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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Oct 11 2018 12:00pm
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The answer to the question is far less simple than a flat out yes or no. Somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the grey zone where black meets white, Izzet stands alone, pondering what it means to copy and sling spells across the table. Nah that's a load of crap, Izzet Storm is alive and well and BACK IN STANDARD BABY!


And that deck is Thousand-Year Storm, this is basically a storm deck and it's pretty cool.


What is this deck about? Well we have Thousand-Year Storm this is a pretty expensive to cast Enchantment at 4UR and whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell you get to copy it for each other instant or sorcery spell you've cast before it this turn you may then choose new targets for the copies.

Now you're probably saying “but Chesh, at six mana, I could be casting so many spells other than this!” yeah that's true if you play this on Turn 6 and you untap on turn seven with it? You should just win the game on the spot.


Lightning Strike

First up, we are running 3 copies of Shock because it can do damage to any target including our opponent. More cheap spells we play, the more copies we will get when we go off on the C-C-C-COMBO!

We have 3 copies of Lightning Strike for the same reason, 3 damage to any target. Sure it costs us an extra colourless mana, but at the end of the day if you're going to chain this through mission briefings, it doesn't really matter. It's still cheap enough to be amazing.

Four copies of Lava Coil because Steel Leaf Champion will ruin your entire day, this is one red and one colourless for a sorcery that deals 4 damage to target creature and though it's not instant, it still removes problematic creatures like Rekindling Phoenix.

We also run two Beacon Bolt, when you play it you've usually got enough instants and sorcery spells in the bin to do a fair amount of damage, which is pretty good. It also has Jump-start so you don't have to worry about wasting it too early, because you can always discard a card later on from your hand and Jump-start it from your discard pile.


Speaking of Jump-start let's get into some of the draw spells, because this is amazing

First, let's talk about Chart a Course. Sure we aren't running any creatures and this will make us pitch a card, but we really don't care. Chart a Course lets us draw two cards and then we can pitch a land or a Jump-start card and that's very solid and cheap so it also allows us to storm off later.

We are running two copies of Search for Azcanta and I feel it is strong enough in this particular deck because we use it as pseudo ramping. Netting us an extra land throughout the game.

Currently we are running three copies of Firemind's Research this card feels like a trap. Its hard to burn out your opponent with this, but let's face it, this is not UR Tower. But this is a different beast, because when we play an instant or sorcery, we place a counter on it and for one blue and one colours you can remove two charge counters from it to draw a card If it has 5 counters then you can pay one red and one colourless, remove 5 counters from it and deal 5 damage to any Target, that's very solid removal for things like Aurelia.

With Glimmer of Genius rotated out of Standard, I'm thankful we have Chemister's Insight, draw 2 cards and has Jump-start. As an instant, I'll take that any day, especially considering you draw 2 cards and then you can just pay another four and pitch a card to play it again. If you have Thousand-Year Storm out, you will be drawing six cards.


Remember how I said any time I was running blue I would fit in at least one copy of Nexus of Fate? We're running a copy of Nexus of Fate because you knew it had to happen.

To protect our Thousand-Year Storm and disrupt our opponent, of course we are running three copies of Ionize. Sure it might be a bit expensive at three converted mana, but this helps enable your combo by grinding your opponent's life total down just that little bit. You also get to counterspell your opponent's best card and deal them damage, so IDK. Izzet is okay, I guess?

And finally, we are running three Mission Briefing and I almost want to make this four but that double blue cost it's it's a little bit expensive. This card is amazing for the combo turn, though. Mission Briefing lets you dig into the deck with the first one then you can choose an instant sorcery card from the discard pile and cast it this turn.

So the combo looks like this:

With Thousand-Year Storm out, play Mission Briefing and surveil two cards into your discard pile, choosing a Mission Briefing in your discard pile. Cast that Mission Briefing targeting the original Mission Briefing and the second copy targeting Chart a Course. Cast THREE copies of Mission Briefing, then FOUR Chart a Course and finally FIVE Lightning Strike for a total of 15 damage and then a Shock for 12. I know this SOUNDS like magical Christmas land, but it really DOES work. Bonus points if the game drags to where you get MULTIPLE Nexus of Fate turns out of a few Shock.

That's it from me, how are your spicy janky wonderful Guilds of Ravnica brews going? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and share!