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Nov 26 2020 12:00pm


 As a complement to the ongoing Guide to Brawl series, what follows is one of five reference guides listing all the relevant cards of each color that are currently legal in Brawl. In this issue, the focus is on red. The guide currently encompasses cards from Throne of Eldraine to Zendikar Rising and will be updated with each new premier set release.

 Content sections:




 Creatures: Anax, Hardened in the Forge, Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge, Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner, Torbran, Thane of Red Fell, Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded, Syr Carah, the Bold, Moraug, Fury of Akoum, Yidaro, Wandering Monster

 Planeswalkers: Chandra, Heart of Fire, Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast

 2. BURN


 Any target: Bonecrusher Giant, Chandra, Heart of Fire, Shock, Roil Eruption, Slaying Fire, Omen of the Forge, Fateful End, Spikefield Hazard, Volcanic Geyser, Sundering Stroke, Fling, Kazuul's Fury, Inescapable Blaze (Arena only)

 Creature or planeswalker: Shatterskull Smashing, Chandra's Incinerator, Scorching Dragonfire, Thundering Rebuke, Soul Sear, Purphoros's Intervention, Volcanic Salvo, Iroas's Blessing, Redcap Melee, Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor, Heartfire Immolator, Molten Blast

 Creature only: Fire Prophecy, Flame Spill, Final Flare, Rumbling Rockslide, Synchronized Spellcraft, Searing Barrage, Turn to Slag, Reduce to Ashes (Arena only)

 Mass effects: Storm's Wrath, Cinderclasm, Blazing Volley

 Pingers: Weaponize the Monsters, Syr Carah, the Bold, Chandra's Magmutt, Dreamstalker Manticore, Havoc Jester, Raid Bombardment (Arena only)

 Specialized: Irencrag Pyromancer (draw two), Porcuparrot (mutate), Drannith Stinger (cycling), Rockslide Sorcerer (Wizard tribal), Thundering Sparkmage (party)



 Rummaging: Thrill of Possibility, Cathartic Reunion, Tormenting Voice, Valakut Awakening, Ox of Agonas, Merchant of the Vale, Fissure Wizard, Kinetic Augur

 Impulsive drawing and recursion: Chandra, Heart of Fire, Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast, Robber of the Rich, Valakut Exploration, Furious Rise, Syr Carah, the Bold, Tectonic Giant, Underworld Breach, Magmatic Channeler, Grotag Night-Runner

 Token makers: Anax, Hardened in the Forge, Satyr's Cunning, Goblin Wizardry, Forbidden Friendship, Mad RatterTin Street Cadet (Arena only), Goblin Gang Leader (Arena only)

 Copy effects: Double Vision

 Other draw effects: Nahiri's Lithoforming

 Sneak and cheat effects: Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast, Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded, Transmogrify, Dreamshaper Shaman, Unpredictable Cyclone

 Mana enhancers: Fires of Invention, Leyline Tyrant, Irencrag Feat, Ardent Electromancer (party)



 Fight effects: Go for Blood, Joust, The Triumph of Anax, Clash of Titans, Brash Taunter, Skophos Maze-Warden

 Treason effects: Claim the Firstborn, The Akroan War, Song-Mad Treachery, Traitorous Greed, Portent of Betrayal, Tentative Connection

 Sacrifice outlets: Fling, Kazuul's Fury, Weaponize the Monsters, Final Flare, Blood Aspirant, Hobblefiend

 Artifact hate: Embereth Shieldbreaker, Shredded Sails, Molten Blast, Destructive Tampering, Irreverent Revelers, Turn to Slag

 Others: Transmogrify, Cleansing Wildfire



 Major beaters: Terror of the Peaks, Leyline Tyrant, Torbran, Thane of Red Fell, Chandra's Incinerator, Moraug, Fury of Akoum, Brash Taunter, Robber of the Rich, Bonecrusher Giant, Phoenix of Ash, Everquill Phoenix, Yidaro, Wandering Monster

 Other beaters: Relic Robber, Tectonic Giant, Ox of Agonas, Shatterskull Charger, Spellgorger Weird, Opportunistic Dragon, Careless Celebrant, Akoum Warrior, Immortal Phoenix (Arena only), Siege Dragon (Arena only)

 Fast beaters: Fervent Champion, Weaselback Redcap, Wayward Guide-Beast, Akoum Hellhound, Fireblade Charger, Goblin Arsonist, Nest Robber (Arena only)

 Minor beaters: Underworld Rage-Hound, Bolt Hound, Chandra's Pyreling, Incendiary Oracle, Igneous Cur, Frillscare Mentor, Raging Redcap, Spelleater Wolverine, Battle-Rattle Shaman, Momentum Rumbler, Lava Serpent, Sanctuary Smasher

