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By: caliban17, Eric Engelhard
Dec 13 2010 3:10am
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Please see part 1 for an overview and statistics on what actually did make it into Master's Edition 4, as well as a theory about what happened to the set.


With the release of Master's Edition 4, there are 828 paper cards not online in any form that are either Vintage legal (816 cards) or were part of normal core or expansion Magic sets, but are banned in Vintage (12 cards) - the Ante, Dexterity, and Sub-Game cards.  (Also, there are 4 more cards currently not online, but that will be printed in Urza's Destiny or Mercadian Masques, so they don't really count.)

Here's the breakdown of what's left of the 828 cards, and what I feel are the most notable cards left in each set.

(USER NOTE: It's much easier to look at these cards by opening new tabs, rather than just clicking and opening them and having to arrow back here.  Most browsers can do this automatically by holding CTRL when clicking a link.)

65 Alpha/Beta/Unlimited - Camouflage, Chaos Orb, False Orders, Helm of Chatzuk, Lifetap, Power 9, Raging River, Volcanic Eruption

Ancestral Recall R 0 Beta
Aspect of Wolf R 0 Beta
Black Lotus R 0 Beta
Black Ward U 0 Beta
Blessing R 0 Beta
Blue Ward U 0 Beta
Burrowing U 0 Beta
Camouflage U 0 Beta
Celestial Prism U 0 Beta
Chaos Orb R 0 Beta
Chaoslace R 0 Beta
Conservator U 0 Beta
Contract from Below R 0 Beta
Creature Bond C 0 Beta
Cursed Land U 0 Beta
Darkpact R 0 Beta
Deathlace R 0 Beta
Demonic Attorney R 0 Beta
Dwarven Warriors C 0 Beta
Earthbind C 0 Beta
False Orders C 0 Beta
Farmstead R 0 Beta
Feedback U 0 Beta
Frozen Shade C 0 Beta
Gray Ogre C 0 Beta
Green Ward U 0 Beta
Guardian Angel C 0 Beta
Helm of Chatzuk R 0 Beta
Holy Armor C 0 Beta
Ironroot Treefolk C 0 Beta
Lance U 0 Beta
Lifelace R 0 Beta
Lifetap U 0 Beta
Living Artifact R 0 Beta
Magical Hack R 0 Beta
Mons's Goblin Raiders C 0 Beta
Mox Emerald R 0 Beta
Mox Jet R 0 Beta
Mox Pearl R 0 Beta
Mox Ruby R 0 Beta
Mox Sapphire R 0 Beta
Natural Selection R 0 Beta
Nettling Imp U 0 Beta
Pearled Unicorn C 0 Beta
Plague Rats C 0 Beta
Power Leak C 0 Beta
Power Surge R 0 Beta
Purelace R 0 Beta
Raging River R 0 Beta
Red Ward U 0 Beta
Sacrifice U 0 Beta
Simulacrum U 0 Beta
Siren's Call U 0 Beta
Sleight of Mind R 0 Beta
Sunglasses of Urza R 0 Beta
Thoughtlace R 0 Beta
Timber Wolves R 0 Beta
Time Walk R 0 Beta
Timetwister R 0 Beta
Tunnel U 0 Beta
Volcanic Eruption R 0 Beta
Wall of Brambles U 0 Beta
Wall of Ice U 0 Beta
Wall of Water U 0 Beta
White Ward U 0 Beta

 26 Arabian Nights - Abu Jafar, Island Fish Jasconius, Magnetic Mountain, Shahrazad, Sorceress Queen

Abu Ja'far U 1 Arabian Nights
Aladdin's Lamp R 1 Arabian Nights
Ali Baba U 1 Arabian Nights
Army of Allah C 1 Arabian Nights
Camel C 1 Arabian Nights
City in a Bottle R 1 Arabian Nights
Desert Nomads C 1 Arabian Nights
El-Hajjâj R 1 Arabian Nights
Hurr Jackal C 1 Arabian Nights
Island Fish Jasconius R 1 Arabian Nights
Jandor's Ring R 1 Arabian Nights
Jeweled Bird U 1 Arabian Nights
Jihad R 1 Arabian Nights
King Suleiman R 1 Arabian Nights
Magnetic Mountain U 1 Arabian Nights
Merchant Ship U 1 Arabian Nights
Metamorphosis C 1 Arabian Nights
Nafs Asp C 1 Arabian Nights
Piety C 1 Arabian Nights
Pyramids R 1 Arabian Nights
Repentant Blacksmith R 1 Arabian Nights
Sandals of Abdallah U 1 Arabian Nights
Shahrazad R 1 Arabian Nights
Sorceress Queen U 1 Arabian Nights
Stone-Throwing Devils C 1 Arabian Nights
War Elephant C 1 Arabian Nights

 18 Antiquities - Haunting Wind, Mishra's War Machine, Phyrexian Gremlins, Rocket Launcher, Urza's Avenger

Artifact Possession C 2 Antiquities
Artifact Ward C 2 Antiquities
Ashnod's Battle Gear U 2 Antiquities
Battering Ram C 2 Antiquities
Bronze Tablet R 2 Antiquities
Damping Field U 2 Antiquities
Drafna's Restoration C 2 Antiquities
Dwarven Weaponsmith U 2 Antiquities
Goblin Artisans U 2 Antiquities
Golgothian Sylex R 2 Antiquities
Haunting Wind U 2 Antiquities
Mishra's War Machine R 2 Antiquities
Phyrexian Gremlins C 2 Antiquities
Powerleech U 2 Antiquities
Priest of Yawgmoth C 2 Antiquities
Reverse Polarity C 2 Antiquities
Rocket Launcher U 2 Antiquities
Urza's Avenger R 2 Antiquities

 130 Legends - Abomination, Backfire, Blazing Effigy, Clergy of the Holy Nimbus, Dream Coat, Elder Spawn, Gravity Sphere, Imprison, Mana Batteries, Master of the Hunt, Pit Scorpion

