AND DEATH and stuff.


To start off we have two copies of Mission Briefing, though we don’t really need to play any copies to be honest. I kept them in here because it's Mission Briefing and anyone that knows me knows how much I crow about this card being very good. This is an instant for two blue mana, you surveil two and then choose an instant or sorcery card in your graveyard to play. If we do it's exiled. We do run quite a few things that work well with it and getting another chance on our Vraska's Contempt is great.
Two copies of Mausoleum Secrets, as a tutor it isn't terrible, but it's not amazing when you compare it to other tutors in Standard over the years. This instant with undergrowth lets you search your library for a black card with a converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of creature cards in your graveyard, reveal it, and put it in your hand.
We have two copies of Quasiduplicate for two blue and one colourless, this Jump-start sorcery will create a token that's a copy of a creature you control. The interesting thing here is the clone still gets the ETB triggers so if you copy your Hostage Taker you'll get your ETB trigger because the token comes in as a copy of the chosen creature which is actually really nice. Your main targets are going to be your Ravenous Chupacabra and the Takers, although you may copy Lazav, the Multifarious if you're really desperate, but just remember that your token copy is also going to be a legendary creature, so you'll have to sacrifice either Lazav or the token. You can also make a copy of Doom Whisperer or our killer, the Lotleth Giant.
We're playing two copies of Vraska's Contempt these I just to keep us in the game and can remove an ongoing threat like Arclight Phoenix or Planeswalkers. The flexibity that this card offers means we can remove a Planeswalker with a whole mess of Vraska running wild.
We have four Connive/Concoct, Connive is a two colourless and two hybrid Dimir sorcery gain control of target creature with power two or less. Surprisingly relevant especially when you can steal your opponent's ETB type creature and then Quasiduplicate it. I have done that on occasion when I have needed to.
Next we have the reverse side, Concoct which is a three colourless one blue and one black surveil 3 and then return a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. This is in here purely for our Lotleth Giant but if you're really desperate, Doom Whisperer is a solid choice, if not then Hostage Taker or Ravenous Chupacabra can suffice. Did I mention our Quasiduplicate has Jump-start? I mean we can Jump-start away some stupid big fatty if we need to and reanimate it. Yeah that's pretty good, and speaking of good...


We've got four Stitcher's Supplier, this is a 1/1 zombie for one black, when Stitcher’s Supplier enters the battlefield or dies put the top three cards of your library into your graveyard. This really fuels the Giant.

Three copies of Lazav, the Multifarious which becomes a copy of target creature card in your graveyard with converted mana cost of x except it's name is still Lazav. It's legendary in addition to its other types.

Next we have Dimir Informant this is two colourless and one blue for a human Rogue. When Dimir Informant enters the battlefield you surveil two. This acts more as a 1/4 wall for us, just assisting to stave off any early creature attacks.
Four copies of Whisper Agent are also in the deck. This little flash boy is great! This is a human Rogue 3/2 with Flash for one colourless hybrid blue black hybrid blue black. When Whisper Agent enters the battlefield surveil one. We are just using it most of the time as a surprise blocker. It's cheap, it surveils, and it can trade with some of the threats that aggro decks present to us.
We're playing one copy of Hostage Taker and you can probably take some stuff out and put in more copies of because it's really good, I only own one copy on Arena so that's why we we’re playing one copy here. Hostage Taker costs four for a 2/3 human pirate, and when Hostage Taker enters the battlefield you may exile another creature or artifact until Hostage Taker leaves the battlefield. You may cast that card as long as Hostage Taker remains in play and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any colour. Solid removal and it can help out in a jam if we need to get rid of something on the board.
We have three copies of a Ravenous Chupacabra this is two colourless and two black for a 2/2 horror, when Ravenous Chupacabra enters the battlefield destroy target creature an opponent controls. It’s just solid removal and we can duplicate it with Quasiduplicate
(pic=Doom Whisperer)
Our main engine, Doom Whisperer is probably best creature in Standard at the moment. Five CMC for a flying trample 6/6 with pay two life to surveil 2. Once we drop it, at the end of our opponent’s next turn we can pay as much life as possible and try to end the game with our reanimation combo. We are playing three of these and I feel as if they are a real cornerstone in the deck.
Lastly we have two Lotleth Giant. When Lotleth Giant enters the battlefield it deals 1 damage to an opponent for each creature card in our discard pile. Here's the thing, at first I tried building this around the 20 creatures in my discard to just donk the opponent with a OHKO. It was a stupid mistake and doesn't work. The best you can hope for is 10 to 13 creatures which means you do have to beat on your opponent a little bit. This is fine, that's why we have other creatures in the deck that help us get some damage through. If you can swing to the dome with Doom Whisperer you should be able to finish them off good old Lotleth Giant FTW!


 That’s all from me, keep your eyes peeled for more spicy brews and KEEP TAPPING THAT MANA!