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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Jun 23 2015 12:00pm
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Ham on a Wry is an annual player run event to honor Erik Friborg. You can read about the tournament here. This time the format was Vintage so I was very excited to play.

I used my typical Oath list. Recently I made one small change but for this event I still didn't have it. When I got into Vintage, Hurkyl's Recall was about 60 tix. I replaced it with Rebuild because it was very cheap. I never thought about it again but about a week ago, I saw that the Modern Masters 2015 version of the card was just 2 tix. I bought one to replace the sideboard Rebuild. I still prefer keeping the Rebuild in the maindeck because it can cycle. Rebuild also has some advantages against Shops. I've actually gotten extra mana out of it by getting back Mox, Sol Ring and Crypt. And there was a time some lists were playing Witchbane Orb, which stops Hurkyl's. Anyway, most of the time costing one less mana is better but I still prefer being able to cycle it in the maindeck.


The tournament was 7 rounds swiss cutting to top 8 and we were actually allowed to ID.



He went to 5, played Probe and passed without a land. I played Ancestral on his upkeep but he had FoW. He passed and I used Demonic Tutor to get Oath. He Probed again and this time I used my Misstep. I played Oath which resolved and followed it with Orchard into Key. He conceded without even taking his turn.



I didn't really know what to do while sideboarding because it's possible that he was on a Delver or Mentor deck but also on a combo deck. Considering he conceded without even drawing the card for his turn, it's more likely he is on a fair deck. My hand wasn't great and I think I should probably mulligan it but I guess not knowing what I was up against made me uncomfortable mulliganning. He start with Probe and nothing else and I played Mox into Key which he Missteped. I played another Mox, land and the Oath I had just drawn. He played two Probes, Workshop, Mox, Charbelcher, another Mox and Mox Opal. So now I knew I was playing against Monoblue Charbelcher. I used Decay on a Mox but he had Chrome Mox as well and activated his artifact dealing me just 3. I played Yawgmoth's Will getting a land, Decay and Key out of it. He played Map with Workshop, tapped both Mox to search for Academy and that was enough to activate his artifact. He had no more lands in his deck and I lost.



I kept a decent hand. It had Oath but not Orchard and it had FoW but no second blue card. I played Oath on the first turn and passed. He Probed and played Chrome Mox without imprinting, just so he wouldn't discard. I drew Academy so I played Vault with it and Mox keeping Nature's Claim up. He played Mox, Mox Opal and I decided not to destroy his Mox in response. He tapped those to play his own Vault and I destroyed it on his end step. I drew Orchard so now I just needed to get my turn and I could also hardcast FoW. He played Probe, Mana Vault, Chrome Mox without imprinting and Timetwister with one mana left. I played FoW but he had his own so Timetwister resolved. I drew no FoWs or Missteps so I didn't like my position. He played Workshop, another Mox Opal, Repeal on the token and Time Vault. I played Mox and Ponder which he Missteped. Time Walk resolved so I was now in a very good spot and I also Decayed his Vault before passing. I didn't mill anything relevant, drew 14 cards and found everything I needed to win and he conceded before I even played those.


He didn't show up.



I played Thoughtseize but he had Misstep. He Probed me and played Tarn. We both played our lands and passed and on his end step I cycled Rebuild. I played Ponder before playing my land and he used Flusterstorm. I didn't really care if he used that or Spell Pierce on Ponder because with both Show and Tell and Will in hand those two cards would be good later anyway. I played land and passed and on his turn he played Dig with one mana open. I continued to pass without anything to play. He played Pyromancer and Preordain but I responded with Decay. I drew Demonic Tutor and played it. He played FoW but I also played my own and it resolved. I got Oath and played it. He played land, Time Walk and Bolt. On his extra turn he played Dig, Pyromancer, Ancestral and Preordain. I milled few cards but one of them was Time Walk which wasn't bad with Will in hand. I drew 7 and found no counters so I had to hope he didn't have FoW. He didn't and conceded after I played Time Walk and Demonic Tutor from the graveyard.