Abomination U 3 Legends
Adventurers' Guildhouse U 3 Legends
Ærathi Berserker U 3 Legends
Aisling Leprechaun C 3 Legends
Anti-Magic Aura C 3 Legends
Ayesha Tanaka R 3 Legends
Backdraft U 3 Legends
Backfire U 3 Legends
Barbary Apes C 3 Legends
Beasts of Bogardan U 3 Legends
Black Mana Battery U 3 Legends
Blazing Effigy C 3 Legends
Blue Mana Battery U 3 Legends
Brine Hag U 3 Legends
Cat Warriors C 3 Legends
Cathedral of Serra U 3 Legends
Caverns of Despair R 3 Legends
Clergy of the Holy Nimbus C 3 Legends
Cocoon U 3 Legends
Crevasse U 3 Legends
Deadfall U 3 Legends
Devouring Deep C 3 Legends
Dream Coat U 3 Legends
Durkwood Boars C 3 Legends
Dwarven Song U 3 Legends
Elder Spawn R 3 Legends
Emerald Dragonfly C 3 Legends
Enchanted Being C 3 Legends
Energy Tap C 3 Legends
Equinox C 3 Legends
Eternal Warrior U 3 Legends
Falling Star R 3 Legends
Feint C 3 Legends
Field of Dreams R 3 Legends
Floral Spuzzem U 3 Legends
Forethought Amulet R 3 Legends
Fortified Area U 3 Legends
Giant Slug C 3 Legends
Giant Turtle C 3 Legends
Glyph of Delusion C 3 Legends
Glyph of Destruction C 3 Legends
Glyph of Doom C 3 Legends
Glyph of Life C 3 Legends
Glyph of Reincarnation C 3 Legends
Gosta Dirk R 3 Legends
Gravity Sphere R 3 Legends
Great Defender U 3 Legends
Great Wall U 3 Legends
Green Mana Battery U 3 Legends
Heaven's Gate U 3 Legends
Hell Swarm C 3 Legends
Hornet Cobra C 3 Legends
Hyperion Blacksmith U 3 Legends
Ichneumon Druid U 3 Legends
Imprison R 3 Legends
Indestructible Aura C 3 Legends
Infernal Medusa U 3 Legends
Infinite Authority R 3 Legends
Invoke Prejudice R 3 Legends
Johan R 3 Legends
Jovial Evil R 3 Legends
Kasimir the Lone Wolf U 3 Legends
Keepers of the Faith C 3 Legends
Kry Shield U 3 Legends
Land's Edge R 3 Legends
Life Matrix R 3 Legends
Lifeblood R 3 Legends
Lord Magnus U 3 Legends
Lost Soul C 3 Legends
Marble Priest U 3 Legends
Master of the Hunt R 3 Legends
Mold Demon R 3 Legends
Mountain Stronghold U 3 Legends
North Star R 3 Legends
Part Water U 3 Legends
Pit Scorpion C 3 Legends
Pixie Queen R 3 Legends
Pradesh Gypsies U 3 Legends
Primordial Ooze U 3 Legends
Psionic Entity R 3 Legends
Puppet Master U 3 Legends
Quagmire U 3 Legends
Quarum Trench Gnomes R 3 Legends
Raging Bull C 3 Legends
Rapid Fire R 3 Legends
Rebirth R 3 Legends
Red Mana Battery U 3 Legends
Relic Bind U 3 Legends
Remove Enchantments C 3 Legends
Revelation R 3 Legends
Reverberation R 3 Legends
Ring of Immortals R 3 Legends
Rust C 3 Legends
Sea Kings' Blessing U 3 Legends
Seafarer's Quay U 3 Legends
Seeker U 3 Legends
Segovian Leviathan U 3 Legends
Sentinel R 3 Legends
Shelkin Brownie C 3 Legends
Shimian Night Stalker U 3 Legends
Silhouette U 3 Legends
Spectral Cloak U 3 Legends
Spiritual Sanctuary R 3 Legends
Subdue C 3 Legends
Sylvan Paradise U 3 Legends
Teleport R 3 Legends
Tempest Efreet R 3 Legends
The Brute C 3 Legends
Tolaria U 3 Legends
Touch of Darkness U 3 Legends
Transmutation C 3 Legends
Typhoon R 3 Legends
Undertow U 3 Legends
Unholy Citadel U 3 Legends
Ur-Drago R 3 Legends
Venarian Gold C 3 Legends
Visions U 3 Legends
Walking Dead C 3 Legends
Wall of Caltrops C 3 Legends
Wall of Dust U 3 Legends
Wall of Earth C 3 Legends
Wall of Heat C 3 Legends
Wall of Opposition R 3 Legends
Wall of Putrid Flesh U 3 Legends
Wall of Shadows C 3 Legends
Wall of Tombstones U 3 Legends
Wall of Vapor C 3 Legends
White Mana Battery U 3 Legends
Wolverine Pack C 3 Legends
Zephyr Falcon C 3 Legends

 55 The Dark - Flood, Marsh Viper, Mind Bomb, Worms of the Earth

Blood of the Martyr U 4 The Dark
Bog Rats C 4 The Dark
Brainwash C 4 The Dark
Cave People U 4 The Dark
Cleansing R 4 The Dark
Curse Artifact U 4 The Dark
Dark Sphere U 4 The Dark
Deep Water C 4 The Dark
Electric Eel U 4 The Dark
Erosion C 4 The Dark
Eternal Flame R 4 The Dark
Fasting U 4 The Dark
Festival C 4 The Dark
Fire and Brimstone U 4 The Dark
Flood U 4 The Dark
Frankenstein's Monster R 4 The Dark
Giant Shark C 4 The Dark
Goblin Hero C 4 The Dark
Goblin Rock Sled C 4 The Dark
Grave Robbers R 4 The Dark
Hidden Path R 4 The Dark
Inquisition C 4 The Dark
Land Leeches C 4 The Dark
Living Armor U 4 The Dark
Lurker R 4 The Dark
Marsh Gas C 4 The Dark
Marsh Goblins C 4 The Dark
Marsh Viper C 4 The Dark
Mind Bomb R 4 The Dark
Miracle Worker C 4 The Dark
Morale C 4 The Dark
Murk Dwellers C 4 The Dark
Nameless Race R 4 The Dark
Necropolis U 4 The Dark
Niall Silvain R 4 The Dark
People of the Woods U 4 The Dark
Pikemen C 4 The Dark
Psychic Allergy R 4 The Dark
Reflecting Mirror U 4 The Dark
Riptide C 4 The Dark
Runesword U 4 The Dark
Savaen Elves C 4 The Dark
Scarwood Goblins C 4 The Dark
Scarwood Hag U 4 The Dark
Season of the Witch R 4 The Dark
Sisters of the Flame U 4 The Dark
Standing Stones U 4 The Dark
Tangle Kelp U 4 The Dark
Tower of Coireall U 4 The Dark
Venom C 4 The Dark
Wand of Ith U 4 The Dark
Water Wurm C 4 The Dark
Whippoorwill U 4 The Dark
Word of Binding C 4 The Dark
Worms of the Earth R 4 The Dark

