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By: pryite199, JH
Dec 23 2011 1:07am
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So this week we take a look at one of the more odder combo decks in Legacy Elfball!. Onward into the realm of our pointy eared friends as I take them through the 2-man queues, ( I was ill prepared for the firing of the Daily Event this week and decided against taking Elfball into such an event).

Here is our deck fresh out of cold storage(haven't touched this deck since Mental Misstep was legal).


                 The Goal of Elfball is combo out using Glimpse of Nature, Heritage Druid, and Nettle Sentinel to draw your entire deck and cast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to win on the spot. Also if you are without Glimpse of Nature you can slow roll the opponent with Wirewood Symbiote and Elvish Visionary going the aggro route with your mana dorks. One of the beauties of running Green Sun's Zenith is that during the combo you can tutor for either Elvish Visionary or (Wirewood Symbiont) in order to have additional draw effects or untap effects to prevent fizzling. Well that's what this version does anyway, other version may be aiming to cast Grapeshot or to combo easier with Mirror Entity with Wirewood Symbiote. The issue that I find with these other versions is that A it requires a splash which open the deck up to additional hate and is unreliable, or B requires you to ship the turn back your opponent after combo'ing giving them the chance to blow you out of the water with a sweeper affect. We are however running a minor splash in the sideboard in order to maximize our chances against the faster combo decks in the format The Epic Storm, Ad Nauseam Tendrils and the like.

  Heritage Druid vs Ichorid 


Match 1 G1 Here comes Zombies!


 Opening hand is standard for Elfball! Glimpse of Nature mana and dorks to start the combo chain and your finisher(not always something you want to see in your opener). Also a tutor for additional elves as the situation demands them. My opponent leads off with a standard Dredge start and suddenly I realize that I need to speed up my clock or die to the faster Dredge combo deck. I dig in a few cards using Green Sun's Zenith and Elvish Visionary hoping to hit additional mana producers and a body to fuel the Glimpse of Nature. My opponent has terrible dredges off of he'sBreakthrough and then mises on the Cabal Therapy(after admitting to not knowing the deck/card he needs to hit the most). I top deck Green Sun's Zenith letting me grab Heritage Druid and going for it with the combo. Here you can see how the combo normally plays out and I get the concession with the Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

Match 1 Game 2

 I side in the standard Anti-Dredge cards such as Relic of Progenitus and Tormod's Crypt. Out comes the slower cards such Priest of Titania and a lone Summoner's Pact in case of Darkblast coming in against us. I keep an opener that has Mortarpod in it a great card against dredge since it does double duty. Keeps them off of Bridge from Below generating tokens and keeps their dudes under control preventing them from casting Dread Return. The usual starts for both of us dredging for him and mana dorks for me. I see a Firestorm from him in a dredge, interesting card to bring in for him against me. Especially since its only really good against me after I have committed a large amount to the board. Also it takes multiple cards in the hand to discard to target multiple creatures so unless he slow rolls me he won't be able to remove a large chunk of my board. With this deck I would much rather see a Firestorm then a Darkblast. Cheap, reusable, pinpoint removal is far harder for this deck to deal with then a sweeper. I topdeck a Tormod's Crypt to go with my Mortarpod and lock him out of the game. As the game progress’s slowly especially for these two combo decks it becomes apparent he can't work around my hate, before my Mortarpod and the damage from he's own lands get him and I get a concession.

Glimpse of Nature vs Tendrils of Agony

Match 2 Game 1 A storm is brewing.


Fairly decent hand mana, card draw, tutor and dorks. Nothing super exciting but good for a slow roll at the very least. Opponent has the standard combo opener of Underground Sea into Ponder and I know I'm in trouble and against a faster combo deck. I topdeck a Priest of Titania and I'm back in the game if he doesn't turn 2 or turn 3 kill me. I finally decide on grabbing a Wirewood Symbiote with my (Green Sun;s Zenith) and find a Glimpse of Nature, now I just have to survive one more turn to start a combo attempt. Here on this combo we see where Wirewood Symbiote really shines with a lacking of creatures in our hand and allows me to chain out and win.

Match 2 Game 2



Off to the sideboards. In comes the Mindbreak Trap and the Cabal Therapy thank you both Birchlore Rangers and Bayou. Out come the slower pieces of the deck such as Priest of Titania, Mortarpod, and Green Sun's Zenith. The name of the game has become who can disrupt who the most and still fire their combo faster. I mulligain what would be a great hand against any other deck and go looking for a piece of hate since TES is faster than me even on my best days. I am not the best at deciding how or when to mulligan and don't particular like to with this deck since the land count is so low. Looking back on this mull I more than likely should have mulled once more aiming for a piece of hate. I lose my combo to an early Duress and don't have a fast enough aggro side plan in order to drop him low enough that Ad Nauseam is no longer an option and promptly die to the TES combo.


Match 2 Game 3



Off to the sideboards …. except I get a surprise message about something else. Also you see how I feel about this match up in my reply to Albert. I make no additional changes and mull once again into a sup par hate free hand, hoping the double Elvish Visionary finds me a piece. I survive to turn 3 and blow the combo. Instead of digging for hate, if I tutor for Heritage Druid and attempt to combo off I more than likely win due to the amount of creatures in my hand. Casting Summoner's Pact and then casting Heritage Druid and using the additional mana from the Heritage Druid to cast Glimpse of Nature and combo from there, gives u a far better play line then the one I took. I die on my opponents turn.



