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By: niabock, Derek Evanoff
Mar 09 2011 10:53am
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     Awhile back a new format was suggested by a player in the Peasant forum at Much like Peasant it allowed no mythics and no rares, but unlike Peasant's 5 uncommon limit it allowed you to play any number of uncommons. This opens up many new deck archetypes and improves existing ones by giving access to many things you just don't see in Pauper like creature lords and decent sweepers. Being someone who has always collected playsets of every uncommon and never uses them I jumped at the chance to try out this new format.
     I organized a series of player run events to see if there would be enough interest for a weekly PRE. I started off in Standard thinking it would be the easiest for people to play with no real expensive cards and a smaller card pool. Well that didn't work out too great as the field was almost exclusively mono-black. After two weeks, the event was moved into the Extended format and things have been going well since. A large variety of decks are being played with new ones showing up at each event. No one deck has been dominating and players seem to be enjoying the format.
     My goal with this article (and hopefully more to come) is to bring awareness of the format and maybe attract a few more interested players to the events. Today, I will go over a few basic deck lists that have been seeing play and finish up with the weekly event details. With that out of the way lets get right into the lists.


     For this first article I'm going to go over the obvious three decks you would expect to see in Extended as well as one deck that caught me by surprise in the last event. I am going to start off with what I thought would be the most dominating deck in the format, Jund.

Decklist by Loot_Backwards
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Boggart Ram-Gang
4 Putrid Leech
4 Sprouting Thrinax
4 Vampire Nighthawk
20 cards

Other Spells
4 Bituminous Blast
4 Blightning
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Terminate
15 cards

4 Akoum Refuge
4 Forest
4 Kazandu Refuge
4 Mountain
4 Savage Lands
5 Swamp
25 cards

Bloodbraid Elf


     This list was from the first or second week of events. It is a solid package of creatures and removal backed by the powerful Cascade mechanic. These cards make up the core of pretty much any Jund list. The mana base is definitely player preference. There is an abundance of multicolor lands you can play including the refuges, tri-lands, vivids, and two fetches which makes hitting all your colors easy. This list plays the refuges for a slight life gain along with a lot of basics probably for protection against some of the LD cards. I've played a Jund list that ran a minimum of 4 basics (for Path to Exile) with refuges and vivids making up the rest of the lands. The biggest threat to Jund right now is mana disruption. Goblin Ruinblaster, Tectonic Edge, and Spreading Seas have all been seen making the Jund mages life hard. Results have been mixed in events so far. I don't think Jund has taken the top spot yet but it has claimed several 2nd places. It will always see play but there have been a good mix of decks to combat it, including this next one.

Esper Control
Decklist by Necrosavant543
2 Cloudgoat Ranger
4 Mulldrifter
4 Plumeveil
2 Shriekmaw
4 Wall of Omens
16 cards

Other Spells
4 Esper Charm
4 Makeshift Mannequin
4 Mana Leak
3 Path to Exile
4 Preordain
19 cards
4 Arcane Sanctum
5 Island
4 Plains
2 Swamp
4 Vivid Creek
2 Vivid Marsh
4 Vivid Meadow
25 cards

Esper Charm


     This list was piloted to a first place finish in the second Extended event. This deck does an excellent job at clogging both the ground and the skies with Wall of Omens and Plumeveil's while using Mulldrifter's to chip away at an opponent's life and finishing them off with a couple Cloudgoat Ranger attacks. The all-star of this deck has to be Makeshift Mannequin. Early, it allows you to get extra uses out of Mulldrifter's and Shriekmaw's and later Cloudgoat Ranger's if necessary. The drawback is barely noticeable since there are very few non-removal targeting effects being played so anything that would target these creatures would kill them regardless of the counter. This has been my favorite deck to play so far. The card advantage is insane, sometimes being able to draw a quarter of your deck in a couple turns. It struggles against some very fast aggro draws but other than that it holds up well against most other decks.


     This is also another deck from one of the early Extended events. There hasn't been a lot of artifact removal played which allowed cards like Behemoth Sledge and Gorgon Flail to shine in this deck. Cunning Sparkmage + Gorgon Flail allows you to kill practically any creature and quickly clear out your opponent's army. Connecting with any creature equipped with Behemoth Sledge causes nothing but smiles for its controller. Most creatures in this deck provide excellent card advantage either through Cascade, token-generation, or Squadron Hawk's ancestral recall. The one thing I would definitely change in this list is the use of Ancient Ziggurat. While it may look like a good multicolor land, its drawback is often very harsh. Drawing a couple of these will leave you short mana to play removal or pay equip costs setting you further back than the tempo loss from playing other tap lands.