  42 Fallen Empires - Dwarven Lieutenant, Homarid Shaman, Thrull Wizard

Balm of Restoration R 5 Fallen Empires
Bottomless Vault R 5 Fallen Empires
Conch Horn R 5 Fallen Empires
Delif's Cone C 5 Fallen Empires
Delif's Cube R 5 Fallen Empires
Draconian Cylix R 5 Fallen Empires
Dwarven Armorer R 5 Fallen Empires
Dwarven Hold R 5 Fallen Empires
Dwarven Lieutenant U 5 Fallen Empires
Elven Fortress C 5 Fallen Empires
Elvish Scout C 5 Fallen Empires
Farrelite Priest U 5 Fallen Empires
Goblin Flotilla R 5 Fallen Empires
Goblin Kites U 5 Fallen Empires
Heroism U 5 Fallen Empires
Hollow Trees R 5 Fallen Empires
Homarid C 5 Fallen Empires
Homarid Shaman R 5 Fallen Empires
Homarid Warrior C 5 Fallen Empires
Icatian Infantry C 5 Fallen Empires
Icatian Moneychanger C 5 Fallen Empires
Icatian Skirmishers R 5 Fallen Empires
Icatian Store R 5 Fallen Empires
Implements of Sacrifice R 5 Fallen Empires
Initiates of the Ebon Hand C 5 Fallen Empires
Merseine C 5 Fallen Empires
Raiding Party U 5 Fallen Empires
Sand Silos R 5 Fallen Empires
Spirit Shield R 5 Fallen Empires
Svyelunite Priest U 5 Fallen Empires
Thelonite Monk R 5 Fallen Empires
Thelon's Chant U 5 Fallen Empires
Thelon's Curse R 5 Fallen Empires
Thrull Wizard U 5 Fallen Empires
Tidal Flats C 5 Fallen Empires
Tidal Influence U 5 Fallen Empires
Tourach's Chant U 5 Fallen Empires
Tourach's Gate R 5 Fallen Empires
Vodalian Mage C 5 Fallen Empires
Vodalian Soldiers C 5 Fallen Empires
Vodalian War Machine R 5 Fallen Empires
Zelyon Sword R 5 Fallen Empires

 145 Ice Age - Altar of Bone, Baton of Morale, Brand of Ill Omen, Burnt Offering, Crown of the Ages, Oath of Lim-Dul, Soul Barrier, Stench of Evil

Adarkar Unicorn C 6 Ice Age
Aegis of the Meek R 6 Ice Age
Aggression U 6 Ice Age
Altar of Bone R 6 Ice Age
Amulet of Quoz R 6 Ice Age
Arctic Foxes C 6 Ice Age
Arcum's Sleigh U 6 Ice Age
Arcum's Whistle U 6 Ice Age
Arenson's Aura C 6 Ice Age
Arnjlot's Ascent C 6 Ice Age
Avalanche U 6 Ice Age
Balduvian Bears C 6 Ice Age
Balduvian Shaman C 6 Ice Age
Barbarian Guides C 6 Ice Age
Baton of Morale U 6 Ice Age
Battle Cry U 6 Ice Age
Battle Frenzy C 6 Ice Age
Black Scarab U 6 Ice Age
Blessed Wine C 6 Ice Age
Blizzard R 6 Ice Age
Blue Scarab U 6 Ice Age
Bone Shaman C 6 Ice Age
Brand of Ill Omen R 6 Ice Age
Breath of Dreams U 6 Ice Age
Burnt Offering C 6 Ice Age
Chaos Lord R 6 Ice Age
Chaos Moon R 6 Ice Age
Chromatic Armor R 6 Ice Age
Clairvoyance C 6 Ice Age
Cold Snap U 6 Ice Age
Cooperation C 6 Ice Age
Crown of the Ages R 6 Ice Age
Curse of Marit Lage R 6 Ice Age
Dire Wolves C 6 Ice Age
Drought U 6 Ice Age
Dwarven Armory R 6 Ice Age
Earthlore C 6 Ice Age
Elvish Healer C 6 Ice Age
Errant Minion C 6 Ice Age
Essence Vortex U 6 Ice Age
Fanatical Fever U 6 Ice Age
Flooded Woodlands R 6 Ice Age
Flow of Maggots R 6 Ice Age
Force Void U 6 Ice Age
Formation R 6 Ice Age
Foxfire C 6 Ice Age
Freyalise Supplicant U 6 Ice Age
Freyalise's Charm U 6 Ice Age
Fylgja C 6 Ice Age
Fyndhorn Bow U 6 Ice Age
Fyndhorn Brownie C 6 Ice Age
Game of Chaos R 6 Ice Age
Gaze of Pain C 6 Ice Age
General Jarkeld R 6 Ice Age
Ghostly Flame R 6 Ice Age
Glaciers R 6 Ice Age
Goblin Lyre R 6 Ice Age
Goblin Sappers C 6 Ice Age
Gorilla Pack C 6 Ice Age
Green Scarab U 6 Ice Age
Grizzled Wolverine C 6 Ice Age
Halls of Mist R 6 Ice Age
Hematite Talisman U 6 Ice Age
Hipparion U 6 Ice Age
Hoar Shade C 6 Ice Age
Hot Springs R 6 Ice Age
Illusionary Presence R 6 Ice Age
Illusionary Terrain U 6 Ice Age
Imposing Visage C 6 Ice Age
Infernal Denizen R 6 Ice Age
Infinite Hourglass R 6 Ice Age
Juniper Order Druid C 6 Ice Age
Justice U 6 Ice Age
Kelsinko Ranger C 6 Ice Age
Kjeldoran Guard C 6 Ice Age
Kjeldoran Knight R 6 Ice Age
Kjeldoran Phalanx R 6 Ice Age
Kjeldoran Skyknight C 6 Ice Age
Kjeldoran Warrior C 6 Ice Age
Krovikan Elementalist U 6 Ice Age
Land Cap R 6 Ice Age
Lapis Lazuli Talisman U 6 Ice Age
Lava Tubes R 6 Ice Age
Leshrac's Sigil U 6 Ice Age
Lim-Dûl's Hex U 6 Ice Age
Maddening Wind U 6 Ice Age
Malachite Talisman U 6 Ice Age
Melee U 6 Ice Age
Melting U 6 Ice Age
Mercenaries R 6 Ice Age
Mind Ravel C 6 Ice Age
Mind Warp U 6 Ice Age
Mind Whip R 6 Ice Age
Mole Worms U 6 Ice Age
Monsoon R 6 Ice Age
Moor Fiend C 6 Ice Age
Mountain Goat C 6 Ice Age
Mountain Titan R 6 Ice Age
Mystic Might R 6 Ice Age
Nacre Talisman U 6 Ice Age
Norritt C 6 Ice Age
Oath of Lim-Dûl R 6 Ice Age
Onyx Talisman U 6 Ice Age
Pale Bears R 6 Ice Age
Pestilence Rats C 6 Ice Age
Prismatic Ward C 6 Ice Age
Pygmy Allosaurus R 6 Ice Age
Pyknite C 6 Ice Age
Rally C 6 Ice Age
Ray of Erasure C 6 Ice Age
Reality Twist R 6 Ice Age
Reclamation R 6 Ice Age
Red Scarab U 6 Ice Age
Rime Dryad C 6 Ice Age
River Delta R 6 Ice Age
Runed Arch R 6 Ice Age
Seizures C 6 Ice Age
Silver Erne U 6 Ice Age
Snow Hound U 6 Ice Age
Snowblind R 6 Ice Age
Snowfall C 6 Ice Age
Soul Barrier U 6 Ice Age
Spoils of Evil R 6 Ice Age
Spoils of War R 6 Ice Age
Staff of the Ages R 6 Ice Age
Stench of Evil U 6 Ice Age
Sunstone U 6 Ice Age
Tarpan C 6 Ice Age
Timberline Ridge R 6 Ice Age
Tor Giant C 6 Ice Age
Total War R 6 Ice Age
Touch of Death C 6 Ice Age
Touch of Vitae U 6 Ice Age
Trailblazer R 6 Ice Age
Updraft U 6 Ice Age
Veldt R 6 Ice Age
Vertigo U 6 Ice Age
Wall of Lava U 6 Ice Age
Wall of Pine Needles U 6 Ice Age
Wall of Shields U 6 Ice Age
War Chariot U 6 Ice Age
White Scarab U 6 Ice Age
Winter's Chill R 6 Ice Age
Yavimaya Gnats U 6 Ice Age
Zuran Enchanter C 6 Ice Age