 Specialized: Storm Herald (Auras matter), Conspicuous Snoop (Goblin tribal), Kargan Intimidator (Warrior tribal), Goma Fada Vanguard (Warrior tribal), Expedition Champion (Warrior tribal), Grotag Bug-Catcher (party), Hero of the Games (heroic), Heroes of the Revel (heroic), Reptilian Reflection (cycling), Prickly Marmoset (cycling), Shatterskull Minotaur (party), Goblin Trashmaster (Goblin tribal, Arena only)

 Pump spells: Rimrock Knight, Infuriate, Raking Claws, Unleash Fury, Barge In, Sure Strike, Inordinate Rage, Burn Bright

 Equipment and Auras: Embercleave, Crystal Slipper, Footfall Crater, Escape Velocity, Iroas's Blessing, Maniacal Rage (Arena only)

 Other enhancers: Torbran, Thane of Red Fell, Fiery Emancipation, Tuktuk Rubblefort, Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner, Crash Through, Ogre Battledriver (Arena only)



 Major utility: Castle Embereth

 Other utility: Dwarven Mine




 Commanders: Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger, Obosh, the Preypiercer, Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats

 Specialized creatures: Labyrinth Raptor and Sonorous Howlbonder (menace tribal), Slaughter-Priest of Mogis (sacrifice)

 Other creatures: Stormfist Crusader

 Specialized spells: Steelclaw Lance (Knight tribal)

 Other spells: Ravager's Mace

 Lands: Temple of Malice, Bloodfell Caves



 Commanders: Gallia of the Endless Dance, Grumgully, the Generous, Klothys, God of Destiny, Radha, Heart of Keld, Phylath, World Sculptor

 Other major creatures: Brushfire Elemental, Quartzwood Crasher

 Other creatures: Warden of the Chained, Leafkin Avenger, Proud Wildbonder, Rampart Smasher

 Other spells: Escape to the Wilds

 Lands: Cragcrown Pathway, Temple of Abandon, Rugged Highlands



 Commanders: Kaza, Roil Chaser, Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders, Rielle, the Everwise, The Royal Scions

 Major creatures: Sprite Dragon

 Specialized creatures: Umara Mystic (Wizard tribal), Lore Drakkis (mutate)

 Other spells: Improbable Alliance, Channeled Force

 Lands: Riverglide Pathway, Temple of Epiphany, Swiftwater Cliffs



 Commanders: Akiri, Fearless Voyager, Zirda, the Dawnwaker, Haktos the Unscarred, Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients

 Specialized creatures: Inspiring Veteran (Knight tribal), Kargan Warleader (Warrior tribal), Hero of the Nyxborn (heroic), Regal Leosaur (mutate), Savai Thundermane (cycling)

 Other creatures: Alpine Houndmaster, Fireborn Knight

 Other spells: Outlaws' Merriment, Zenith Flare

 Lands: Needleverge Pathway, Temple of Triumph, Wind-Scarred Crag



 Commanders: Korvold, Fae-Cursed King, Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale, Narset of the Ancient Way, Vadrok, Apex of Thunder, Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt, Illuna, Apex of Wishes

 Jeskai spells: Mythos of Vadrok, Inspired Ultimatum, Whirlwind of Thought, Raugrin Crystal

 Mardu spells: Mythos of Snapdax, Ruinous Ultimatum, Offspring's Revenge, Savai Crystal

 Temur spells: Mythos of Illuna, Genesis Ultimatum, Song of Creation, Ketria Crystal

 Lands: Raugrin Triome, Savai Triome, Ketria Triome, Tournament Grounds




 Mana producers: Command Tower, Base Camp

 Major utility lands: Bonders' Enclave, Crawling Barrens, Field of Ruin

 Minor utility lands: Labyrinth of Skophos, Radiant Fountain

 Fetchlands: Fabled Passage, Evolving Wilds



 Creatures: Stonecoil Serpent, Palladium Myr, Solemn Simulacrum, Crystalline Giant, Sparkhunter Masticore, Myriad Construct, Crashing Dawbridge, Gingerbrute, Clockwork Servant, Farfinder

 Mana rocks: Arcane Signet, Heraldic Banner, Altar of the Pantheon, Slyclave Relic, Spinning Wheel, Nyx Lotus, Chromatic Orrery

 Equipment: Shadowspear, Mirror Shield

 Specialized artifacts: Witch's Oven (sacrifice), Lucky Clover (adventures), Relic Axe (Warrior tribal)

 Other artifacts: Mazemind Tome, Tome of Legends, Traveler's Amulet, Golden EggTormod's Crypt, Soul-Guide Lantern, Lithoform Engine



 Planeswalkers: Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

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