Nettle Sentinel vs Dark Confidant


Match 3 Games 1 2 and 3 The ground is a shaking




 All three games (finally a match that all fits on Youtubes 15 minute requirements for videos).


Game 1

Off to the races once more. Once a again a decent hand with lands Heritage Druid, Glimpse of Nature, and Green Sun's Zenith. I lead with Wirewood Symbiote in this situation in order to draw out any pinpoint removal before I can bring Heritage Druid online with additional bodies and it does indeed eat a Lightning Bolt and gives us some idea about our opponents deck. I Green Sun's Zenith instead of throwing out bodies in order to maximize the draw off the Glimpse of Nature. I throw out all three bodies without the benefit of Glimpse of Nature in order give me maximum amount of mana on my turn to play with for the combo. I throw the Bayou into my hand in order to minimize the chance of losing Glimpse of Nature to the coming (Hymn to Tourarh) (which I lose anyway). I slowly die a death to Dark Confidant beats and discard spells.


Game 2


Out comes the Summoner's Pact cause no one wants to die to their own cards and in comes the Vengevine. Recurring beats in the face of heavy removal is name of the game this time, the combo is just a bonus if it goes off. Decent hand with both combo pieces mana dorks and even a cantripping body Elvish Visionary. My opponent gets off to a slow start with only a late turn 2 Punishing Fire to off a mana dork a turn to late (not that they know that). On my turn 3 I draw a Vengevine that makes it so even if I fizzle on the combo the recurring beater will be a huge threat for the remainder of the game, but get the concession in response to a second Glimpse of Nature mid combo.


Game 3


I make no changes to the sideboard and we go off to the races. Once again a slow hand but decent with recurring Elvish Visionary and Wirewood Symbiote. I throw out both Heritage Druid and Wirewood Symbiote in the hopes of him burning out the Wirewood Symbiote leaving me with mana producers on my turn. You want to be able to hard cast that Vengevine if you draw one and can't get it into the graveyard. I lose my card engine Elvish Visionary and quickly concede to the Dark Confidant engine and Tarmogoyf beats.



Price line in tickets


7 Forest =@0

2 Verdant Catacombs@4.32

3 Windswept Heath@7.03

2 Bayou@10.88

1 Gaea's Cradle@19.00



2 Birchlore Rangers@.08

2 Fyndhorn Elves@.19

4 Heritage Druid@.29

2 Llanowar Elves@.02

4 Nettle Sentinel@.22

2 Quirion Ranger@2.00

4 Wirewood Symbiote@.46

4 Elvish Visionary@.03

3 Priest of Titania@.05

1 Elvish Spirit Guide@.5

1 Regal Force@5.16

1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn@3.30



1 Mortarpod@.09



3 Summoner's Pact@2.49



4 Glimpse of Nature@1.42

4 Green Sun's Zenith@2.93



3 Cabal Therapy@.68

3 Krosan Grip@.46

1 Mindbreak Trap@6.08
1 Relic of Progenitus@.08

3 Tormod's Crypt @1.44

3 Vengevine @9.84

1 Viridian Shaman @.04


Total 149.05 tickets


Tune in Next week as I run with Bant or temp RUG.

And possibly get a headset with microphone finally.


A much better article than by Raddman at Fri, 12/23/2011 - 12:21
Raddman's picture

A much better article than last week, so keep up the improvements in that aspect.

I don't have much to say about the little green men as my love for them ranks right up there with my love for Goblins which is...........Zero.....

For your next article I'd like to see something different........maybe go rogue. I've played and written about RUG enough that seeing replays of it might be painful.

How about some videos on Stax lol.

I don't own all the cards by pryite199 at Fri, 12/23/2011 - 12:25
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I don't own all the cards that are "Good in Stax" (if you don't get the joke just hang around during preview of up coming set weeks). Any other decks you'd like to see since RUG isn't your cup of tea, and possibly Bant isn't as well?

Bants always good, but as you by Raddman at Fri, 12/23/2011 - 16:38
Raddman's picture

Bants always good, but as you know I've played tons of legacy so I've seen it before.

I've been working on a Dreadnought/Torpor Orb deck. Maybe you can help me break it lol.

It's your writing, whatever you want to write about than so be it.

Sure hit me up in client by pryite199 at Fri, 12/23/2011 - 17:32
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Sure hit me up in client sometime and we can try breaking it.

match3 game 3 by coolsucks at Sun, 12/25/2011 - 23:48
coolsucks's picture

you could have survived another turn or two if you had blocked with the elves, and returned them with the symbiotes, gives you an out if you draw glimpse..

He drew Blightning off the by pryite199 at Mon, 12/26/2011 - 00:14
pryite199's picture

He drew Blightning off the Dark Confidant bouncing the elves to block the Tarmogoyfs only gets them removed from my hand so even if I did draw the Glimpse I would be elfless to use it.