     This last list showed up unexpectedly at the last event, posting a 5-1 second place finish. Individually the cards don't look like much but they have a nice synergy. Rage Forger and Wolf-Skull Shaman are both cards that demand immediate answers. Left unchecked the board will quickly get out of control. I was playing Esper against this list, feeling safe behind my wall of creatures at 12 life until my opponent dropped 2 Rage Forger's and attacked. I was dead before we even got to the declare blockers step. Rage Forger also does an excellent job of getting most of your creatures out of sweep range which can be very important against the many playable sweepers in this Extended format. I really like this deck and plan on tweaking it a bit and playing it at a future event.  

In Closing

     With that I am going to bring my first article to its end. SilverBlack runs every Wednesday in "/join SilverBlack" with registration beginning at 6:30pm est and games starting 30 minutes after that. It's free to enter and prizes are given to the Top4/8 depending on turnout along with a door prize for one player. Event threads can always be found on the Wizards PRE forums. So throw a deck together and come play for a few hours. At the very least you can laugh at me as I complain about how much the shuffler hates me

     - Niabock


I want to play this format by silverwyvern4 at Wed, 03/09/2011 - 11:39
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I want to play this format

SilverBlack is a great name by PiDave at Wed, 03/09/2011 - 12:02
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SilverBlack is a great name for the format. It defines and clarifies what the format is about in one simple word. Kudos to whoever came up with it!

ext? by chiznad at Wed, 03/09/2011 - 13:38
chiznad's picture

so this format is extended only at the moment? looks fun irregardless

Extended for the time being. by niabock at Wed, 03/09/2011 - 18:15
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Right now we've been sticking with extended as the pool is large enough for many decks to exist but keeps a lot of the more broken cards out of the format so there is no need for a banlist. In the future there will definitely be opportunities to play this in other formats. Whether it will be random one time events or maybe a second event I can't say for sure yet.

:) by Elbinac at Wed, 03/09/2011 - 19:26
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Looks interesting.
And should be quite fun, I may look into building a deck or two.

Worst case, some of my commons/uncommons will go up a little in value.

That was a fun event. I only by Sheppy at Thu, 03/10/2011 - 07:20
Sheppy's picture

That was a fun event.
I only went 1-2 but I really enjoyed it.

sounds Awesome. Building a by chokehold at Thu, 03/10/2011 - 07:48
chokehold's picture

sounds Awesome. Building a deck as I am writing this. Don´t know if I can make it, but will play it in Casual room.

Maybe the logo should be changed to include some nice Silverback gorillas?

Great idea for a format. I by sanhedrin at Thu, 03/10/2011 - 08:54
sanhedrin's picture

Great idea for a format. I hope it takes off!

Hey Niabock, we have only by Paul Leicht at Thu, 03/10/2011 - 18:24
Paul Leicht's picture

Hey Niabock, we have only interacted with the Monthly CMC on the forums so far, but welcome to pure as a writer. Hope to see more articles from you. Every Wednesday eh? I may have to give this a shot. I certainly have plenty of underplayed uncommons to choose from. :)

More ways to play is great, but by Marcelo Tiellet at Fri, 03/11/2011 - 07:34
Marcelo Tiellet's picture

I like the idea of having more ways to use my cards, but i don't know if anyone is capable of following so many formats.
Pauper, std pauper, heirloom, BYOS, peasant, and those are just on the top of my mind. Magic is so tempting.

But, i have a real complain, that is not just for you, is kinda for everyone.

Timezone! Please, refer to also to GMT. Non american players would like to join too, and this simple measure can help it.

Good point by Sheppy at Fri, 03/11/2011 - 08:46
Sheppy's picture

Being a Ham Radio operator we use that format for keeping times in our station logs.
Here is a nice site to figure out your local time-vs-GMT. Also use the 24 hour format (13:30GMT).

73! :-)

I would echo your sentiments by olaw at Fri, 03/11/2011 - 11:44
olaw's picture

I would echo your sentiments in liking the idea for the format. Also, I think the diversity in available formats is a good thing rather than a bad thing.

EST is GMT -5 hours. So 6:30pm EST is 11:30pm GMT, meaning that this event isn't too friendly to us European players. Sadly, that means I'm unlikely to be able to try this one out.

time zones. by niabock at Sat, 03/12/2011 - 00:35
niabock's picture

I will try in the future to list other time zones but as pointed out its a pretty unfriendly timeslot for non-american players.

There is not much I can do about that as my work schedule prevents me from hosting at any other time during the week and the weekends are so cluttered with WOTC events and many other PRE's that it just isn't feasible to jam another one in there.

So if there was going to be another SilverBlack event at a euro-friendly time, it would need another host.

Sorry, I disapeared suddenly by Barbarian King at Wed, 03/23/2011 - 17:51
Barbarian King's picture

Sorry, I disapeared suddenly after asking you about how player run events work. Format looks awesome and I was looking forward to it but my laptop is old and crotchety and has decided it needs to take a nap some time soon so starting a tournament with it just isn't going to work out right now. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.

Still Playing by Sysco at Mon, 07/07/2014 - 18:05
Sysco's picture

Is SilverBlack PRE tourneys still offered?

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