 62 Homelands - Cemetery Gate, Chain Stasis, Drudge Spell, Irini Sengir, Soraya the Falconer

Abbey Matron C 7 Homelands
Aliban's Tower C 7 Homelands
Ambush C 7 Homelands
An-Havva Constable R 7 Homelands
An-Havva Inn U 7 Homelands
An-Havva Township U 7 Homelands
Apocalypse Chime R 7 Homelands
Aysen Abbey U 7 Homelands
Aysen Highway R 7 Homelands
Baki's Curse R 7 Homelands
Beast Walkers R 7 Homelands
Black Carriage R 7 Homelands
Castle Sengir U 7 Homelands
Cemetery Gate C 7 Homelands
Chain Stasis R 7 Homelands
Chandler C 7 Homelands
Coral Reef C 7 Homelands
Dark Maze C 7 Homelands
Daughter of Autumn R 7 Homelands
Drudge Spell U 7 Homelands
Dwarven Pony R 7 Homelands
Dwarven Sea Clan R 7 Homelands
Dwarven Trader C 7 Homelands
Evaporate U 7 Homelands
Feast of the Unicorn C 7 Homelands
Folk of An-Havva C 7 Homelands
Forget R 7 Homelands
Ghost Hounds U 7 Homelands
Giant Albatross C 7 Homelands
Greater Werewolf C 7 Homelands
Hazduhr the Abbot R 7 Homelands
Headstone C 7 Homelands
Heart Wolf R 7 Homelands
Irini Sengir U 7 Homelands
Ironclaw Curse R 7 Homelands
Jinx C 7 Homelands
Joven C 7 Homelands
Joven's Tools U 7 Homelands
Koskun Falls R 7 Homelands
Koskun Keep U 7 Homelands
Mammoth Harness R 7 Homelands
Mesa Falcon C 7 Homelands
Orcish Mine U 7 Homelands
Prophecy C 7 Homelands
Rashka the Slayer U 7 Homelands
Reef Pirates C 7 Homelands
Renewal C 7 Homelands
Root Spider U 7 Homelands
Rysorian Badger R 7 Homelands
Samite Alchemist C 7 Homelands
Sea Troll U 7 Homelands
Sengir Bats C 7 Homelands
Serra Inquisitors U 7 Homelands
Serra Paladin C 7 Homelands
Soraya the Falconer R 7 Homelands
Timmerian Fiends R 7 Homelands
Trade Caravan C 7 Homelands
Truce R 7 Homelands
Veldrane of Sengir R 7 Homelands
Willow Faerie C 7 Homelands
Winter Sky R 7 Homelands
Wizards' School U 7 Homelands

 48 Alliances - Martyrdom, Mystic Compass

Agent of Stromgald C 8 Alliances
Awesome Presence C 8 Alliances
Balduvian War-Makers C 8 Alliances
Carrier Pigeons C 8 Alliances
Chaos Harlequin R 8 Alliances
Diseased Vermin U 8 Alliances
Enslaved Scout C 8 Alliances
Fatal Lore R 8 Alliances
Foresight C 8 Alliances
Fyndhorn Druid C 8 Alliances
Gift of the Woods C 8 Alliances
Gorilla Berserkers C 8 Alliances
Keeper of Tresserhorn R 8 Alliances
Kjeldoran Escort C 8 Alliances
Krovikan Plague U 8 Alliances
Library of Lat-Nam R 8 Alliances
Lim-Dûl's Paladin U 8 Alliances
Martyrdom C 8 Alliances
Misfortune R 8 Alliances
Mystic Compass U 8 Alliances
Nature's Chosen U 8 Alliances
Noble Steeds C 8 Alliances
Omen of Fire R 8 Alliances
Phantasmal Sphere R 8 Alliances
Royal Herbalist C 8 Alliances
Scarab of the Unseen U 8 Alliances
School of the Unseen U 8 Alliances
Seasoned Tactician U 8 Alliances
Sheltered Valley R 8 Alliances
Soldevi Adnate C 8 Alliances
Soldevi Heretic C 8 Alliances
Soldevi Sage C 8 Alliances
Soldevi Sentry C 8 Alliances
Soldevi Steam Beast C 8 Alliances
Soldier of Fortune U 8 Alliances
Splintering Wind R 8 Alliances
Stench of Decay C 8 Alliances
Stromgald Spy U 8 Alliances
Suffocation U 8 Alliances
Surge of Strength U 8 Alliances
Sworn Defender R 8 Alliances
Taste of Paradise C 8 Alliances
Tidal Control R 8 Alliances
Undergrowth C 8 Alliances
Unlikely Alliance U 8 Alliances
Urza's Engine U 8 Alliances
Veteran's Voice C 8 Alliances
Whip Vine C 8 Alliances

