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By: SteveJeltz, Rev. David Wright
Dec 04 2017 1:00pm
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 Homeless (Part III)

Far Wanderings

I haven't touched on this series in a while, but I love to highlight those cards that have either been forgotten by time or have untapped potential.

Let's get started once again:

Rush of Knowledge

There's a new card in Ixalan called Overflowing Insight that is a Mythic Rare which is sorcery speed 4UUU: Draw seven cards. Super powerful.

Except that at common we already have a 4U Sorcery that reads: Draw (up to) seven cards) provided you have a Myr Enforcer or a Wretched Gryff in play. Even if you only had a Frogmite or a Mnemonic Wall, I still might be attracted to a 4U: Draw four (or five) cards. Still a Tidings.

Faithless Looting

I tease my friend, Mr. Deluxeicoff, heir of the Pauperganda empire, that Faithless Looting is his signature card.

What makes Faithless Looting so good is that it plays a unique role in that it is one of the very few red cards that can provide cheap card selection. And with a little bit of build around help, it can even provide card advantage. You can combine it with madness spells like Basking Rootwalla or a Grave Scrabbler. You can pitch cards like Ulamog's Crusher to enable reanimation via Exhume. Or you can just use it to add late game card selection by pitching extra lands or ramp spells in a green / red midrange or aggro build. 

Beyond the flashback ability, what makes this card a better Careful Study is the color. Red doesn't get looting, let alone double looting for one red mana. Take advantage of this color anomaly as you go for those wacky builds.

Augur of Skulls

Once a value player, this card mostly hung around as the cheapest Mind Rot you could buy. It could also function as a Drudge Skeletons in a pinch.

But the hidden secret of this card is its graveyard synergies with cards like Unearth. Trading 4 cards for 2 and three mana is an incredible rate. If you add on additional synergies with cards like Tortured Existence and Grave Scrabbler or Grim Harvest, the deal gets even sweeter.

Wicked Akuba

Mostly an answer to the trivia question, "Name a BB two-drop, not named Cuombajj Witches to slot into Mono-Black Devotion."

I once had an opponent drop this on me and I had never even heard of the card. I thought, "Wow... that's pretty cool."

Sometimes, because of a lack of Delver, Elves or token strategies, Cuombajj Witches aren't actually that great. In times like these, you want to know what is great? A punishing BB two-drop.

Darksteel Pendant

Another Deluxeicoff special. This is one of the few repeated sources of card selection available in colorless. Good for those Gx midrange decks that don't get to Ponder or Preordain. Also never dying to artifact destruction is a nice perk.

The newest scale-tipping champion in the "Fattest Fattie" in all of Pauper Award. Poor Eldrazi Devastator didn't get to keep that one too long. Straight up munches Eldrazi Devastators all day long. And I thought this guy was a vegetarian...


In more of my saga of "Misadventures in Playing Against Tireless Tribe", I had a sequence that went like this:

Opponent: Plains, Tireless Tribe.

Me: Bloodfell Caves, Pass.

Opponent: Island, Attack for 1, Pass.

Me: Swamp, Terminate on the Tireless Tribe. He plays Confound.

Wow... that was the game right there.

Reverent Silence and Patrician's Scorn

Aren't free spells great! Daze gets a ton of play. Fireblast is broken. Snuff Out is a super powerful card without a home. And Invigorate is banned thanks to its absurd interaction with infect decks.

Here's two more free spells. They more or less do the same thing with very easy to achieve conditions. Both are single sideboard card hosers for beating Hexproof. Just in case you don't feel like running Serene Heart which I think is the best Slippery Bogle hoser.

What makes this card such a curiosity for me is that it has both obvious synergy and the right mana cost to go into the Mono-Red Goblins list. Its perfect with Mogg Raider, Goblin Sledder or Mogg War Marshal since all three enable you to control your death triggers. And getting a 3/2 body with a free point of power stapled to it just feels like gravy.

The raw power is there. If Bogles every wanted to add a third color, this looks to be like an awesome addition. Even Modern Bogles might consider this. I've seen Bogles lists run a one of Lunarch Mantle to add a similar on color effect: power boost plus flying. But the flying here doesn't require you to pay mana or sacrifice permanents, lasts more than one turn, and comes with a cantrip. Maybe on pure rate Spectral Flight is better, but I love cantrips.

Tainted Strike

Another awesome effect that's just printed in the wrong color. Imagine what this card could do in a Kiln Fiend deck? Its a black Temur Battle Rage! One hit connection, ten points, game over.

Sadly, without any aggro combo decks running black, this card is currently without a home. But I'd love to see a list that one shots you with black infect. 

Like this series? I'll keep on hunting for more forgotten gems and underlooked pieces.

Keep having fun out there,

Steve Jeltz