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By: pryite199, JH
Dec 16 2011 9:50am
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             Hello some of you may know me some of you don't. My name is Pryite199 and I am a Legacy player. I know Legacy is something of a dried up format at the moment but, I still love it and try to push the format whenever I get the chance. So I figured for all you non Legacy players out there that I would do a series of videos of matches piloting different decks from various strategies of the format. All videos will be from the 2-man queues since the Daily events are not firing at this moment.

Early warning I do not have a microphone so every video has background music of the classical type. This is your warning if it isn't your thing!


If videos aren't your thing after each video will be a match write up of my thoughts during the game and at the very end will be a base price for my deck.


Maverick was my deck of choice to start this series off with. It’s a well positioned g/w deck in the current meta with a Green Sun's Zenith tool box to pull from. Alongside the enlightened tutor package in the sideboard the deck has game against most decks. You also run the Stoneforge Mystic package as well for additional threats and reach, especially against aggro and mid-range decks.


Maverick by Pryite199

Creatures: 25
3x Aven Mindcensor 
1x Gaddock Teeg
4x Knight of the Reliquary 
4x Mother of Runes
4x Noble Hierarch
2x Qasali Pridemage
1x Scavenging Ooze
1x Scryb Ranger
3x Stoneforge Mystic
1x Tarmogoyf

Lands: 23
1x Karakas
1x Gaea's Cradle
1x Dryad Arbor
4x Savannah
4x Windswept Heath
4x Wasteland
2x Verdant Catacombs
2x (Horizion Canopy)
2x Forest
2x Plains

Enchantments: 2
2x (Sylvan Library

Soceries: 4
4x Green Sun's Zenith

Artifacts: 3
1x Batterskull
1x Sword of Fire and Ice
1x Umezawa's Jitte

Instants: 4
4x Swords to Plowshares

Sideboard: 15
1x Bojuka Bog
2x Choke
1x Enlightened Tutor
2x Ethersworn Canonist
1x Gaddock Teeg
2x Krosan Grip
1x Maze of Ith
1x Phyrexian Metamorph
1x Relic of Progenitus
1x Sword of Light and Shadow
1x Thrun, the Last Troll
1x Tormod's Crypt


Match 1 


My opening hand was pretty standard keep for Maverick. T1 (Nobel Hierarch) into either (Green Sun's Zentih) or Stoneforge Mystic, into proper equipment is decent against most decks. Also turn 2 Wasteland is good against most decks stunting mana or cutting colors. On turn 1 you almost always want to fetch basics if you have the ability to hunt up all your colors on turn 2. Turn 1 Underground Sea into Duress is almost always combo ( Ant or properly known as Ad Nasuem Tendrils.dec), so I know what I'm up against, my stock hand doesnt look so good anymore. I fetch with Stoneforge Mystic on my turn instead of dropping the jitte since I want to try and quickly thin my deck for either another Green Sun's Zenith, Gaddock Teeg, or another Wasteland. He drops a basic swamp stopping my Wasteland thoughts but I top deck Green Sun's Zenith with mana aplenty to fetch Gaddock Teeg. Very lucky there Teeg shuts down Ill-Gotten Gains loops, shuts down Ad Nauseam drawing and makes it hard for them to put together a 10 storm (with tendrils) Tendrils of Agony. That coupled with the aggressiveness of the Sword of Fire and Ice he saw me tutor for makes it a lethal combination against AnT decks and gets the concession game 1.

I do the usual stock sideboarding against any combo deck in comes the extra Gaddock Teeg and Qasali Pridemage. Also came in the (Batterskull, Enlightened Tutor, and 2 Ethersworn Canonist and Phyrexian Metamorph. Out came the Maze of Ith and all 4 the Swords to Plowshares and both Sylvan Library. My thinking was that if I could stick a Gaddock Teeg and a Ethersworn Canonist I would lock him out of the game. If I stuck one or the other than I could possibly throw him off he's mana or chain by using Qasali Pridemage to threaten timing on Lotus Petal or Lion's Eye Diamond. Also a hit from Batterskull would suddenly A give me a clock that was fast and B made his combo more complicated and larger. I didn't expect Dark Confidants to come in so STP Swords to Plowshares came out and Sylvan Library is to slow and Maze of Ith is worthless against this deck.

My opening hand here is sketchy but T2 Tarmogoyf and/or Wasteland can be good here since this deck doesn't run many lands and very few basics in those lands.On he's turn 1 he goes for it with double Dark Ritual into Ad Nauseam about as explosive a hand as AnT can get. He draws 14 cards but fails to find a Lotus Petal to continue the chain into lethal. He starts the combo again on turn 2 and we see how complicated the deck can be and confusing when he blows by Grim Tutoring into the wrong card. I sneak out a win against a bad match up.

Match 2 

Warning Some popups may appear please ignore it and I will endeavor to not repeat the mistake

I know as soon as my opponent pops up what he's playing, since Koby is a good buddie of mine was currently playtesting for a paper event. Opening hand is an auto-mulligan against any deck zero lands is bad we aren't Belcher and can't win like that. The mulligan isn't that bad with both mana and a sword to turn my weaklings into threats.Stoneforge Mystic into Sword of Feast and Famine is bad for us however Stoneblade is a threat light deck so I attempt to STP the Stoneforge Mystic in an attempt to keep him threat light. I prefer to save the Mother of Runes from block duty and use it instead against he's limited removal. I draw a Knight of the Reliquary a real threat so I attempt to bait out any counters he may have with the sword. On my turn I realise he is threat or removal light so I decide to pressure him some and start my card engine some. Mom+the protections on the sword stops almost all of he's removal and is a big threat. I Stp the Batterskull in an effort to again keep him creature light the Qasali Pridemage off the top made that play a bit depressing but let me permanently remove the threat. After I drop Knight of the Reliquary he concedes after drawing one last card.


