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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
Feb 15 2016 1:00pm
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It's been a fun trip writing about Pauper for the past few weeks.  While I am far from an expert, and do not play the format as often as I could, it for the most part has proven to be a fun format with the banning of Cloud of Faeries.  I'm not going to toss out metagame data, but as a player, I have felt the format to be considerably healthier since the ban came online. 

I still have not found a deck that I consider to be my favorite yet.  I've played Izzet Tron and Affinity, and while I am leaning towards Izzet Tron as the best deck ever created (!) I wanted to explore the format as fully as I could. 

That would explain why I picked up Acid Trip.

You all, there is a reason why Winners Don't Use Drugs was used on arcade games.  In fact, if the FBI still had this agreement up with arcade makers, and arcades were actually popular still, I'd be petitioning the FBI to change the slogan to Winners Don't Play Acid Trip.  Honestly winners play just about anything else.

Now granted, I did go 2-3 in the league, but those five matches were just some of the most miserable matches of Magic I have played in some time, and I'm actively casting Time Warp and Gigadrowse in Modern.  I'm building a deck in paper for Modern that includes Stone Rain, so I know all there might be to know about bad decks! 

Acid Trip may be among the worst I have played.  I know people win with it, and that's fine.  It's just not the deck for me.  At least I was willing to give the deck a chance right?  That has to count for something!  It's not like I just looked at it, proclaimed it junk and never virtually shuffled the cards.  Honest effort was made, and it was just not my cup of tea. 

Now Acid Trip being what it is does not turn me off from Pauper.  I've tried out other decks since then, and have enjoyed the format greatly!  Temur Tron and Inside Out are both decks I have played since Acid Trip, and both of them were just much more fun for me.  I guess I really like the big mana decks, or the outright quirky like the aforementioned Inside Out deck (you know, the one with Tireless Tribe, does it have an actual name?) or Izzet Blitz.  By playing as many different decks as I can, I can not only find the ones that are most enjoyable to me, but I'll get in a lot of games with the field, and find an understanding on how to beat them! 

Here is the list that I played for Acid Trip: 

It's a fairly stock list, and while it played poorly for me, I like the idea behind the bounce effects and Reality Acid.  In a format that has some good removal, reusable removal seems like an outstanding thing!  There are really good cards in the deck as well!  Mulldrifter is an outstanding card and combining that with Momentary Blink (especially then the Mulldrifter is evoked) is just a great feeling!  Journey to Nowhere can take out early plays, and then be bounced when real threats are played.  Faith's Fetters was neat, the four life can be good against Goblins and Burn, but Oblivion Ring may be a better card for the deck.  However you lose the ability to gain 4 life every time it comes into play, and Ring does not play as nicely with the bounce stuff. 

Spreading Seas seemed like a fine idea, but it was something that I boarded out often.  They are in theory great against Tron, but maybe the fourth Reality Acid and Boomerang could slip in that slot.  Boomerang would do the neat tricks that Journey to Nowhere is known for, you know the whole bounce it while it's come into play ability is on the stack?  Yeah, that's a super cool play! 

Ok, I've droned on enough about the deck, let's get in to some game play! 

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Round Four

Round Five 

After flailing around aimlessly against Goblins, we got crushed by UB Teachings and Delver.  We finally got on the good side of the scoreboard with a win against Abzan Existence, and thankfully brought the league to the end with a win against Jeskai Rebirth.  As you can see from the replays the deck is capable of doing some really neat things, but it's super slow develop.  I think if you're looking for a control deck, maybe Teachings would be better. 

Speaking of better, I wanted to introduce my Power Rankings to this little Pauper side project of mine!  We may be three decks in, but I can show off the order in which I enjoyed them more.  So let's see those!

1.  Izzet Tron
2.  Affinity
3.  Acid Trip

Ok, maybe that was not a great idea!  I'll be back next week with a Champions of Kamigawa flashback draft, and I have plenty of Pauper stuff ready to go for the next time there is a break, including looks at Temur Tron, Inside Out, and Grixis Affinity!  Thank you Pauper players for putting up with me, it's been a lot of fun!