 76 Portal - Arrogant Vampire, Capricious Sorcerer, Command of Unsummoning, Cruel Bargain, Cruel Tutor, Endless Cockroaches, Fruition, Mercenary Knight, Mobilize, Nature's Ruin, Pillaging Horde, Plant Elemental, Starlit Angel, Temporary Truce, Virtue's Ruin

Arrogant Vampire U Portal
Assassin's Blade U Portal
Border Guard C Portal
Burning Cloak C Portal
Capricious Sorcerer R Portal
Charging Bandits U Portal
Cloak of Feathers C Portal
Cloud Pirates C Portal
Command of Unsummoning U Portal
Craven Knight C Portal
Cruel Bargain R Portal
Cruel Fate R Portal
Cruel Tutor R Portal
Deep Wood U Portal
Deep-Sea Serpent U Portal
Defiant Stand U Portal
Déjà Vu C Portal
Desert Drake U Portal
Devoted Hero C Portal
Djinn of the Lamp R Portal
Dread Charge R Portal
Endless Cockroaches R Portal
False Peace C Portal
Final Strike R Portal
Fire Snake C Portal
Fleet-Footed Monk C Portal
Fruition C Portal
Hand of Death C Portal
Highland Giant C Portal
Howling Fury C Portal
Hulking Goblin C Portal
Ingenious Thief U Portal
Keen-Eyed Archers C Portal
King's Assassin R Portal
Lizard Warrior C Portal
Mercenary Knight R Portal
Mind Knives C Portal
Minotaur Warrior C Portal
Mobilize C Portal
Moon Sprite U Portal
Muck Rats C Portal
Mystic Denial U Portal
Nature's Cloak R Portal
Nature's Ruin U Portal
Noxious Toad U Portal
Omen C Portal
Pillaging Horde R Portal
Plant Elemental U Portal
Raging Cougar C Portal
Regal Unicorn C Portal
Renewing Dawn U Portal
Rowan Treefolk C Portal
Sacred Knight C Portal
Scorching Spear C Portal
Scorching Winds U Portal
Serpent Assassin R Portal
Skeletal Crocodile C Portal
Skeletal Snake C Portal
Sorcerous Sight C Portal
Spiritual Guardian R Portal
Starlit Angel U Portal
Steadfastness C Portal
Stern Marshal R Portal
Taunt R Portal
Temporary Truce R Portal
Thundering Wurm R Portal
Touch of Brilliance C Portal
Treetop Defense R Portal
Undying Beast C Portal
Valorous Charge U Portal
Vampiric Feast U Portal
Vampiric Touch C Portal
Virtue's Ruin U Portal
Wall of Granite U Portal
Warrior's Charge C Portal
Willow Dryad C Portal

 62 Portal Second Age - Apprentice Sorcerer, Dakmor Sorceress, Norwood Priestess, Ogre Arsonist, Predatory Nightstalker, Salvage

Abyssal Nightstalker U Portal Second Age
Alaborn Cavalier U Portal Second Age
Alaborn Grenadier C Portal Second Age
Alaborn Veteran R Portal Second Age
Alaborn Zealot U Portal Second Age
Ancient Craving R Portal Second Age
Apprentice Sorcerer U Portal Second Age
Armored Galleon U Portal Second Age
Barbtooth Wurm C Portal Second Age
Bargain U Portal Second Age
Bear Cub C Portal Second Age
Bloodcurdling Scream U Portal Second Age
Brutal Nightstalker U Portal Second Age
Chorus of Woe C Portal Second Age
Coastal Wizard R Portal Second Age
Cunning Giant R Portal Second Age
Dakmor Bat C Portal Second Age
Dakmor Scorpion C Portal Second Age
Dakmor Sorceress R Portal Second Age
Dark Offering U Portal Second Age
Extinguish C Portal Second Age
Eye Spy U Portal Second Age
Festival of Trokin C Portal Second Age
Goblin War Cry U Portal Second Age
Golden Bear C Portal Second Age
Harmony of Nature U Portal Second Age
Kiss of Death U Portal Second Age
Lurking Nightstalker C Portal Second Age
Lynx C Portal Second Age
Moaning Spirit C Portal Second Age
Nightstalker Engine R Portal Second Age
Norwood Archers C Portal Second Age
Norwood Priestess R Portal Second Age
Norwood Riders C Portal Second Age
Norwood Warrior C Portal Second Age
Obsidian Giant U Portal Second Age
Ogre Arsonist U Portal Second Age
Ogre Berserker C Portal Second Age
Ogre Warrior C Portal Second Age
Piracy R Portal Second Age
Plated Wurm C Portal Second Age
Predatory Nightstalker U Portal Second Age
Raiding Nightstalker C Portal Second Age
Rally the Troops U Portal Second Age
Razorclaw Bear R Portal Second Age
Remove U Portal Second Age
Renewing Touch U Portal Second Age
Return of the Nightstalkers R Portal Second Age
Salvage C Portal Second Age
Steam Frigate C Portal Second Age
Sylvan Yeti R Portal Second Age
Talas Air Ship C Portal Second Age
Talas Explorer C Portal Second Age
Talas Merchant C Portal Second Age
Talas Scout C Portal Second Age
Talas Warrior R Portal Second Age
Temple Elder U Portal Second Age
Town Sentry C Portal Second Age
Trokin High Guard C Portal Second Age
Volunteer Militia C Portal Second Age
Warrior's Stand U Portal Second Age
Wind Sail C Portal Second Age

  88 Portal Three Kingdoms - Cao Cao, Control of the Court, Diaochan, False Mourning, Fire Bowman, Lady Sun, Marshaling the Troops, Preemptive Strike, Ravaging Horde, Taoist Hermit, Warrior's Oath, Wei Ambush Force, Xun Yu, Yuan Shao, Zhang He, Zhou Yu, Zhuge Jin

