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Aug 23 2016 12:00pm
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Lukas Blohon is a Czech professional Magic player. You might not have heard about him much in the past, but his name is all over the internet now. Lukas, playing BW Control, beat Owen Turtenwald on Temur Emerge in the finals of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon becoming the PTEMN Champion. Apart from winning PTEMN he top8ed PTDKA, and has 7 GP top8 finishes, including a win.

Lukas Blohon managed to go ultimate with Liliana, the Last Hope while having Archangel Avacyn and Linvala, the Preserver in play. A turn later Owen scooped losing the first game of the PTEMN finals.

As you can see Lukas is not new to professional Magic. He debuted at PT Yokohama in 2007. He top8ed Pro Tour Dark Ascension 2012 in Honolulu. At PT Barcelona the following year he came up 27th not locking Platinum by 0.2% in tie breakers. He took a break from competitive play so he could concentrate on his studies. A year and half later though he came back to playing Magic competitively once again. Since he lost his Gold level we could see him participating in PTQs. He won a PTQ for Khans of Tarkir and from PT KTK we could see him regularly at PTs. But he had to work hard to qualify for the upcoming PTs. A GP Top8 and enough Pro Points for Silver level allowed him to participate in the remaining PTs of the season. Now, after PTEMN, he's platinum and will be a full-time Magic player in the upcoming years.

Lukas is one of the most composed players in the country who strives to become a better Magic player. He tends to play control decks and if he is not playing competitive Magic he plays Powered Cube with his friends.

Hello Lukas, first, I'd like to congratulate you on your Pro Tour Eldritch Moon win. That certainly is no easy task. This weekend, at GP Rimini, you top8ed showing the world how good and serious you are surprising many of us. Congratulations once again!

What do you do for living (if anything) outside of playing Magic?

I used to have a part time job in a hotel, but I quit in July this year.

How did you get into Magic in the first place?

I started playing Magic about 17 years ago when my mom bought me a starter and we played with my neighbor. Then there was this Mtg boom in our school, and I was one of the few people who persisted in playing.

Was it difficult to learn the game since there weren't any reasonable rules available and since English is not obviously your native language?

Definitely. I remember in beginning, we didn’t even know what was the casting cost of cards – did 3G mean GGG or 3+G? Then when we were playing in school, we knew some basic rules, but had some of our own too. One to speak for all, you could discard a card whenever you want, which obviously made some cards way better than they should have been.

That certainly made Madness cards broken. What led you to the tournament scene from playing Magic at school? What were your ambitions and what motivated you?

I think my motivation is still the same. I am a very competitive person and I always strived to be the best among people I know. Magic is a very hard game to play well, so there is always room for improvement and that is very good motivation for me – try to be as good as I can at playing the game.

You primarily play Magic Online but you show up at paper tournaments from time to time (you won the second WMCQ this year). Is there anything you could tell us about the Magic scene in the Czech Republic? Do you test with other Czech professional players?

I think we have a great Magic scene, lots of talented players and this can be also seen in the international scene. For the last PT we had 7 qualified players and we have 3 Platinum pros, which is a pretty high number when you consider that only 10 million people live in Czech Republic.

Do you find Magic Online important in becoming a better player?

Yes, I think it is one of the most important aspects to become a better player. Not because playing there would be better than playing paper Magic, but you can play there whenever you want and you don’t need anyone else to play with. And playing more is one of the easiest ways to get better.

Who (or what team) helped you the most to grow?

Person who helped me most has to be Martin Juza. We spent lot of time together on Magic trips and I learned a lot from him. Another person who I think helped me to be a better Magic player is Stanislav Cifka. Although we did not spend much time together, I think I learned some important things from him.


Martin Juza

Stanislav Cifka

When it comes to constructed professional players play mainly Standard (and don't like it). I wonder, do you actually like Standard?

I might be an exception, but I do. It actually is one of my most favorite formats.

What is your process for choosing the right deck for an upcoming tournament?

Well, I obviously try to pick the deck that has best matchups against the expected field. But I prefer playing decks that I am comfortable playing and have a lot of experience with, than choosing something that might be bit better but I feel uncomfortable with.

How does it feel to win the Pro Tour?

It is a great feeling. Best part about it is that it motivates me to practice even harder and get better, because when you see that the time you have spent preparing has some results, that is just an amazing feeling.

What goals do you have as a Magic player?

My goal now is to get to the Hall of Fame, but that is more of a dream. It takes a lot of time and dedication, and I don’t know how many more years I will take Magic as seriously as I do now.

You recently joined 晴れる屋 (Hareruya) pros. What opportunities does this open to you?

Having a sponsor is a very important part of professional Magic. When you rely on Magic as your main source of income, you need to have some stable income, which for most people is Platinum and sponsorship.

Thank you for your time, Lukas. I wish you good luck and I hope that one day you can reach your dream.

Even though Lukas tends to play control/midrange decks mostly he claims that Omnitell is his favorite deck. He piloted this deck at GP Lille last year to a 16th place finish. This year at GP Prague he decided that Emrakul is not fit for the meta and switched to Shardless BUG as many other players at that GP. He came up 6th.

Here is a video of the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon finals. Lukas Blohon on BW Control against Owen Turtenwald on Temur Emerge.

You can follow Lukas on Twitter @LukasBlohon.


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It is nice that you highlight local heroes. I much prefer your more personal content but I also feel there is a strong need for this kind of thing too. Over the years here, I've done a bunch of interviews with people I consider Legends in the MTGO community and I am glad to see this tradition continued. Thanks for sharing.

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Speaking of, bring the Legends series back, it's cool.