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By: Xaoslegend, Michael Allen
Nov 10 2010 2:38am
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So what has been going on, lots and lots and too much more than I can Whac-a-mole away.



     So as a lot of my friends online know already my baby girl Charlemagne (pronounced shar-la-mane) (I know, epic name right? My family is already calling her "Charlie", though I prefer calling her "Shar" if I'm shortening it) was born on 10/29/10. She's beautiful, wonderful and everything I could have hoped for. She also takes up ungodly amounts of time to take care of. That along with the busiest part of my school semester underway and managing to run events and get articles posted has proved to be causing some leaks in my budget barge. 


    Have no fear though things in the Heirloom world have been moving merrily along. As I mentioned in my last article we now have a website that is being run mostly single-handedly by Thuh-Nagarjuna, which has been a great place to see recent news about the format and tons more. Without getting too specific Mario (Thuh-Nagarjuna) has a contest that runs till the end of this month. simply register for the website and enter a lottery to win prizes from the ever-generous Nagarjuna. He promises tix and foils to some lucky budget aficionado so make sure you don't miss out on that.


      Speaking of contests I have another "Heirloom Media Contributor" award this article.

     This time the winner is Naproxen. He wins the 2nd award for this contest for developing the webpage based Heirloom card legality checker and search engine. You can find it here as the "Heirloom Legality Checker". It allows decklists to be imported as txt files for full deck checking and searching for cards by name with very quick image links and a link to Mtgotraders listing of the selected card. Very useful and totally up to date with the SOM additions to the format.

     Email me your Heirloom cartoons, pictures, videos etc and If I like them I'll put them in my articles. You can also win and get your content featured in my articles if you post new threads in various places, your own articles here or in other places and/or create resources for Heirloom players. Up to one Winner per article if I get decent submissions. I'll post all the stuff I like and the winner will get 3 tix from me just for doing what you might feel like doing anyway.

     Seriously though send me some funny Heirloom pictures, easiest way to win tix you can imagine. If I do put a cartoon in one of my articles I'll give you at least one tix as a runner up prize 8O! I'm at gmail.com as Xaoslegend to send me emails btw.

Thanks a lot for making this available for everyone Naproxen, see me online for your 3 tix prize as minor compensation for your contribution!



     As you probably gathered the Heirloom Legal Card List has been updated to include SOM cards since the last Heirloom article was published. By the time this article sees the light of day there will most likely have been 3 minor revisions just for SOM cards to add any cards cheap enough for Heirloom into the mix. These minor revisions have only added cards, they haven't banned anything new. But about a week after this article's posting all Heirloom cards will be reevaluated based on secondary market value for inclusion or exclusion from the list.

Some of the awesome Scards that are already legal in Heirloom:

Steel Hellkite Kuldotha Phoenix Kemba, Kha Regent Platinum Emperion

     There are just a whole lot of new options with SOM being brought into the format. I don't know that I've seen too much exploitation of the new hotness, but I'm sure soon enough someone will break an event in half with these "new heirlooms".

Some cards I expect to see banned are:

 Hellkite Overlord Goblin Chieftain Splinter Twin Elvish Archdruid

     I certainly don't expect overlord's banning to kill Hypergenesis but at least it will make the deck a lot cheaper to build (as in 3x cheaper or more lol) so that's always a good thing. Similarly I don't expect the banning of one goblin lord to diminish the power of the tribe that significantly, there are plenty of powerful options left to draw from for the little green menace. The banning of Splinter Twin on the other hand will completely end the potential to build that particularly effective two card combo deck, which has been mysteriously absent among entrants since it's dominant showing in that one event. Elvish Archdruid's passing is not the end of elves at all but it is a tough blow. He has been one of the most powerful cards in the tribe's arsenal and without him I'm afraid that they may remain tier 2 for some time.

Some cards I expect to see legalized (whether Californians like it or not!)

Vivid Creek Demonfire Broodmate Dragon Cruel Ultimatum

     All of the vivid lands are likely to become legal since they've been under the threshold for some time now and will more than likely see a ton of play in Heirloom decks if they are brought into the fold as they will probably be the most powerful multicolor lands in the format at that point. The entire meta may shift as 3-5 color decks become faster and more consistent through vivid support. Demonfire is simply a nice finisher for burn decks, but without a ton of counter control around it's little more than a superior Blaze effect. Broodmate Dragon could certainly shake things up. The format has had a lack of independently powerful cards like the double dragon, but again midrange has not had the best showing in the format for that very reason. Cruel Ultimatum powered up by vivid lands is another option worth exploring I think in a heavy control deck.