He started with Cage which was pretty good against my hand. I played Black Lotus and passed. He played land and passed. I drew a land so I used it to cast Thoughtseize but he had Misstep. He played Delver and land. I drew another land so I played Oath. He played Gush in response and Bolted me. He revealed Preordain to Delver, played two Preordains and passed. I Decayed the Cage in response to Oath's trigger. He Gushed in response but didn't find Misdirection. I drew 7, played Will and with Academy in play, Time Walk and he conceded.



I went to 6 and played Top on turn 1. He played land and passed. I activated Top on my upkeep and found my second land which allowed me to play Thoughtseize. He tried to Brainstorm in response but I tapped Top to draw Mental Misstep and countered that. I saw Swords to Plowshares, 2 FoWs, Probe and two Tarns. I took one FoW and passed. He played land and I played Top. He played another land and Dack Fayden. I pressed F2 too fast and didn't even activate Top to see if I had a FoW there. On my turn, I could have used Vampiric to get Oath and play it right away after drawing it with Top, but I knew about his FoW so I didn't want to do that. He played Mentor and I responded with Mana Drain and he allowed it. That gave me 3 extra mana for the following turn so I played Vampiric to search for Oath. He Missteped my Tutor but I knew I had my own Misstep on top so I used Top to draw it. I started by casting Show and Tell because he has to counter it and even if he doesn't, I still use it to put Oath into play. He did counter so I played Oath and passed. He activated Dack, played Treasure Cruise, Dig, Probe and attacked. After that he played 2 Mox, land and Mentor. I put Griselbrand into play and drew 7. Sadly I didn't find anything to get me extra turns so I played Jace bouncing Mentor and Top. He Preordained twice, played Mentor, ultimated Dack and passed the turn with Tundra untapped. On my turn, after Oath's trigger, he played Swords on my Griselbrand and also used Mental Misstep on it. I Forced the Misstep and he stole my creature before it got exiled and gained him 7 life. He messed up by not drawing 7 but I was still in a very bad spot. I Brainstormed with Jace finding land, Demonic Tutor and Will. I had everything I needed to win: I could put back Griselbrand and Oath, use Demonic Tutor to get Time Walk, get Griselbrand into play, use Will to get another use out of Time Walk and probably be able to also play Demonic for Time Vault. I seriously don't know what I was thinking because instead of doing this, I used Will to play Show and Tell from the graveyard and gave him a turn. He had one draw step to hit but I was punished because it was Gush. He chained that into Preordain, Dig and Pyroblast on my Griselbrand to steal it and win the game.

I was sad to lose this game because I really liked how I played the turn I resolved Oath but messed up something way more simple. To be fair, if he had played correctly, he would have drawn 7 with Griselbrand so any FoW in there foils my chances in this game. He also made another minor mistake which was playing Misstep right away instead of waiting until he has Griselbrand under his control so he could draw 7 before playing it.



I could have played Oath on turn 1 but with two Thoughtseize and Spell Pierce in hand I think it's much better to lead with the discard spell. It resolved and I took FoW leaving him with Dack, Dig, Preordain, 2 Tarn and Karakas. He played Preordain and passed. I drew Lotus and played another Thoughtseize seeing Preordain and Ancestral as new cards. I took Ancestral, played Mox, Orchard, Oath and Black Lotus. He played Preordain, Probe, Karakas and attacked me down to 14. I got Griselbrand but milled Will. I drew 7 but I had nothing to get extra turns. I played Sol Ring and Key and passed. I think I should have played Ancestral as well since I didn't care about having to discard Orchard or Oath. He bounced my Griselbrand at my end step. He attacked and passed. I played Ancestral on his end step. I had Demonic Tutor now so I used it to get Time Vault. I played Ponder drawing FoW and played Vault. He responded with Gush which I allowed and FoW. I used my own Force and he cast Dig but I had Spell Pierce for that. He made me actually kill him and it took some time because I didn't want to risk activating Oath with just one Griselbrand left in the deck when I have the game won. Eventually I won after hardcasting Griselbrand twice.



