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By: toolazy2stand, Josue Ledesma
Sep 12 2011 7:22am
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Limited Sense #10

RGD Draft 1

Hello and welcome to another Limited Sense article.  I'm changing the format differently for two reasons-

1)  I wanted to get this article up as soon as possible (since I'm going away for the weekend I wouldn't have time to write and completely set one up)


2)  I wanted to know if a less wordy article format might just be better overall. 

So, first, a quick introduction before the draft.  I played paper Magic starting with Invasion cards but when Onslaught came out (weird but it happened that way).  I was pretty much solo-ing so I never got new cards until a few friends joined me and we really started casually playing during Scourge.  Fast forward and by Ravnica we were all starting high school and my last paper event was that pre-release.  MTGO became part of my life sometime after that, but that's less important.  My point is, that I didn't really know anything competitively and I had no idea what this format would be like going in.  With that being said, let's open some packs!


Round 1

Game 1

Game 2

Round 2

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Round 3

Game 1

Game 2

Overall, a nice finish (I won, so I can't complain) and I had a ton of fun drafting this format.  Even in the times I lose, I just enjoy the format enough that it's (kinda) fine that I lose in the first round.  

As for future articles, let me know if this is enough (as in the videos are all you guys need) or if going back to the regular format is preferred or even a combination of the two.  Originally I planned to just have a different type of written commentary, but again, the time constraints made this a very quick one.  Hope you enjoyed it and I'll be putting up other ones soon!


video is cutoff, cant see by A_New_Hope at Mon, 09/12/2011 - 11:01
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video is cutoff, cant see whole pack while drafting

Sorry about that by toolazy2stand at Tue, 09/13/2011 - 14:52
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Yea, I forgot to mention that in the article. It's actually only the first 5 picks or so, in the middle of recording I realized my draft so I changed the borders, by pack 2 the whole pack is visible.