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By: CheshirePlaysGames, Albert Caynes
Jul 06 2018 11:00am
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 Hey everyone, M19 is right around the corner and we have the full spoiler, so I thought I might look at something pretty unique considering one of my favorite cards is back in standard. Now, it's no secret that I love to counter all the things and it's certainly no secret that I also love to burn all the things. So you know what? Why not mix both of these concepts into a single horribly oppressive deck, right? One where I can counter all the threats while burning all the faces.

ENTER, THE TEKKEN. I mean Guttersnipe.

Okay, let's dive in to the deck.
First up we have the creatures and just remember, this is more of a tempo control deck, so we aren't running a whole mess of creatures.
We're running four Guttersnipe, so for two colourless and a red mana, we get a 2/2 Goblin Shaman and whenever we play an instant or sorcery, he deals two damage to all opponents. Lucky for us, we're playing a heap of counter magic and burn to capitalise off Guttersnipe in the grossest way possible.
Next up, we have three Baral, Chief of Compliance. Now, this may actually just be a win more card because generally you're playing a critical mass of cheap instants and sorceries, but for one colourless and a Blue mana, Baral is a solid 1/3 blocker with the added ability of making our instants and sorceries cheaper and our counter magic gain a looting effect.
Next we have PLANESWALKERS! Okay look, I know there isn't any really solid planeswalkers for this specific deck, right? I mean except that sweet old lady that EVERYONE seems to hate. That's right, for two colourless and three Red mana, we have three copies of Jaya Ballard who enters with five loyalty. When Jaya hits play, we can either give her a single loyalty to add three Red mana to our pool, add one loyalty to discard up to three cards and draw that many and eventually we will be able to get an emblem that allows us to replay our instants and sorceries from the graveyard. By then you should already have killed your opponent, but it's nice to have a good old “just in case”.
Burn baby, burn! That's the next topic as we are playing four Lightning Strike, one colourless and one red mana for three damage to any target at instant speed is pretty cool. Add in the extra two damage from Guttersnipe and it's better, add in the reduction of one mana from Baral and that's just a Lightning Bolt that can do five damage straight to your opponent's face.
We have four copies of Shock, because one Red for two damage to any target means we can kill off some early two toughness threats and still get two from Guttersnipe to our opponent's face at instant speed.
Now on to the lowest of our damage death dealers and that's Banefire. One Red mana and X, deal X damage to target creature or player. Bonus round! If X is five or more, it can't be countered by spells or abilities and the damage can't be prevented. This is napalm and Banefire ends games.
But with all these cheap and efficient spells, how are we going to keep a hand long enough to kill? We need to draw spells!
Four copies of Anticipate should help us keep in the game by digging in three cards deep and getting us the card we need for just one colourless and a Blue mana as an instant.
Two copies of Blink of an Eye for one colourless and one Blue mana can bounce a nonland permanent to it's owners hard and if kicked for one and a Blue, draw a card. This could be even used in a pinch to save your own Guttersnipe from certain doom.
And not to mention a single copy of Pull from Tomorrow, because we can sink all of our unwanted mana in to it and draw a heap of cards in the late game.
Next up, we need a way to counter what our opponent has planned for us, so straight in to the split card, Commit//Memory. For three colourless and one Blue mana, you can play this from your hand as an instant to either put a threat on the board into your opponent's deck second from the top, or use it as a pseudo counterspell. Later on, you can cast Memory as a sorcery for four colourless and two Blue mana to shuffle everyone's graveyards back in and draw a fresh hand of seven.
For the counterspell suite, we are playing a group that you should already be aware of, the Beatles of counterspells in standard, two Negate, two Essence Scatter, two Disallow and two Syncopate join our band to bring the noise. Or I guess the silence.
And we have a little bit of protection in the form of Dive Down, because Guttersnipe is pretty fragile and giving him a little bit of a bigger but might just be the ticket to saving him. Also, Hexproof is nothing to sneeze at.
Finally we have the lands, nothing really special here. Six Island, six Mountain, four Spirebluff Canal, four Sulfur Falls and two Field of Ruin.
Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed this rather gross way to punish your opponent's at Friday night magic and I hope you're all looking forward to M19! What gross decks are you working on? Let me know in the comments below!