Alert Shu Infantry U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Barbarian General U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Barbarian Horde C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Borrowing the East Wind R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Broken Dam C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Burning Fields C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Cao Cao, Lord of Wei R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Cao Ren, Wei Commander R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Champion's Victory U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Control of the Court U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Corrupt Court Official U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Council of Advisors U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Counterintelligence U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Cunning Advisor U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Deception C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Desert Sandstorm C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Diaochan, Artful Beauty R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Empty City Ruse U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Eunuchs' Intrigues U Portal 3 Kingdoms
False Mourning U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Fire Bowman U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Flanking Troops U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Forest Bear C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Huang Zhong, Shu General R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Imperial Edict C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Independent Troops C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Kongming's Contraptions R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Lady Sun R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Lady Zhurong, Warrior Queen R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Lu Su, Wu Advisor R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Ma Chao, Western Warrior R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Marshaling the Troops R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Mountain Bandit C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Pang Tong, "Young Phoenix" R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Poison Arrow U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Preemptive Strike C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Ravaging Horde U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Renegade Troops U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Return to Battle C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Riding Red Hare C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Sage's Knowledge C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Shu Defender C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Shu Elite Infantry C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Shu Farmer C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Shu Foot Soldiers C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Shu Grain Caravan C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Sima Yi, Wei Field Marshal R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Spring of Eternal Peace C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Stone Catapult R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Straw Soldiers C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Taoist Hermit U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Taoist Mystic R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Taunting Challenge R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Trained Cheetah U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Trained Jackal C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Virtuous Charge C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Warrior's Oath R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wei Ambush Force C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wei Assassins U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wei Scout C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wielding the Green Dragon C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wu Admiral U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wu Infantry C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wu Light Cavalry C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wu Scout C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Wu Spy U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Xun Yu, Wei Advisor R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Yellow Scarves Cavalry C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Yellow Scarves General R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Yellow Scarves Troops C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Yuan Shao, the Indecisive R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Yuan Shao's Infantry U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zhang He, Wei General R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zhang Liao, Hero of Hefei R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zhao Zilong, Tiger General R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zhou Yu, Chief Commander R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist R Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Dog C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Goat C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Horse U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Ox U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Pig U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Rabbit C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Rat C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Rooster C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Snake C Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zodiac Tiger U Portal 3 Kingdoms
Zuo Ci, the Mocking Sage R Portal 3 Kingdoms

8 Starter - Goblin Settler

Dakmor Ghoul U Starter 1999
Devout Monk C Starter 1999
Goblin Commando U Starter 1999
Goblin Settler U Starter 1999
Royal Falcon C Starter 1999
Shrieking Specter U Starter 1999
Stream of Acid U Starter 1999
Willow Elf C Starter 1999

 3 Promo

Nalathni Dragon S Promo set
Sewers of Estark S Promo set
Windseeker Centaur S Promo set

These are your 828 cards not online - this is all that there will ever be. 

There are 4 Cards more not yet online, but they are guaranteed to come online in Urza's Destiny - Prophecy.  Technically, right now these 4 cards are not online, making 832 total not online, but I discount them because this will soon be rectified.

Venomous Breath U 6 Ice Age Mercadian Masques U
Word of Blasting U 6 Ice Age Mercadian Masques U
False Demise C 8 Alliances Mercadian Masques U
Hulking Ogre U Starter 1999 Urza's Destiny C

Of these 828 cards, I would preemptively exclude only two groups of cards from ever making it online:
The 9 Ante cards
The 3 Expansion Symbol cards
There's just no way that we will ever see these online, as they don't work within the framework of MTGO at all.  Also, they're both really, really bad ideas from a modern Magic perspective.


I feel that every other card, even those other three banned cards, have at least a small chance to come online.  So 816 is the primary number, though I realize some of those have miniscule odds of ever making it online.  For reference, other people who do this sometimes exclude some of these groups from the possible online cardpool:
-The 3 other banned cards (Chaos Orb, Fallen Star, Shahrazad)
-The 3 "Name/Art Problem" cards (Army of Allah, Invoke Prejudice, Jihad)
-The cards not online that mention Horsemanship
-The cards not online that mention Snow
-The cards not online that mention Cumulative Upkeep
-The cards that are going to be difficult programming challenges (Camouflage, Equinox, Raging River, maybe a few others)
I don't exclude these, but thought I would mention them.  I would have thought Word of Command was low odds to make it online, but its here, so you never know.  In particular, some people assume the other banned cards and the Name/Art Problem cards will never see the light of day, and go with 810 as the number missing we could possibly get.  That's perfectly valid, but I'm the hopeful sort.

Here are some notes on a few cards.  Not a comprehensive list of the best cards not online, just a few that struck my writing nerve.

False Orders
Imagine you had an instant that says target creature is unblockable.  In Red, that's pretty good for one mana.  Now, imagine it also says that your opponent's best creature can't block.  That's a pretty awesome deal for 1 red mana.  Now imagine that it's sort of a split card, and you can make your creature unblockable, plus you have the option of making their best creature unblockable OR killing a creature of theirs with toughness less than the power of another attacker.  Now imagine you can do all this AFTER you see what blocks they make.

People seriously underestimate this card.  In Pauper, it could totally wreck house, because your creature always will get through, no matter how many blockers they have (unless they have enough to double block everything without making any bad trades).  I imagine Pauper Goblins and other Pauper Aggro might want to seriously look at this card.

Some people say that it's a programming problem card, but they already have 90% of its ability programmed on Balduvian Warlord.  I'm sure they can handle this one.

Helm of Chatzuk
Baton of Morale
Super cheap banding for any creature makes combat really difficult for your opponents' blockers and attackers.  Load them up into a deck with some a) Trample, b) Vigilance, and c) High Toughness, and you'll rule the combat step.  Severely test your opponent's math skills in every combat!  I'd love to throw one of these in an Commander deck based around creatures.  They're way better than they look.  Helm of Chatzuk looks like you're wearing Cthulu's gall bladder on your head, so that's not hard.  Who exactly would want to "team-up" with a guy wearing a helmet like this?  I'm not really seeing it.

Sorceress Queen
I cannot believe that we still don't have Sorceress Queen online.  I used to run 4 of her in my old school black decks.  This was supposed to be the set with Arabian Nights... did you forget about her?  Is she coming back in M12?  (Not that I'll be happy until I have her original awesome artwork.)  Let me be sure I understand here:  you deliberately gave us Minion of Tevesh Szat as a black rare creature that kinda kills things instead of Sorceress Queen?  Somebody made that conscious decision?  On purpose?

If she's not coming back in M12 (that's the only excuse) you might as well let monkeys loose with copies of the 828 cards not online and in a month's time, decide the 200 with the most feces on them become the next Master's Edition set.  Because they'll do pretty much as well.