I had a very good hand capable of turn 1 Oath with FoW and Ancestral as well. He played Mox, Preordain and Cage. I didn't want to exiled Ancestral to FoW, especially since it could be terrible if he countered my Oath or had another Cage. I played Mox, Sol Ring, Academy and Ancestral. I should have played Underground Sea because it would allow me to play Oath on turn 2 and have access to Decay on my upkeep. He played land and passed. I drew Griselbrand so I played Show and Tell. He used Pyroblast and I played FoW. He Gushed in response, played Ancestral but couldn't find a way to counter my spell and I put Griselbrand into play. He put a land into play. I activated Griselbrand and he responded by casting Dig. I decided to not go to 5 to try to find something for it, but knowing he has Karakas in his deck I probably should have. I didn't find anything to keep me going so I passed the turn. He played 2 Probes, Preordain, Ponder, Black Lotus, Mox Ruby and Karakas. I should have Decayed his Lotus on his end step but at the time I didn't even think about it. I drew 7, attacked and he bounced my Griselbrand. Still in the attack step, I Decayed his Lotus and he used it to cast Dig. I used Mana Drain there and on my second mainphase I played Vault and Key. He had Force but I had Flusterstorm. I took an extra turn and played Show and Tell for Griselbrand. However he had a land and used Wear//Tear to destroy my Vault. I only played like that to try to save time but it backfired. In my extra turn I had another brainfart. I could have played Demonic Tutor for Time Walk and win but instead I got Yawgmoth's Will to get Vault Key going again but I had no more black mana because I also had to Decay is Cage. He Gushed and passed. I drew 7 and attack and he bounced my guy. I played Will got the extra turns going again and used Demonic to get Black Lotus. I used Black Lotus to cast Griselbrand and he finally conceded.


My opponent had something to do and couldn't play this round so this put me at 5-0 and most likely able to draw into top8.

M6 and M7: I IDed both.



I went to 6 cards and he started with land, Mox Ruby and Ancestral. I used Misstep but he had Pyroblast. I used FoW but he also had his own and I was left with two lands and Will against his 4 cards in hand plus two mana sources in play. I drew Academy, played land and passed. He played Mox and Dack Fayden and at this point I'm very unlikely to win this game. All I was doing was playing lands and he kept activating Dack. Eventually he played Mentor. I played Sol Ring and Jace, bouncing the Mentor. He stole my Sol Ring, played Mentor and Pyroblasted Jace. I had nothing relevant again and he played Dig. He played another Mentor, Time Walk and some spells and 2 attack steps later I was dead.



I started with Thoughtseize with Misstep to protect it but he had two Missteps. He played two Probes and Cage. I used Vampiric on my Upkeep to get Oath and played it of Mox and Orchard. He played a second Cage and attacked. He both did nothing on our following turns and after that I drew Ponder but seeing nothing relevant I shuffled drawing Force. He drew his second land and I drew the second Griselbrand. He played Containment Priest and the game was almost over now. I Decayed his Priest to take less damage but he had Gush into Mentor plus Probe after attacking. I had to draw Show and Tell and hope he didn't have a counter but I didn't and I passed the turn know I would lose. He didn't play enough spells to actually kill me but at this point I don't think even resolving Show and Tell would save me.

Game 1 I was never close to winning but game 2 I think I had a chance. He needed to have those 2 Misstep and 2 Cages and if he has one less of those I am probably able to win but that happens and I prefer losing like that than not actually having a shot like in the first game. My opponent this round, toeiman, ended up winning the whole thing so congrats to him.

It was great to play this tournament and I was happy to top 8 but it's always a bittersweet feeling to go undefeated in the swiss only to be trampled in the first round of the top 8. I did win two rounds without playing so I only won 3 played round which makes close to going 3-1 in a Daily Event. I'd like to thank BlippyTheSlug for organizing the tournament as well as everyone who donated to the prize pool because that's what made all this possible. I hope you enjoyed this.