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By: DaveLombardoJr, Fernando GutiƩrrez
Sep 30 2010 6:28am
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Limited Strategies, today instead of reporting my weekly draft I will be writing about the first MTGO PTQ Paris which format was M11 Sealed, so let’s begin.

My pool was this:




The white cards that got my attention were Assault Griffin, Wild Griffin, the two veterans, pacifism obviously and Blinding mage, I thought the playables were good so I considered it a possibility, White had flyers, removal and cheap efficent beaters so if I looked to go aggro white for sure would be there.



Blue I think was the strongest color in my pool with a bomb Frost Titan and a semi-bomb Clone, also I had card drawing in (Jace’s Ingenuity), had blockers and beaters if I needed to in Azure Drake and Water Servant, certainly I had the start of  a nice control deck but I needed more removal so If I looked to play blue I needed a color to support it like white or black with tons of removal.



In black I had one of the strongest flyers of the format in Howling Banshee, a little bit of removal 2 Assassinate, a semi-Mind Control in Rise From The Grave and had what I call efficient creatures in Gravedigger and Rotting Legion overall this was a mediocre color but I didn’t saw that the first time so I considered to play it.



Red was fine because I had Prodigal Pyromancer, 2 Lightning Bolt, also I had good creatures in the form of Ember Hauler and Canyon Minotaur, and a nice bomb I think with (Shiv’s Embrace) and nice combat tricks in the form of Thunder Strike and Fling.



Green was the weakest color of all with only 5 good playables and 4 of them in CMC 4<x so it was pointless, I discarded it almost immediately.






Round 1 

I lost the first game of the match because of not having my three colors so that affected the way that I sided, so I took out the little red splash to side in deathmark and a siren, because I was against a B/W deck. I managed to won game two thanks to double titan! And lost game 3 to double mind rot and a mulligan. 



Round 2: 

I was up against a blue green deck and his multiple harbor serpents also He was well prepared to compete against my assassinates with his Sword of Vengeance so I lost 1-2. In this matchup I decided to give the red a little of opportunity but the draws that I was having were awkward. 



Round 3 

I battled a selesnya deck (G/W) that beat me the first game with a serra angel that I couldn’t remove of the table (Never drew Titan or Clone) and on the second game I took out my red splash because that I thought was making my draws awkward so I sided in deathmark and flashfreeze. Game 2 and 3 I casted titan and he didn’t had the removal spell so it was easy 



Round 4 

I played against the mirror match he even had Triskelion, I lost game 1 because I was at five and he aimed bolt and sign in blood at me so there was nothing I could do about, and game 2 he played two active harbor serpents so I lost. 



I dropped after this.


What went wrong? 

I could blame the shuffler, or the lands or stuff like that, but what really went wrong was that I built the deck awfully wrong, black was not good as it looked in the first time I know double removal, Howling Banshee and Rise from the Grave can sound nice but people, it really doesn’t also after dropping I checked my deck again and my curve was baaad and by that I really mean it was really really bad, I think the correct way of building this pool could be:

I think this deck could had a lot more possibilites than the grixis one, this one has removal in the form of pacifism and blinding mage, aggro creatures and a nice curve, a nice package of flyers Wild Griffin Assault Griffin and bombs Titan and Triskelion.  

Now I’m prepared to take the next ptq so be ready. Hope you learned from this article I learned a lot from my ptq fail so failing is not always bad, in fact you learn the most. 


Fernando Gutiérrez.


I skipped the match reporting by Dolmir at Thu, 09/30/2010 - 18:24
Dolmir's picture

I skipped the match reporting because your UBr build looked so bad. I am glad that you realized the mistake and I think you would have done a lot better with the second list. A few things that I would change in that list.

-1 land I don't see any particular reason this deck needs an 18th land
+1 Harbor Serpent This guy is usually unblockable in sealed

I think that -2 plains -2 infantry veteran -1 excommunicate +2 mountain +2 lightning bolt +1 prodigal pyromancer is a decent option as well and could have been an effective sideboard plan against some decks.

Infantry veterans by m0ck at Sun, 10/03/2010 - 06:22
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My deck would probably be -1 land -1 unsummon and -1 alluring siren. Alluring siren and unsummon are nice tech but a little bit narrow in my opinion. And -1 cancel. All of these can come out of the sideboard if the situation calls for it.

+1 Silvercoat lion (this deck can be speedy, more opportunity to get early damage in)
+1 Palace guard (hold the ground for your flyers, good against alpha strikes)
+1 Harbor Serpent (extra finisher and good at holding the ground)
+1 Negate (since I would be up to 19 creatures, it is more important to protect them, then to have the extra versatility cancel offers)

Just my opinion