Mishra's War Machine
Urza's Avenger
Two of the signature creatures from Antiquities, the other basis for ME4, and you leave them out because... they have banding?  C'mon, is the having of banding so horrendous a sin that they can never see the light of day?  These were both pretty popular creatures back in the day - the War Machine is the original bad Masticore, and Urza's Avenger is the original bad Akroma, Angel of Wrath.  The banding rules work fine.  Really, these weren't better choices than Rakalite or Obelisk of Undoing?  You did put every single other Antiquities rare we needed in this set, but left out popular ones over some kind of theological difference like this?  I think 1-2 cards at rare with banding, especially in a set with approximately 200 rares, would have been fine.

Flood will find a home somewhere.  If Merfolk Seastalkers can dominate limited formats, and costs 4 times as much, has an activation costing 1.5 times as much, and is a killable 3-or-less toughness creature, then this will find a home in some griefer's deck in some format.  You can start tapping attackers on turn 2 instead of turn 5!  That's quite a savings.

Pit Scorpion
Marsh Viper
GIVE US THE OTHER POISON CREATURES!  I don't know why you won't.  Are they good?  Hell no.  Back in the day, sure, Marsh Viper was the best way to win with Poison.  Now, the worst of the Infect creatures is better than he is.  He wouldn't harm anything, I promise.  But at least then we would have them all online and be done with it.  Hey, maybe someone wants to make a Blue/Green Poison deck with Psionic Gift and Hermetic Study and Steady Progress.  Marsh Viper is the card for that deck.  Why do you hate them so?  You'd think, with Leeches being in ME4, the very least they could do is put in one single actual Poison creature, but no.  We got

Mind Bomb
Besides Mark Tedin's creepy awesome alternate-WW2 art, this card is actually useful.  Are there decks like dredge/reanimator that want to discard cards ASAP?  Check.  Bonus of damage for your opponent?  (Because your opponent will never, ever choose to discard unless he's got a Basking Rootwalla in hand.) Check.  For one mana? Check.  Pitch to Force of Will, even?  Check.  I'm not saying it's better than Careful Study.  But it doesn't suck, especially as Blue has few ways to hit planeswalker loyalty directly.  This is a good one for 1 mana.

Cemetery Gate
You gave us Pestilence.  Now, could we please have the other part of the old school combo?  I think black Pauper decks might appreciate that.  Right now, there are zero black cards in Pauper that can keep Pestilence alive forever.  Gate turn 3, Pestilence turn 4 is game over for many, many decks.  Plus - it's a "creature" that's actually just a wrought-iron gate and some piles of stones and ohmygod magic flavor breaks down horribly if you think about it.  As the only mono-black creature with pro black, he needs to get online soon-ish, like in ME4.  Oh, wait.
P.S. The artwork without the zombie guy, please.

Chain Stasis
I never hear people talk about this card.  But it's a one-card infinite mana engine.  Pair with any creature than can make 4 mana (one blue) to go infinite.  Its nearest competitor is Staff of Domination, and that's fine company indeed.  But it can't be disenchanted, comes online with much less initial payout, only requires 4 mana per activation instead of 5 to go infinite, and is useful by itself in early turns to tap attackers, especially ones like Ball Lightning.  It's not better than the staff, as the staff can do all kinds of other things, but it's not a bad backup.  I think the thing that keeps it out of the spotlight is the one blue mana required every cycle, which is a bit harder than 2 extra colorless that staff requires.  Still, Bloom Tender and this could be BFFs.

Mystic Compass
Spreading Seas has proven how powerful color-screwing an opponent can be.  Now, you can do something similar to screw over Blue players, too!  It's not great, but it's like a half-power Rishadan Port on a stick.  Don't forget, it also turns their manlands into junk.  And I guess it can help you with color-fixing, too, which probably was its crappy intended purpose.  If you print it common, Pauper could find a home for this messing with people's Ravnica Bounce lands.

Arrogant Vampire
Irini Sengir

Nalathni Dragon
Starlit Angel
There's only 2 Vampires, 1 Dragon and 1 Angel left offline.  Can we just complete these creature types and be done with it?  Please?  So people stop bugging me about them?  "Are you going to write about the creature types I collect, soon?  You should do an article about them.  Please?  I collect Unicorns and Imps."  4 cards to go, and you'll complete like 2/3rds of the Duel Decks creature types.

Nature's Ruin
Virtue's Ruin
Along with Sorceress Queen, the omission of these two cards is so glaring that I almost want to hope that they're coming back in M12 or Scars block or somewhere.  I mean, these cards both show up in actual sideboards.  In actual Legacy events.  With actual prizes on the line.  Made of actual coated paper stock.  How did you miss these?  Speaking of it, I would really love to see these reprinted soon with a mirrored pair of white versions - Purity's Triumph, 2W, Destroy all Black Creatures, and Order's Triumph, 2W, Destroy all Red creatures.  How sweet would that be?  Then white wouldn't have this weird hole where black is way better at mass destroying its enemies than white is, despite white being the premiere color of both mass destruction and hating on your enemies.

Taoist Hermit
I know people who are dying to add this to their Uril Commander decks.  It's kind of amazing Magic has never done another generic 2/2 with troll shroud, though some would say Sacred Wolf fills that need more than adequately.  By the way, troll shroud should be called "Tao Shroud", as this guy was the first creature ever printed to have this ability.  He's a good candidate for reprinting with a new name in some future set, too.  Heck, they even stole Troll Ascetic's "I'm a solitary monk" flavor directly from this guy.

Wei Ambush Force
Pauper Suicide Black can always use more options for 2-mana, 3 power guys.  I'm not saying he'll make it, but give the kid a shot?  There are no other swampy guys with this ability and stats online, and very few black 2 mana 3 power guys at all.  I'm not promising he'll make it all the way to the championship, but let the kid fight, ya know?  You remember what it was like to be a lowly 1/1 from a heavily disadvantaged set?  Let him take a run at it the title, eh?

BONUS QUIZ SECTION:  With the release of Master's Edition 4, there will be exactly 12 cards that ARE online, but were never included in any draftable set in any version.  Can you name them?







