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By: toolazy2stand, Josue Ledesma
Nov 09 2011 1:42pm
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Limited Sense 13

ISD Draft 3

Hello and welcome to another Limited Sense article!  Lately, I've been having a lot of luck with my drafts and I hope to keep these drafts coming for a while.  This time I wanted to show you what became a little experiment after the picks with these drafts.  Not sure if I can necessarily advise this type of deck, but I had a ton of fun and it can do some really powerful stuff.  So let's dive right in!


I was a little unsure of where to go with cards like Bloodgift demon, forbidden alchemy, Brimstone volley coming at me.  I love blue/black, but some red was starting to come.  Pack 2 didn't help as I opened a devil’s play and picked up other red cards, but I’m still iffy on black or red as second color.  Maybe both?  The blue stayed solid, but both good black and red cards came and by the 3rd pack I had another forbidden alchemy, which seemed too great to pass up and I realized I had this instant heavy hand with counters and removal.  By the end, I wasn’t too sure about my deckbuilding, but the heavy instant version seemed like so much fun, I wanted to try it anyway.  I tried out multiple frightful delusions just because I had so much instant action on turn 3, I could hold up the delusion and if my opponent didn't tap out for a spell I had cards like Forbidden Alchemy to make sure I didn't sacrifice much.

Round 1

Game 1

He started out with an avacynian priest, but I drew my lands in the correct order and frightful delusioned his juggernaut, making him discard a Spectral knight- love that two for one.  From there I played a very draw-go kind of deck, very controlling with claustrophobia, forbidden alchemy and my finisher was Undead Alchemist.  After getting one hit in, I already got 2 zombies, and from there, they just mauled his library and my army grew more and more.  I never thought the alchemist would be so good, but he really took the game over really quickly.

Game 2

An early curse of death’s hold was very scary, especially after my opponent night terror-ed me to take my dissipate.  However, between Moan of the Unhallowed and Grasp of Phantoms, I was able to get a board state where, with Undead Alchemist, I was able to attack with my 4 1/1 zombies and replace themselves pretty easily due to the Alchemist’s mill ability.  Even through Curse of Death’s Hold, my opponent couldn’t keep up with the evergrowing number of zombies.  Grasp of Phantoms really made it possible for me to achieve a favorable board state while getting ahead in card advantage as well.  Especially once the Alchemist is out, just making sure I can get two damage in without losing too many guys, I expect the zombies to just replace themselves.  And if they trade, that makes things even better.

Round 2

Game 1

Things started out awkward, I mulled to 6, he mulled to 5, and was very flooded, while I had a frightful delusion the entire time.  Eventually I stocked piled a huge swath of removal and once I hit a swamp, was finally able to drop creatures and apply some pressure.  Eventually all-star Undead Alchemist came out right before he played his Kessig Wolf-Run, which was very scary.  However, timely Brimstone Volleys and a Lost in the Mist made for a quick clean up.

Game 2

I took a lot of early damage, but I felt I got things pretty under control once we got into the late game.  However his Avacyn’s Pilgrim made his deck run so much faster than mine and by the time I thought I had the game locked up with Undead Alchemist, I was on low enough life that Brimstone Volley was enough to finish me off.  He was playing real aggressive and I banked on him having the Brimstone Volley regardless so I definitely should’ve played with that in mind.  I really played terribly knowing he had the Brimstone Volley before and then playing right into it afterwards. 

Game 3

He mulliganed and suffered without having white mana except in form of Avacyn’s Pilgrim and we quarreled between it through Brimstone Volley, Ranger’s Guile, and finally a Devil’s Play for 1.  It was a very interesting set of plays but I knew setting him back on both mana and color was essential to getting to a the late game with a comfortable life trotal.

Eventually he made me waste my counterspells and a timely Grasp of Phantoms made sure I’d mill one of his creatures when I played an Undead Alchemist.  What I didn’t realize was that I was going to deck soon and needed to kill him.  Luckily, my opponent did use a Brimstone Volley on my Alchemist while I had a Bloodgift Demon on the board which was large enough and was accompanied by a sizable enough army to swing in with 2 cards left in my library.  Tree of Redemption was a nice roadblock which would've slowed me down if not for the flier.  I also missed a kill with Grasp of Phantoms so I definitely have to be more aware of the board state.

Round 3

Game 1

My opponent being manascrewed allowed me to take advantage of Frightful Delusion.  Abbatoir Ghoul was also being pretty awesome in combat and Ghoulraiser bought me a lot of time as it gave me card advantage and bumps in the road.  However, except for that one Frightful Delusion, my deck felt awkward not having many instants to take advantage of on turns 3-4. 

Game 2

Moan of the Unhallowed into Lost in the Mist gave me a very superior board position when I dropped Undead Alchemist the next turn.  From there, having 4 2/2 tokens and Dissipate up made it so my opponent conceded in under 3 minutes.


So there you have it.  Another draft, another 3-0.  It was pretty much a zombie deck, but it felt more like a fish deck (as much as you can make one in limited).  Undead Alchemist is definitely strong enough to build around, but you pretty much have to be in U/B in order to pick up as many zombies as you can.  Having him in play just changes the board so differently and usually favors you if you're aggressive. 

Til next time!