Sedraxis Specter Finest Hour Lightning Angel Mirari

      Sed Spec has always been a favorite of mine, something for a Crypt of Agadeem deck or just as a quality grixis role player. Finest Hour is nothing to be overlooked. With the ability to end the game out of nowhere and totally dominate the attack step I'm sure I'll see a try or two at it. Lightning Angel is another nostalgic one for me, as well as Mirari. Not sure where they'll fit in, but I'm sure as always it will be fun to see what people assemble from the overlooked Heirlooms on MTGO.


     Then we have what the article was named after to announce: The Heirloom League:  "Parallel Universe". It's also what I plan to rename this article series following the exploits of the emergent format. So how will it work you ask?

Link to the official Registration and information thread Here

"The Heirloom Sealed League: "Parallel Universe" Season 1 will begin 11/16/10 (Tuesday)

Prizes for the league have yet to be determined but as people that play the Heirloom constructed weekly events know I'm usually quite generous with my prize support. (depends on number of participants and other factors) There will be tix given out weekly as well as Heirloom foils to everyone who plays.

This sealed league will be based on the format: Heirloom

When season 1 starts all registered players will be given a sealed pool that will be publicly posted Here:

That sealed pool will contain 6 simulated "Heirloom Classic Booster Packs" IE 6 rares/mythics 18 uncommons and 60 commons.

Players will be responsible for finding the cards in their pool themselves, and only have to buy the cards they want to include in their pool for main deck and sideboard purposes.

Each week one pack will be added to each players pool.

Players will find other players in the league by coordinating online for match time throughout the week. Results of each match must be messaged to me by both players of the match to count.

One match per player combination is allowed with no maximum number of opponents.

Standings each week will be based upon total matches won.

Your deck must be at least 40 cards

Games will be played in Freeform(to allow unlimited sideboards) with 30 minute duration.

Players are expected to be good sportsmen.

Registered Players for season one so far:


     Here's a picture of my deck built from a test pool for the format:


And then a screenshot of me and Thuh-Nagarjuna match testing the format:



     For me limited has been the fire that kept me interested in magic over the years. It was always easy to jump into whenever I had the time to and the unique challenges and restrictions of it always stimulated me in all the right ways.

     If Heirloom were only going to offer an excellent alternative to expensive constructed magic it would be incomplete. So here we are continuing to expand into limited. Budget magic doesn't have to be more restrictive in it's options than expensive magic. It only requires some of us in the community to put up or shut up with a little of out time and treasure to one another and ourselves in small ways so that we can all benefit immeasurably from the assets already available to us: A game engine that takes care of all the details of play moderation (judging, rules etc.) and presents it to us in an attractive visual form, An internet that allows us to organize ourselves outside of the interference of any profit motivated entity(*Cough* Mark Rosewater *Cough*) and our own personal strengths and associative tendencies.


     And so we begin the Heirloom sealed league: "Parallel Universe", a limited format with all the challenge of other sealed deck events on MTGO except this one is very, very cheap to play. I hope we get as many and more people to play in this league as we have had at the constructed events. I personally plan to play in this league and look forward to playing events as well as running them from now on. So go ahead and register and we'll see you at the kickoff.



Before I forget I have a pair of new Heirloom Godfathers to anoint. They are:

     "Naps-as-Rox-em" (Naproxen) for his ongoing contributions and participation.

     "Law-of-O" (Olaw) as in the law that whoever gets the other player to "O" first wins (in the bedroom this has a different meaning of course). Olaw recently won two events back to back despite high attendance and an increasingly competitive environment.

     Because of their exploits they are now enshrined in the halls of Heirloom Godfatherlyhoodness, may Chewbacca save their eternal souls.

     Neither through absence nor infamy may their names be stricken from the number, they are now of the Godfather tribe until death or fundamental transformation (if a person goes through gender modification they must reapply for recognition as a Godmother).




And finally onto the event coverage.


     We had 19 players for this week's event and things went very smoothly with no drops due to time constraints with the long slog of five rounds to overcome.


The standings were:

1st negative_optimist  5-0
---------Won 6 tix, 2 foils and a pack of Scars of Mirrodin that was donated by *HG-Thuh-Nagarjuna*

2nd moromete  4-1
---------Won 4 tix and 2 foils

3rd HornedFish 4-1
---------Won 2 tix and 2 foils

4th jam33 4-1
---------Won 2 tix and 2 foils

The rest of the players were awarded the participation award, this week it was 2 foil and 1 tix for each person after the top four.