Sideboarding In comes the Thrun, the Last Troll, and 2x Choke and Gaddock Teeg,and out comes the 3x Aven Mindcensor and 1 Umezawa's Jitte. I am not entirely sold on the Jitte coming out here but I do know I want all the others to lock his mana and prevent Force of Will, (Jace, the Mindsculptor), and Wrath of God.

Onto the game. I keep a fairly solid 7 with mana, threats, and double library so one can eat a counter. Its pretty standard several turns bait the counters with non-essential and drop library manipulation and stunt hes mana growth. Dropping smaller threats first and foremost forcing him to deal with them and save your bigger ones for later. I start with the Knight of the Reliquary as a real threat since its easier to deal with then a Batterskull. It eats a counter and then I make a misplay that possibly costs me the game. I ignore the fact that with sylvan I have a steady stream of mana and worry about getting Wasteland locked with that Crucible of Worlds and nuke it with the Qasali Pridemage. I drop my 2nd real threat of the game and low and behold theres the disenchant and Jace 2.0. On my turn I choose to attempt to race an active Jace before the card advantage buries me. I Stp the Vendilion Clique for some reason and Qasali Pridemage instead of Stoneforge for some reason. Knowing that the top of my library isn't that great. On the following turn I do something stupid and forget to click ok before clicking on the top 2 cards and lose 8 life instead of stacking my library. I drop both creatures in an attempt to protect my life total. He has the double Path to Exile to remove my blockers and on my turn I decide that instead of going for it with Green Sun's Zenith into Thrun, the Last Troll and risk being blown by a single counter I will drop a Tarmogoyf and use the STP to remove the flyer. Yeah I don't remember why I didn't stp on my turn but oh well and I die to Snapcaster Mage onto counterspell my turn.

Game3 didn't record but I stuck with the same sideboarding, and died to a double mull into dumb plays .
Oh and before I forget Total Cost of the deck is 552.86 tickets with the vast majority of it tied up in the manabase. The fetches and the wastelands will see play in other decks in the format as will the equipment( which you may very well have from any other formats you play).

Come back next week where I will play either Blue/Red Imperial Painter or, Elfball (non storm combo!) let me know in the comments if you have a specific desire to see.


With a name like Jason Hall by Westane at Fri, 12/16/2011 - 17:08
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With a name like Jason Hall I'm going to have to assume that English is your first language. The contents of they article may very well be great, but the formatting and complete lack of editing is SO bad the best I could do was skim it.

I'll go ahead and leave it unrated since, well, there "were" a lot of words there, and it is your first article here. Still, first impressions are everything, I'd work on it.

First of all: Welcome to by Paul Leicht at Sat, 12/17/2011 - 03:42
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First of all: Welcome to Puremtgo. We tend to pride ourselves on our well-formated, easily read articles here. In that vein here are some tips: <--- to help format deck lists. You may need to tweak the html afterward if your list contains cards that jamuraa's application does not recognize.

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Also in the same vein it helps to have a friend/associate/paid employee read over your article and help you out with proofreading and grammar. Do not be afraid to ask for help in this regard.

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Hope this helps with future articles.

PS: You can alter the size of the youtube code display in youtube itself which will give your video watchers more screen to watch with. You might also want to consider centering all such displays so they stand out and look presented as opposed to just tacked on.

Not a bad attempt at a first by Raddman at Sat, 12/17/2011 - 10:17
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Not a bad attempt at a first article. Paul made some helpful suggestions that would help improve your next one.

I had a few questions regarding your matches.

Match 1 - You removed all swords, I'm assuming your opponent wasn't splashing green for Xantid, otherwise taking out all 4 swords seems wrong to me. I realize most ANT lists don't run Xantid, so probably no biggie. You did point to the fact you saw no Bobs, so I guess removing all 4 swords was the right play. Do you leave swords in if you anticipate Bob? Nice rip on the top deck GSZ btw lol.

Match vs. Koby - Maybe Koby himself can comment on this better than I, since he took maverick to a Top 8 Finish. Isn't taking out Aven Mindcensor a bad idea since he is fetching up equipment, wouldn't Aven stop that from happening (well at least give him minimal chances of drawing equipment). Plus isn't Aven a pretty good sword holder himself? Just seems to me that removing him isn't a money play.

Nice to see some Legacy content on the have inspired me, maybe it is time to write again!


Against AnT I sided in by pryite199 at Sat, 12/17/2011 - 15:34
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Against AnT I sided in permanent based hate and AnT generally only really wants Bob to fight against counter based decks. Also Xantid Swarm doesn't help much against the specific type of hate that I used. If I had seen Bob game 2 then I would have bought in swords back in. Usually my experience against AnT or even TES(The Epic Storm 4 color based tendril decks) that is they bring in hard discard (Thoughtseize not duress)or bounce in many forms.

Against Koby right or wrong I made the decision to try and tie up as much of he's mana as I could for choke. Also I decided that I couldn't out finesse him, but instead out muscle him with my fatties. So I made as much room as possible by removing the weakest creatures and hopefully eat up mana with Stoneforge activation/equipment activation.. Finally this is Koby who I often test with and run my deck list ideas against. He knows about my Aven's so if he wants to play around them when they are gone, all the better for me.