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By: R Koster, Rob Koster
Feb 27 2020 1:00pm

Do you remember those times that you easily found a subject to talk about? Well, this isn't one of them.

After agonizing over what to write for this week, I had a couple of subjects figured out that I could write about.

The first was a continuation of how I made my UB Inverter list more fit to my playstyle and how I sideboard with it. But I feel like for now, everyone has had enough of Pioneer UB Inverter because it's just head and shoulders the best deck in the format. I'm amazed it still isn't banned, but I'll take the pile of free wins while it lasts. My win rate has just shot up by a ton. The rewards of the grind are just rolling in, and it feels good to be MTGO rich. But yeah, I feel like everyone has had enough of this for now. The deck is excellent; we all know it, yada yada.

Where to then next? Modern? I tried playing some Modern, but all I got paired against was Dredge/Tron/Urza/Burn/Amulet. So I was off that pretty fast, I do need a competitive Modern deck though, so I might run back the series where I just plow through everything to see what I like again. I already know I love Blue Moon and enjoy playing Tron. And no, the hypocrisy of that does not escape me.

I know what I can do! I can do both of them at the same time! Let's give Inverter a try in Modern. I fully expect to go 0-5 with it. But let's give it a whirl.

This is the list we came up with after talking it through with a friend of mine.


Seeing as how I fully expect this list to be terrible. I'm first going to play it in a couple of two-player queues, just to make sure I got the manabase right and stuff. No use in playing five matches if you can tell after one game that your manabase is dumpster fire after all.

So after playing a couple of two-mans, I made the following changes. I removed the third Supreme Verdict for a second Damping Sphere because I just felt like annoying some Tron and Amulet players, time to head into a league!

Round 1: Dredge

Yeah, this deck does not have a good Dredge matchup. Ox of Agonas is completely bonkers and my opponent very easily killed me both games on turn 4. I mulled for graveyard hate in the second game but never found it. C'est la vie.

Round 2: Amulet Titan

This round was hilarious, my opponent started dm' ing me after I Stubborn Denial their Once Upon a Time, and they cast an Amulet of Vigor. I promptly block them, and after that, I go through a few turns trying to get value out of my 2 Fatal Push. I drew the third Fatal Push and fully assumed that I had lost this game by selecting this deck. My opponent plays a Simic Growth Chamber, which is their first real green land. They then continues to cast a Summoner's Pact. I look at their board and only see one green source and a Dryad of the Ilysian Grove I promptly fetch for a black source and Fatal Push it, and my opponent concedes.

The second game I just brutally outplay them by drawing into both Damping Sphere and an Ashiok, Dream Render. Which isn't just dumb luck at all. We then get into a board stall where they almost have lethal with some random one power creatures, but I draw into 2x Gurmag Angler and an Inverter of Truth while I have 2 Stubborn Denial and a Force of Negation in hand. They apparently were really done with this matchup, because it was closed out fast from that point. All skill, no luck at all, of course.

Round 3: Devoted Druid

This wasn't a match. My opponent got unlucky both games. Mulling to 4 and 5, never hitting lands and never getting anything started at all. This was just the opponent losing to bad luck; my deck had nothing to do with it, my opponent would have lost to a ham sandwich and some Pokémon cards with those draws. But we take those! 2-1 BABY! ALL SKILL ALL THE TIME! This match was the first time I managed to combo someone out that counts. Because two player queues don't count.

Round 4: Mardu Midrange

We had a bunch of close games where we both managed to fetch into an opposing Ashiok, Dream Render to make things fair again. The decks felt very similar in power level. Things were trading on and off evenly until my opponent decided to play a Blood Moon; I promptly was locked out of casting spells. It had to happen at some point, though. I've been doing that to people for years. Despite that, I have a Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and an Ashiok, Dream Render in play with 2 Snapcaster Mage to defend against his Seasoned Pyromancer and the token that came with it. This stalemate lasted for a small eternity that lasted until I 15 cards in my deck. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries was at ten loyalty, the Ashiok, Dream Render was at one after my opponent had been trying to kill it all this time. I had the second one in hand and 2 Island left in my 15 cards. I thought about ulting Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and then milling myself with the Ashiok, Dream Render if I had hit the Island but decided that I wouldn't do it because this way I make a 50/50 gamble to die to bolt on the spot and I thought I could do better. So I uptick Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and promptly mill an Island that was my top card. I don't downtick Ashiok, Dream Render, figuring that I could still do my line next turn. But my opponent draws a Smiting Helix and had saved up some Lightning Bolt and promptly kills me from over 10 life with a Seasoned Pyromancer, a Bedlam Reveler and the burn.

I would have died anyway because if I had ulted Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, he would get Bolted, and I wouldn't have had enough Devotion to win via Thassa's Oracle anymore. Great game! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Round 5: Mono-Red Prowess

I win game two after casting an aptly named Timely Reinforcements and then beat my opponent down with Inverter of Truth. I then keep a hand with both the Timely Reinforcements in it for game three but no white source. I figure that I play 14 and will find one. I don't, and I don't cast anything relevant and promptly die a horrible fiery death.

So after playing through this league, I feel like the deck has way more potential than I had initially imagined. I was especially surprised by how good Inverter of Truth is. A 6/6 flying creature is just absolutely ginormous in most matchups, and I ended up killing a lot more people with just Gurmag Angler and Inverter of Truth beatdown than I had imagined. The match against Mardu was super-close, and I won 2 more matches than I could ever dream of. I started off wanting to meme hard, which I kind of did. But still, the deck functioned very reasonably, and if they ever ban Dig Through Time in Pioneer, I'll just be building a Gurmag Angler version of this deck there.

I would change some cards, though. I don't think you need 4 Thassa's Oracle when going as control-combo focused as this list. And I don't even know if you want the white splash at all, Teferi, Time Raveler was there to protect the combo but was mostly useless, but that could just be a pairings thing. I could see myself trying Grixis or BUG or even just UB. The combo did feel a lot more potent than I had expected, and I felt that except against Dredge, I at least had some form of a reasonable gameplan and stuff to do and ways to win.