5th plateddragon 3-2

6th mrjebus27 3-2 *HG-Don't-Mess-with-the-Jebus*

7th OMC11 3-2

8th Mr Slippery 39 3-2 *HG-The-Slippery-B.I.G.*

9th lozarian 3-2

10th Bliven731 2-3

11th Nagarjuna 2-3 *HG-Thuh-Nagarjuna*

12th ChrisMH77 2-3

13th feastoftheunicorn 2-3

14th jeremy812 2-3

15th HoffeFin 1-4 *HG-Hoffe-the-Fin*

16th Naproxen 1-4

17th RedMan929 1-4

18th varcoldf 1-4 *Varchild-Cold-Fury*

19th ArcherDarks 0-1 (Drop)

      Great event, looks like tribal caught a lot of people flat-footed this go around. As I initially emphasized when first promoting this format, synergy in Heirloom is king, and Tribal decks certainly have synergy in spades.


1st negative_optimist  5-0
---------Won 6 tix, 2 foils and a pack of Scars of Mirrodin that was donated by *HG-Thuh-Nagarjuna*

  "... well its basically little green men of death felt like I dominated every match up hope that doesn't make the people I played mad not to say they are less good than I am. its just I felt my deck was to fast/powerful for the strategies they were using beat elves through double leylines and hella elves ..."

"...I really felt in no danger of losing most of the time again not due to player skill just deck speed and I even played through multiple board sweeps a few games and i can come back pretty easily I don't empty my hand unless its lethal :P..." 

"...so far heirloom is awesome my new favorite format atm lots of fun and super cheap seems like its got lots of room for deck development"

"i was kinda scared of hyper gen deck so I threw in rain and i thought about leaving in plains/island hate but basically I never needed to board them in both colors seemed like relative byes anyway damn I sound conceited on trying to gobs are just you know gobs seems like B or G hate woulda been more useful but as it is bolt is all I really boarded in and loved it every game basically" 



2nd moromete  4-1
---------Won 4 tix and 2 foils


3rd HornedFish 4-1
---------Won 2 tix and 2 foils

"Had fun with the deck, only loss came against Gobbos. Should have had some sort of life-gain in the sideboard to make those matches easier. Could have gotten by with 1 Confiscate main, though it did save my butt one match. All in all I'm pretty happy with how the deck played out."


4th jam33 4-1
---------Won 2 tix and 2 foils


      The rest of the players were awarded the participation award, this week it was 2 foil and 1 tix for each person after the top four.

5th plateddragon 3-2

"Same deck as last week, a few tweeks"


6th mrjebus27 3-2 *HG-Don't-Mess-with-the-Jebus*

"Went 3-2. Started 3-0 and got very unlucky in last 2 rounds. I either drew half my lands in 15 cards or only 1 land. Very good deck. Hadn't lost a match with it until those 2 rounds, even in testing. Thermokarsts are nice on SB. Might move leylines to MD and put jinxes on side."


7th OMC11 3-2

"I went 3-2.. I think I need to tweak it a bit, some cards are useless .."


8th Mr Slippery 39 3-2 *HG-The-Slippery-B.I.G.*

"It initially had staggershock but I realized that it wasn't legal as soon as I cast it in my round 1 game match. Sorry ."

"I built this deck about a month ago and couldn't really get it to work the way I wanted it to. But alas schoolwork made it so I had no good opportunity to make any other new decks for this week so I gave it a spin."

"It didn't play too bad but it can get draws where you feel like you are just playing a really bad burn deck. Also for a combo deck, its a bit slow and for a burn deck its a bit slow. I didn't get to play a Searing Wind off a spinerock knoll today, but I got to do it with Ignite Memories so it wasn't to bad."


9th lozarian 3-2

"Worked out ok."

"Watching 12 monkeys at the same time not really a good plan though." 


11th Nagarjuna 2-3 *HG-Thuh-Nagarjuna*

"I tried a GrindingCombo-Deck this time"

"Some fast aggro/burn Decks, bad draws and a misplay in the last game gave me a tough competition hereCry"

Grinding Renewal
4 Ornithopter
4 Shield Sphere
8 cards

Other Spells
2 Compulsive Research
4 Enduring Renewal
4 Force Spike
4 Grinding Station
4 Mana Tithe
1 Negate
4 Ponder
3 Spell Pierce
4 Telling Time
30 cards
4 Cloudcrest Lake
4 Coastal Tower
7 Island
7 Plains
22 cards

4 AEther Burst
3 Negate
4 Pacifism
4 Silence
15 cards
Enduring Renewal


12th ChrisMH77 2-3

"Had fun today but the deck did not work most of the games, either took too long to get going or I just did not draw what I needed at the right time. I think I have too much trying to happen in this list so I need to tweak it quite a bit to see if I can make it better."

