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By: Jester123, Dylan Pratt
Aug 03 2010 1:03am
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Hey there! Considering MTGO decided to be fun and erase all old game replays, I’ll be bringing you something a little different today. I’m gonna post three different 8-4 ROE drafts, report the results, and then discuss what I was thinking and why I veered into the archetype I did. Unfortunately I do not have a steel trap of a mind and can’t recall how the matches played out, so simple records will have to suffice. Hopefully the drafts themselves will be enough to sate your appetites.

Draft the first:

So that was certainly an interesting draft, although not one I’m overly proud of. I do like that I stayed mono black for quite some time, but I jumped into a bad color combo when I needn’t have. Luckily I kept an open mind and managed to turn the ship around, ending up with quite a good deck. The WB deck might have been fine too, but wouldn’t have nearly as much synergy as this one. I think this draft highlights the importance of staying open to whatever comes, noticing when an archetype is open and hopping in when it feels right. Even if its Pack 2 Pick 10, there are times when making the switch is just right.

The games played out largely as you’d expect, as I dropped large threats early and cleared the way with removal to a 3-0 record. Of note is that Thought Gorger was an all-star, which he doesn’t get to be very often.

Draft #2:

This was a fairly standard UW leveler draft, although it became interesting when not many support cards showed up early. I usually like committing as early as possible to levelers to keep the neighbors on my left out, and when open the deck 3-0’s fairly easily. This draft it was harder to stay focused as there were other powerful cards and the pieces didn’t quite seem to be coming together, but in the end it certainly worked out.

Levelers + Venerated Teacher did what they do best, combining with Hartebeeste to answer anything too annoying my opponent’s presented. Took it to a 3-0 record.

Draft #3:

This was another draft where I’m glad I kept my options open as long as possible. I started out leaning towards BR tokens but when Gx tokens looked open I hopped right in, and ended up abandoning my early black picks in favour of a solid GR build. Being short on removal might be a problem, but this deck has a lot of potential raw power. Unfortunately I got on lady luck’s bad side and she took me to town; I lost the first two games to double mulls and the screw that follows. 0-1, c’est la vie.

Hope you guys enjoyed the drafts and have got a chance to draft with M11. I actually haven’t yet as I’ve had a super busy summer but I’ll definitely be walking through one shortly after they’re available online. Let me know if you like the long, detailed game reports or something closer to this(although obviously with a bit more detail) so I know for the future. Bye for now!

Dylan Pratt (Jester123 on MODO)


awesome article. jam packed by psymunn at Wed, 08/04/2010 - 17:42
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awesome article. jam packed with content. i quite like this format, thought could go either way. just don't end your articles with cliff hangers anymore *sob*

also, no book/movie/song? by psymunn at Wed, 08/04/2010 - 17:43
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also, no book/movie/song?

Ok well it does make more by Jester123 at Wed, 08/04/2010 - 17:53
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Ok well it does make more sense to have a draft + match report all in the same article, I'll have to fine tune them to be a little shorter, just long enough to fit in one article.

I wasn't sure if anyone actually read/cared about the artist/book/tv/movie but I can bring it back if there is interest.