---scroll down after you've thought about it---












1. Promo-only card (1 card)

Headless Horseman C 3 Legends (BUY)

2. Coldsnap Theme Decks (9 cards)

Arcum's Weathervane U 6 Ice Age (BUY)
Legions of Lim-Dûl C 6 Ice Age (BUY)
Mistfolk C 6 Ice Age (BUY)
Orcish Healer U 6 Ice Age (BUY)
Snow Devil C 6 Ice Age (BUY)
Whalebone Glider U 6 Ice Age (BUY)
Casting of Bones C 8 Alliances (BUY)
Insidious Bookworms C 8 Alliances (BUY)
Kjeldoran Pride C 8 Alliances (BUY)

3. 8th Edition Core Game (2 cards)

Sea Eagle C Starter 1999 (BUY)
Silverback Ape U Starter 1999 (BUY)

They may never appear online again, so get them while the getting's good!  Of course, it's 3 vanilla creatures plus 9 bad Ice Age / Alliances stuff that even Master's Edition 2 wouldn't reprint, but hey.  Someday in the far future, uber-collectors who want one of everything in Legacy/Vintage will need them.

DOUBLE BONUS QUIZ:  Name the one and only card that is online and has never been in a draftable set, but will be coming online in a draftable set soon?








---Enough scrolling, already!---

Deadly Insect C 8 Alliances (BUY)

And that's that!  See you next week-ish for the final part, an analysis of all the various options that WotC has for getting 1) the Power 9, and 2) everything else online, finally.


Perhaps you should have also by MMogg at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 03:29
MMogg's picture

Perhaps you should have also had a special note about Cruel Bargain as it's a key card in the Legacy deck Spanish Inquisition. Sure, it's not a tier 1 deck, but leaving it out of MED4 is really dumbfounding.

I thought about mentioning by caliban17 at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 10:34
caliban17's picture

I thought about mentioning it, but to be honest I don't know the deck very well. I could definitely see Cruel Bargain getting some actual Legacy play along with the two Ruins. I mean, it doubles your ability to Draw 4 in black for Dark Ritual mana! That seems good.

I looked up the decklist... interesting... Green/Black Charbelcher & Storm double combo. I like how it uses Culling the Weak along with Phyrexian Walker and Shield Sphere for a 3rd black ritual. Definitely the kind of deck I'd play, and yeah, I wish Cruel Bargain was online. It could have been an "actual rare" instead of Sinkhole, Gloom, or Deathgrip.

Yeah, it's not a very common by MMogg at Tue, 12/14/2010 - 07:31
MMogg's picture

Yeah, it's not a very common deck, but still, I really can't believe they left it out. =/ So weird. I can't help wonder if it was accidental or intentional, and I'm not really sure which is worse.

Alt answers to your 2nd quiz question by GainsBanding at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 06:12
GainsBanding's picture

Braingeyser, Fork, and Sedge Troll have all been online as promos only, never released in a drafted set online or in paper (or maybe people were drafting Revised, what do I know?), but will soon be drafted like crazy in ME4.

Yeah some of us drafted by Paul Leicht at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 07:27
Paul Leicht's picture

Yeah some of us drafted revised...very little of it. Mostly it was something we called Mini-Masters which was opening one pack and making a 30 card deck out of it + lands. Fun times but not so good with revised. 4th was better. And believe it or not Chronicles was even better.

Sorry, I should have been more clear by caliban17 at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 10:01
caliban17's picture

By "coming online in a draftable set soon" I meant coming online after Master's Edition 4. Though that's not what I actually said. :)

If you're interested, the complete list of cards that Master's Edition 4 is going to put into a draftable set for the first time (and are already online in some form) is:
Blue Elemental Blast
Demonic Tutor
Ebon Dragon
Maze of Ith
Sedge Troll
Sol Ring
Strip Mine
Temple Acolyte
Thunder Dragon

Basically, every "good" card, leaving us with the 3 Vanillas and the 9 Ice Age cards.

aorry to be nitpicky, by Cownose at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 13:20
Cownose's picture

aorry to be nitpicky, but

Spirit of the Night and Ishan's Shade are also mono-black creatures with protection from black

mistake by Etriol at Tue, 12/14/2010 - 03:26
Etriol's picture

at first Ishan's Shade is named Ihsan's Shade and has protection from white.

And really there are only 3 creatures with pro black (and among them only 1 is common):

Minion of Leshrac
Cemetery Gate
Spirit of the Night

Always check your articles, by Nagarjuna at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 13:59
Nagarjuna's picture

Always check your articles, interesting thoughts and a funny read! Hope to see more soon :-)

Other omissions by Zimbardo at Mon, 12/13/2010 - 20:20
Zimbardo's picture

People never seem to mention them, but I think the following cards need to come online eventually:

Nettling Imp
Siren's Call

I had my share of fun killing opponents' creatures with the imps back in the day. The new "must attack if able" cards are way different since they don't kill creatures that don't attack. If you have a deck with Royal Assassins, Nettling Imps, and Icy Manipulators, you can use any two of those three to kill a creature every turn. I had a fun deck that used those plus Magus of the Unseen, Sage of Lat-Nam, Xenic Poltergeist, Ashnod's Transmogrant, and I forget what else. If I built it today I'd probably try Neurok Transmuter and Stronghold Assassin. It has plenty of weaknesses, but it was a fun deck to build.

I want so much of this... by Undeadgod at Tue, 12/14/2010 - 13:53
Undeadgod's picture

I would be the alluded to (wants to own every card ever made) online player, admittedly. However, that aside, there are a bunch left out that bug the heck out of me. My hope is that they are saving things intentionally to add to P9 stuff for a ME5. My biggies missing (other than the P9) are mainly black at this point. Stone-Throwing Devils, and Shahrazad being my biggest dissapointments. I understand shahrazad being left out, as the Barbary Apes may have trouble coding it, and the fact that it's banned (tho for a terrible reason, which has no parallel online, as rented hallspace limits is not really a problem online).

At least we got Gate to Phyrexia, so my silly Pre-Ice Age Mono-Black deck can kill artifacts. Amazing that to date that card is still unique in black.

I totally agree with Nettling Imp, and Sorceress Queen also, they totally should have been in there.

Also, tho off topic, I'm still a little salty about the RARE slotted Sinkhole.

Hey I play some pre ice age by GainsBanding at Tue, 12/14/2010 - 16:30
GainsBanding's picture

Hey I play some pre ice age decks in the casual room sometimes... find me online and we can duel it out 1995 style!

how come a tournament staple by seydaneen at Wed, 12/15/2010 - 13:19
seydaneen's picture

how come a tournament staple such as sandals of abdallah is excluded, unbelievable

Rofl. by Paul Leicht at Wed, 12/15/2010 - 15:15
Paul Leicht's picture