4 Darksteel Gargoyle
4 cards

Other Spells
4 Temple Bell
4 Diabolic Tutor
4 Death Pits of Rath
4 Caltrops
4 Last Gasp
4 Teferi's Puzzle Box
4 Corrupt
4 Charcoal Diamond
4 Underworld Dreams
36 cards
20 Swamp
20 cards

4 Infest
4 Dash Hopes
3 Relic of Progenitus
4 Rend Flesh
15 cards
Death Pits of Rath

14th jeremy812 2-3

16th Naproxen 1-4

"It was a very fun learning experience."


17th RedMan929 1-4

"I went 1-4 and can only credit my one win to my opponent dopping from the round... my deck did what it was supposed to for the most part. I played against a lot of burn / aggro and the one combo deck I faced turned out very close."


"  You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go."

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Hey Xaos, it's good to see by Nagarjuna at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 03:50
Nagarjuna's picture

Hey Xaos,

it's good to see how well the Heirloom-community is developing.

The testgames for the limited sealed league were great fun for less than 1 tix for the card pool!!! So I can only advice everybody to join it :-)

I'm also looking forward for this weeks event! For the season final you will payout double amount of prizes, right?



Hey Naga, Ya things have been by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 04:07
Xaoslegend's picture

Hey Naga,

Ya things have been going great,

I guess I forgot to mention the season finals in this article, so many things to cover lol, so ya the season finals will essentially be 2x the prizes, 12 tix to first, and 20 tix divided among all the people that only lose one round as well as 4 tix to 3 random entrants that play till the end but don't win a placement prize and 4 foils to choose for everyone who plays at least 3 rounds. One random player (won placements prize or not that plays till the final round) will also receive the 12 goblin rares that were donated and redonated awhile ago as well as some other donations we've recieved lately of foils and such. (4 goblin goon, 4 shared animosity and 4 goblin chieftian)

So ya if you're going to go to any Heirloom constructed event this is probably the one to find time for heh.


Be sure and register me for by Paul Leicht at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 04:14
Paul Leicht's picture

Be sure and register me for the sealed league event.

Absolutely Paul, =) by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 04:15
Xaoslegend's picture

Absolutely Paul,

Thanks for the great balls of fire approval =P


Note: Some Links don't work by Nagarjuna at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 05:26
Nagarjuna's picture

Note: Some Links don't work for me: "As" "Then".

"As", "Then"? not sure which by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 05:53
Xaoslegend's picture

"As", "Then"? not sure which you mean.


"As" and "Then" are the by Nagarjuna at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 06:08
Nagarjuna's picture

"As" and "Then" are the Hyperlinks you used. For the Static legal Card List and the sealed league I guess.

Oh weird, maybe when I was by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 06:17
Xaoslegend's picture

Oh weird,

maybe when I was defining anchors I made them hyperlinks instead, ya ignore those theyre not meant to go anywhere lol.


Thanks for another good by Naproxen at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 05:50
Naproxen's picture

Thanks for another good article, Mike.
I'm glad I could contribute!
I like the format very much, I think it's perfect for both veterans, who can challenge themselves with a limited pool, and new players (like me), who can learn some tricks and play fair matches without those overpowered 25$ cards.

I'm torn... I'd like very by Thisismich at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 07:25
Thisismich's picture

I'm torn... I'd like very much but I'm not sure I can participate because of my new job; it will likely start during next week (I said the same last week and the week before that... I hate bureucracy) and I don't know if I will be able to play in the evenings.

I suppose it can't hurt for me to try it out though, right? Well, if it's not too much trouble, count me in and generate my pool, I should know by then if I'm able to play or not.

Sure thing Mich, maybe one by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 07:33
Xaoslegend's picture

Sure thing Mich,

maybe one week you'll have enough time (I'll probably give out the participation award if someone plays at least 3 matches) and the next not, no pressure here, I'm pretty laid back as far as things go and I'd rather someone try to play than just sit out =P


I will not play in the by Lord Erman at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 08:50
Lord Erman's picture

I will not play in the parallel universe (due to time problems), but I do wish all players the best of luck. I will most probably play this Saturday and as always I'm coming with a very powerful deck. Let's see what will happen :).

Oh and so that everyone knows, I am coming with a totally anti-red heavy sideboard. The reign of those stupid gobos will end this weekend :).


Lol, Our-Lord-Erman, we'll by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 09:23
Xaoslegend's picture



we'll miss ya in the league but some attrition from the constructed group is inevitable, though it's looking like we're getting more than enough totally new players to make up for it.

unfortunately Mr.Slippery beat you to the punch last weekend with his helix deck, it was a pretty epic match that's covered in Paul's guest Heirloom article that should publish soon.

Of course those gobs will try again so no sense in letting them get us while our guard is down lol.


Congrats on the new child. I by gimlicolby at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 09:52
gimlicolby's picture

Congrats on the new child. I love the name. I really would like to try this format out. I will have to wait till after high school football season (Im an official). But the merfolk are calling me.



Hey gimlicolby, Be great to by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 12:04
Xaoslegend's picture

Hey gimlicolby,

Thanks a lot.

Be great to have you when your schedule opens up.

I have wondered at the absence of merfolk decks myself, there was one that did pretty well with a 3-1 finish I believe but that's all I've seen of the fish folk despite how potent their options are in the format.


Limited Pool Generator by Silverhammer at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 10:33
Silverhammer's picture

Do you have a tool that is generating the League pools? Is it something you could share with us?

I don't actually, right now I by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 11:07
Xaoslegend's picture

I don't actually, right now I have a very rudimentary but reliable and random way of doing so, but it is time consuming unfortunately.

basically you put the entire list through a list randomizer and take the first rare/mythic the first 3 uncommons and the first 10 commons then rerandomize for the next pack. You do have to be able to tell which cards are considered which rarity under Heirloom rules (highest rarity in a legal set) http://alphabetizer.flap.tv/index.php that's the randomizer I've been using.


Xaos I can help you here if by Flippers_Giraffe at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 11:40
Flippers_Giraffe's picture


I can help you here if you are using the entire Heirloom Pool. Contact me in game we should be both on at the same times Saturday as our events overlap.

All I need is a list of every card in excel with the card name in one column and the rarity in the next and I'll add my Coalition formula that generates the packs and send it back to you.

You only need to press F9 and it will generate a pack for you, easy as that.

Hey Flippers, I'll see about by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 11:48
Xaoslegend's picture

Hey Flippers,

I'll see about getting that for you after this weekend when the first major revision will occur. So the list probably won't be ready for a couple of days after that (since it takes a lot of work to look at all the prices for 7400+ cards lol).

At that point I'll have separate lists for each rarity and hopefully that will help make the excel list building easier. Though to be honest I'm pretty excel illiterate, not that I haven't been known to figure these things out when push comes to shove.

I'm using Openoffice for the excel editing.

But ya all in all that sounds great, I'll look for you online to touch base a little more.


Yeah that sounds good, let me by Flippers_Giraffe at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 11:54
Flippers_Giraffe's picture

Yeah that sounds good, let me know when you have the data.

Congrats on the your by Drbenwayy at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 11:57
Drbenwayy's picture

Congrats on the your daughter!!!! Those first few months are going to be difficult with the night feedings but after that it gets much easier. My son was a smallish baby and I was nervous handling him for the first few weeks but after he started gaining some weight, I felt comfortable. Being a father is certainly a joy but will also prove to be a challenge.

Glad to see everything coming together well in this format and as I stated before, looking forward to the league. I'm going to try to make it to the event this weekend, I don't think the wife has any plans (for once :)

Thanks Dr, Things have been by Xaoslegend at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 12:09
Xaoslegend's picture

Thanks Dr,

Things have been ok on the homefront actually. My wife is able to take a lot of time off with the combo of state/federal/work allowances and compensation. She's been pretty tired and the C-section tissue disruption is certianly nothing to be taken lightly but it hasn't been that bad.

The baby is pretty mellow and my wife is a pediatric nurse! heh so were in this with at least a little edge on most first time parents.

Of course if you're going to come to one of the Heirloom classic events this weekend is the one not to miss with the 2x prizes heh, should be some stiff competition.


I forgot to rate the article. by Naproxen at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 14:01
Naproxen's picture

I forgot to rate the article. :) I was an excellent read.

heh, tx Naps-as-Rox-em =P by Xaoslegend at Thu, 11/11/2010 - 04:10
Xaoslegend's picture


tx Naps-as-Rox-em =P

Count me in by Lythand at Wed, 11/10/2010 - 18:26
Lythand's picture

I wanna give the Air-Loom League a try. Please add me.

will do Lyth by Xaoslegend at Thu, 11/11/2010 - 04:10
Xaoslegend's picture

will do Lyth